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Living 2013/04/16 21:00:00
American Apparel is known for its racy advertisements and this time, they've gotten the Brits upset. Britain's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently banned an ad by the racy company for being "overtly sexual" and "demeaning to women" -- but the majority of you don't think it's that bad. 54% voted that the ad was "fine" while 46% said it was "way too sexy." Find out who thinks it's fine -- and who thinks it's too sexy.


Given that the racy ads feature women, it's interesting to see if there was a gender gap when it came to this question. There was. The majority of women said that the American Apparel ad was "too sexy to be seen" (68%). Most men, on the other hand, voted that it was "fine" (71%). No surprise there. Men think sexy ads featuring women are A-OK, while women are more bothered by it.


Political affiliation is always an interesting thing to look at when it comes to "how much is too much?" type inquiries. Not surprisingly, liberals were less likely to make a big deal of the ad, with 55% saying it was "fine." Conservatives, on the other hand, thought that the ad was "too sexy to be seen," at 52%. But what about other political groups, like moderates and libertarians? They were both more likely to say it was "fine," with 60% and 73% respectively.


We didn't really think personal income would matter when it came to opinions on the "American Apparel" ad, but it kind of did. People who made $100,000 or more were part of the only income bracket to vote that the ad was "way too sexy," at 78%. All other income brackets thought the ad was fine.

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  • Sean 2013/04/16 23:00:32 (edited)
    I'd hardly call 55% to 52% putting liberals and conservatives on the opposite ends of this poll. That doesn't even cover the margin of error of people accidentally clicking on the wrong option as the page jumps when it finishes loading.

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  • Deni 2013/12/02 21:49:49
    I asked myself if I would want my 11 year old son or 9 year old daughter to see the advert.
    In this instance, I do not think my kids would even give it a second glance, they see more skin on the beach.
  • Rebellion *PWCM* 2013/11/23 14:52:03
    Rebellion *PWCM*
    It's sexy but it's fine. No need for it to be banned.
  • TaillesCat 2013/11/02 12:39:48
  • millajo 2013/08/21 11:35:11
  • enigmaticcannuck 2013/07/05 15:56:55
    It is so totally beautiful, I have no urge to run off and masturbate.
  • Chere 2013/06/22 06:37:41
    What are they selling in the ad? No Show underwear?
  • spiritgal33 2013/06/17 23:35:40
    um that does go too far...gross
  • Alashi 2013/06/15 02:29:29
    Seems OK to me. I think killing people for monetary gain is far more of an issue.
  • Marianne723 2013/06/11 03:52:16
    Britain? Did it offend the Muslims there?
  • Kidasha 2013/04/21 11:51:38
    it's a little borderline for me
  • ll 2013/04/20 23:35:01
    i like it..i actually wish that it was me..except that her face is really young looking..that worries me! but as her job, she did it and that's ok.
  • Giannna 2013/04/20 20:26:20
    forget the sexy part the girl in the ad looks to be about 14! that's what disturbs me sexual ism of our children is appalling. Then people wonder why teenagers are off getting pregnant and growing up to fast.
  • Kozman Giannna 2013/04/21 03:08:05
    Rock on Gina. When this 1st came out. I said pretty much what you said. And I got pounded by everybody. I just went with it. I agree with you 100%.
  • Giannna Kozman 2013/04/21 03:20:28
    well those who pounded you are the ones in the wrong its very sad i read the answers on here mostly it would seem by men i guess if these guys had little girls they wouldn't have an issue with it? what a disgrace you can see by the picture she is extremely young.
  • Kozman Giannna 2013/04/21 03:33:02
    Again YOUR RIGHT!!! And I'm a Guy that like's pic's of Women in some sexy
    advertising. But this is just to low for me. What I thought was interesting was that you said 14. I said 14 to among other things. Now I've posted twice on this. So I don't think you could find the 1st one. Have a great rest of the weekend.
  • Giannna Kozman 2013/04/21 04:01:30
    you too...and great to know you have morals.
  • Kozman Giannna 2013/04/21 04:34:57
    Morals that's the key. Take care.
  • Robbb 2013/04/20 05:25:03
    there is nothing mean looking about that woman.
  • Kozman 2013/04/20 04:48:52
    I still say WTF. Get someone that is at least attractive. OK legs, Ass showing if you have to. Tell ya what. Give me Sofia Vergara with some hot panties. I'm there.......
  • Jackster12 2013/04/18 21:04:42
    Sexy, yes. Too sexy to be seen? Hell no.
  • Jack 2013/04/18 20:29:57
    Looks FINE to me.
  • enigmaticcannuck 2013/04/18 20:16:02
    This has to be a joke, right?.....
  • Bob 2013/04/18 17:52:39
    Needed more to see. What is there reminded me of changing diapers for our several children. May have similar effect on wife.
  • Bob 2013/04/18 17:51:24
    I needed to see more. All this did was make me think of changing diapers for my several kids. I expect my wife would feel the same. :O)
  • Dgjot~PWCM~JLA 2013/04/18 16:42:18
    Ever noticed how many ads feature women on their backs, naked or partally naked?
  • Jayfeather 2013/04/18 15:22:29
    But this is coming from a largely American demographic. Americans have a very different view of what is sexual because the media here has desensitised us to sexuality.
  • Digi_talis 2013/04/18 15:15:47
    I'm shocked :)

    surprised animated gif
  • B_M_Anderson 2013/04/18 15:10:35
    As a non married male, an 1 who likes stone carving . I do not see anything wrong with this , if there be any the perversion is in the eye of the beholder
  • Kozman B_M_And... 2013/04/20 04:53:42
    Well she looks like a kid . Tho she's not. She maybe a model, OK WHAT EVER.
  • B_M_And... Kozman 2013/04/21 02:27:52 (edited)
    I disagree that she looks to be under aged, Yet I would say the offensives factor is nothing more then misplaced views of the respect for the Human Body an or preferences of the laws of nature as seen in the fibonacci spiral the draw of the eye an the color of fact in this picture is the darkness of her rear end ..the {G} ate,.of heaven we all pass..Nothing more then I want to look , I see your not afraid to be seen an hide,, an if I look an the look is not respected will I have offended her an lose the chance of trust...  fibonacci spiral
  • Kozman B_M_And... 2013/04/21 02:51:40
    Hey whatever's good for you dude go for it . Didn't mean to say she looked like a 12 year old. She a young chick . And a Model. Personally I think it looks kinda crappy.
    Give me a hot Chick with some sexy underwear. But like I said if you like it go for it.
  • B_M_And... Kozman 2013/04/21 03:26:59
    You clearly made my point for me ,
  • Kozman B_M_And... 2013/04/21 03:38:40
    Like I said if your good with it go for it. I always like to make things Clear for
    people. Your welcome dude.
  • B_M_And... B_M_And... 2013/04/21 03:02:08
  • Mariann... B_M_And... 2013/06/11 03:56:10
    The girl being so young doesn't bother you?
  • Anaemai aola 2013/04/18 15:04:38
    Anaemai  aola
    its not too sexy its just woman its more intimate and sensual how many women dress like this anyway loads
  • Anaemai aola 2013/04/18 15:02:19
    Anaemai  aola
    no what do you look at us women as anyway its just their minds or fantasies more like the truthful way if they were honest and i see more perverse images in ads than this
  • Marianne723 2013/04/18 11:12:40
    LOL...Women love to show their ass. They think they won't be noticed if they don't. Yes it is racy...but that's just how women are now.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2013/04/18 05:04:45
    Common Sense Conservative
    If it can be seen by the general public then yes. If its on an ad by a payable station, no.

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