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Living 2012/05/04 22:00:00
At many American schools, there's this whole big deal about who you're going to go to prom with. It's also perceived as something of an under-the-table avenue for teen sex, though studies show it's probably not as common as teens think it is. But Hamtramck High School in Michigan just had its first all-girl prom to accommodate girls at the school who were of the Muslim faith, which places limitations on dating and dancing. Not only was the event a hit, but it also sparked admiration from sites like Gurl and The Mary Sue. We asked the public if a girls-only prom sounds like fun.

There were definitely some takers, but most people said they'd pass on an all-girl prom. Nothing against those who like the idea (for good measure, two-thirds of the Muslim vote was "Lame") it just doesn't have the same appeal as a co-ed event. There was a variety of reasons why people though the idea was lame, but it basically boiled down to the obvious: most people want a traditional prom. One commenter wrote, "I understand it's their religion. But any dance without boys there would be lame..." And of course, the guys had a unique challenge in answering this question, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Not Popular With Older Folk

Seeing as this is the first prom of its kind at Hamtramck High, it should come as no surprise that age was a major factor here. Voters 18-24 were most likely to give the all-girl prom idea a thumbs-up (teens were a little less enthusiastic) and support decreased steadily as voters got older. By the time they were in their 50s, only about one in five liked the idea.

Bisexuals Are On Board

In the comments section, we noticed that there was a lot of discussion about sexuality. Some of the discussion was presumptive, claiming the girls who attended "must be lesbians," but as one commenter noted, "Just because it's an all girls prom doesn't mean they're all lesbians." However, we also noticed quite a few comments from bisexual voters who loved the idea, and sure enough, it showed in the results.

Girls and Guys Are in Agreement

We're not exactly sure how to address the gender issue here, since obviously an all-girl prom would disqualify any male voters from attending. And that's no fun. But the results showed little difference in female and male response. Based on the comments, we can attribute male "Fun" votes to two things: Some guys were guessing girls would like it, and some guys were hoping to sneak in.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about all-girl prom. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Figment Pat 2012/05/05 17:12:15
    Do you dislike women or something?
  • Pat Figment 2012/05/05 17:59:27
    No I don't really dislike women. They can sometimes be hyper critical, overbearing, conniving, scheming, exclusionary but I don't dislike them. I've just found that the best friends I've ever had have been men. And I MEAN friends, not as boyfriends. Men don't seem to be as 'catty', gossiping, silly, shallow, self-absorbed. I've just never been a girly girl. I do prefer the company of men. I don't know why. Is that a problem for you?
  • Figment Pat 2012/05/05 18:03:49
    You say all of those bad things about women. Who brainwashed you? If someone ever said that about my daughter...
    She is none of those things.
  • Pat Figment 2012/05/05 18:25:09
    Please don't take it personally. I'm sure your daughter is lovely. I am too. Nobody brainwashed me. It's just the way I feel through my own personal experience. Maybe I was just in the wrong group/crowd in school. But I still prefer the company of men.
  • Figment Pat 2012/05/05 19:23:55
  • Pat Figment 2012/05/05 19:30:26
    No. Good men like my husband, my son and a lot of other people I know and like. Why does my preference for males bother you so much?
  • Snow Pat 2012/05/05 22:51:32
    I understand, but not all women are 'catty', and not all men are non-'catty'. I understand, but I think you're over-generalizing.
  • Pat Snow 2012/05/05 22:54:13
    Ok, I'll give you that. It wrong to generalize.
  • pops Snow 2012/05/05 16:31:53
    I believe you forgot the sardines.
  • Link 2012/05/04 23:52:44
    I guess it all depends on if the girls prefer the girls... then I can see it being a blast... LOL...
  • ktyxes 2012/05/04 23:18:27
    What's the point?
  • pops ktyxes 2012/05/05 16:25:48
    their nose is the point,it leaves a sore spot.
  • ktyxes pops 2012/05/09 02:08:32
  • Juanb 2012/05/04 23:17:24
    sounds lame unless im in the scene
  • pterodactyl 2012/05/04 23:07:54
    i would prefere more then a random guy grabing my hips and tring to grind
  • Figment pteroda... 2012/05/05 17:12:36
    That's why I'm glad my kid didn't go to prom.
  • pteroda... Figment 2012/05/05 17:21:24
    really guy/girl and how old? lolz i am a nosey person
  • Figment pteroda... 2012/05/05 17:28:11
    My son went, but my daughter didn't. Now she's 20 and in college.
  • pteroda... Figment 2012/05/05 17:39:37
    lolz i wont to but i am a freshmen lolz i got asked but not by the right guy lolz
  • Figment pteroda... 2012/05/05 17:49:44
    Don't go with him if he won't treat you right.
  • Human4D... Figment 2012/05/06 19:26:20
    It's commercialized anyways.
  • Muriel 2012/05/04 22:59:24
    I kinda love the mix of boys and girls. It's a maturing process for both sexes. Don't mess with success.
  • Human4D... Muriel 2012/05/06 19:28:45
    I have a taboo comment for this but due to rage induced stupidity of an other sodahead spouting god and fanaticism in the extreme, I withhold my annual report of prom induced abortion statistics.
  • Muriel Human4D... 2012/05/06 22:25:35
    Thanks for your civility
  • Human4D... Muriel 2012/05/06 22:44:01
    It may be a long road, but I'm learning tolerance.
  • Muriel Human4D... 2012/05/07 01:02:18
    I'm mighty proud of you!
  • kent 2012/05/04 22:38:48
    not all respondents saw this as odd...

  • Muriel kent 2012/05/04 23:01:58
    It is not odd. Different individuals have different callings and needs . So be it. However if you are having a prom boys and girls together just fits for me.
  • kent Muriel 2012/05/04 23:06:43
    that was just my sense of humour ......
  • NakedRei 2012/05/04 22:37:14
    I can imagine guys being in favor of an all girl prom because they wouldn't have to shell out a massive wad of cash for tux, dinner, flowers, limo, etc.
  • ChocolateThunder 2012/05/04 22:15:21
    As long as they have fun. That's all that matters.

    Although, to me, I would enjoy it more if there was guys.
  • L K 2012/05/04 22:09:41 (edited)
    L K
    Half the fun was getting ready for your date. I mean when does the average high school girl get to wear a long gown, put her hair up, and dress like a queen? It's like a fairly tale. I can see a group of girls going together if they don't have dates, that's ok, but for the prom to be without boys sounds really silly to me. The point of going to a dance is to dress up and look pretty and have fun with your classmates. Excluding half the population makes no sense. I can see not bringing a date if you don't want to, but making a prom exclusively for one sex or the other seems like discrimination to me. How on earth are these young men and women ever going to learn about going to nice places, dressing for success, learning how to behave and act appropriately in a public gathering if they don't prepare for it in high school? This is not a good idea at all. It takes away an important learning experience for teens. I went to my junior and senior proms and even designed and made my gowns. I got my hair done up and it was a really big deal. I feel sorry for
    these girls. Yes, it was a long time ago, but I just checked out those pictures from the late 60's and they show one happy teenage girl who will never look that young or that beautiful again. Don't steal those Kodak moments from those girls!! LOL
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2012/05/04 22:09:14
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    It would be really fun if you're a guy who happens to stumble in by accident.

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