Public Opinion Agrees Women Are Attracted to Jerks

Living 2012/05/29 16:39:39
There's a saying that many of you are probably familiar with: Nice guys finish last. It's a sad statement if it's true, but not everyone believes it. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the converse is actually biologically sound -- women are sometimes more attracted to schmucks. We took that finding to the public, and asked if it was true. Are women really more attracted to jerks? Let's dive.

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  • frankie.krogh 2013/06/26 09:52:09
    I am a nice guy, I also am confident as well but not conceded. It got me engaged to a lovely lady :) . You also have to realize we are human beings we all have insecurities on some level more than others because well mass culture is evil and it displays images of what they think people should look like and women see men that should look like that, and men see that women should look like that. That and love movies, dramas things like that also give women and some men the unrealistic Ideal of what a man is as well as in the same way porn alters perspective of what an ideal of women are.
  • Purple Shoes 2012/07/04 16:35:53
    Purple Shoes
    I have once felt attracted to a guy before i knew him and when i found out he was a jerk i became really repelled by him jerks just don't have a lot of core social skills needed to live a contented life they have no strength of character how can people possibly think jerks are confident. Jerks are not confident and neither are nice guys men are suppose to work on improving their self esteem and confidence to achieve goals that are important to them if they don't do so they will suffer dissatisfaction.
  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/06/28 21:40:53
  • gazerukii 2012/06/12 16:56:39
    I think is true, i am in love w/ one :/ & he is a jerk.
  • lastzezima 2012/06/01 04:29:29
    Yes it is true. But I don't understand why people never point out that most of the time, guys are only attracted to really hot and bitchy girls. They don't really take in personality either :/
  • T Bevan 2012/05/31 21:12:34
    T Bevan
    Absolutily correct!

    I am glad they do , if not , I would have never met my wife....

    women and jerks
  • Flowerangel71 2012/05/31 02:24:00 (edited)
    Yes, not by choice though. We get fooled into it. Also physically attracted. Basically we get driven by other motives to later find out the guy is a jerk.
  • Rob 2012/05/31 02:07:29
    Most women find men attractive who don't compete with them. In other words, they want a man, not a girl with different parts. Unfortunately, that's exactly what they get form a lot of men today, which is why dating is such hell for many women.
  • Boo 2012/05/30 16:59:05
    What people "think" is not necessarily "fact."
  • christina venegas 2012/05/30 15:37:03
  • Victoria Medina 2012/05/30 15:20:12
    Victoria Medina
    Some girls are just attracted to bad boys and jerks it lets them know that they aren't to squishy and afraid
  • jacktown kid 2012/05/30 15:14:32
    jacktown kid
    And that is most unforunate too
  • Tea in the Harbor 2012/05/30 14:51:17
    Tea in the Harbor
    I have a theory about this, I think it's a remnant instinct from the evolutionary past. A big jerk who was always ready to fight was, before civilization, the best way to ensure the lives of a woman's children. He might knock them around a little, but he'll defend his family from enemies more successfully.

    Civilization has made this a less successful strategy, but evolution takes a while to catch up to new realities. The closer to nature we live, the more violent we need to be to survive. Violent men were the best choice for women until very recently from an evolutionary perspective, and they still are in some social circles. That's why "birther" women have so few teeth.
  • I don't... Tea in ... 2012/05/30 15:00:26
  • Tea in ... I don't... 2012/05/30 15:04:44
    Tea in the Harbor
    How did this suddenly become about race?

    Birthers are uneducated white trash, whether they realize it or not. They are being used just as Lincoln predicted when he wrote that the "money powers" would use the people's own prejudices against them to ensure their absolute power.

    That makes you uncomfortable because it should.
  • AM 2012/05/30 14:46:17
  • Mike 2012/05/30 14:28:25 (edited)
    I think they are. Why? Because, Jerks come in all forms and usually represent a person lacking responsibility to themselfs, with only a carefree attitude towards life and the treatment of others. The carefree attitude attracts females, who are seeking fun without responsibility. However, always backfires later, when the jerks carefree attitude and lack of responsibility doesn't include the treatment of a partner or a serious relationship. The unrecognized, but final goal of most females.
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2012/05/30 13:58:04
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    Like they say: "In kindergarten when a boy pulls our pig-tails, adults tell us that he like's us. I think this scarred us because now were attracted to jerks."
  • ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ 2012/05/30 13:05:47
    ღ♥ღ ℒea ღ♥ღ
    it's not necessarily girls want jerks, it's just sadly a common trait in men. Once you get burned by a bad boy, you start looking for the good ones.
  • Freeranger 2012/05/30 12:15:44
    No one cares. You are what you eat.
  • Empress 2012/05/30 11:57:26
    My boyfriend is a sweeheart.
  • Gwenith nicole 2012/05/30 11:52:22
    Gwenith nicole
    i know that i usually am
  • L1 2012/05/30 11:46:08
    How many recaps of this one is going to go on? it's getting old....
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/05/30 11:37:03
    Well, some people think I'm a jerk, but those are my political enemies.

    I didn't find my wife by being a jerk. I found my wife by being sympathetic at a critical moment. Basically she came to the charter meeting of a church singles group. Trouble was, she wondered just what in God's Name she was doing there. In a word: shy. I knew all about shy, so I told her so. In the next weeks, I would feel taps on my shoulder, turn around, and...!
  • Lucid 2012/05/30 11:19:48
    its all very well being a jerk as long as you have the goods to back it up.
    there has to be some pay-off for the woman
  • Flowera... Lucid 2012/05/31 01:47:13
    I have to agree with your comment. Most good looking men are jerks. I guess the looks make them feel more secure of themselves. Most men just cant be men to the fool extent of the word.
  • Winnie 2012/05/30 09:46:16
  • Jessica 2012/05/30 09:27:30
  • Meredith#22 2012/05/30 09:01:33
  • Meredith#22 2012/05/30 08:54:09
    YES! Cuz the JERKS r "hot"
  • mike 2012/05/30 08:05:21
    If this is true I should have a harem! yahaa!
  • cageaikenz 2012/05/30 07:46:01
    I have to accept women choose jerks coz most of them are fun.
  • Charmedtears♥ 2012/05/30 06:51:11
    To some woman it can be appealing to try and 'change' the man.
  • Bo'Jo Jaymez 2012/05/30 05:42:54
  • aeroshock 2012/05/30 05:27:59
    I haven't really seen or believe in the whole "Girls go for the bad guy" thing. I'll admit, I'm guilty of being a nice, passive, indecisive, and sometimes selfless guy, but that's my problem to deal with...not theirs. My time will come when I decide to step up.
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2012/05/30 04:27:39
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    If someone is attracted to a jerk, they deserve a jerk and nobody should come to the rescue and bail them out.
  • Flowera... Pedro D... 2012/05/31 01:57:09
    As a female. I can not agree with you. There are so many factors that could have shaped that girl to thinks she deserves no better. Plus the fact that most girls with a jerk have been fooled into a relationship thinking the guy is good cause he wont show his true colors till he feels he got her than do a 360 and start been a jerk. A good friend would and should advice her to get out.
  • Pedro D... Flowera... 2012/05/31 02:05:57
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    She should take some responsibility or go off with the jerks, or you can take care of her. Usually the girl picks the jerk to show off and compete with her girlfriends, sometimes when you look for trouble, you find it. Her problem, not mine.
  • Flowera... Pedro D... 2012/05/31 02:42:32
    I guess you are talking about a girl that already knew the guy was a jerk and still went out with him to showoff to her girlfriends because he is really good looking. I guess some people could make very dum choices for the wrong reasons. My neighbor is with a jerk. She is a very beautiful girl and he is not bad looking but he is shorter than her I believe 5 feet tall. There isnt one day that goes by this man doesnt fight with her over simple stupid things. He will humiliate her Infront of anyone and physically fight her. She simply fell in love with a jerk. There are many kinds but not all girls get what they deserve by being with a jerk. So I still dont agree with you.
  • Pedro D... Flowera... 2012/05/31 03:09:12
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Maybe thats what turns her on. Stay clear of that one, you'll be the one getting blamed in the end.

    Everyone can make a mistake, they should move on. Too bad there's too many repeat offenders that go after these kind of guys. Can be 10 guys, 9 are OK and 1 jerk, thats the one they want. What ever turns them on, they just have to carry their own load. Don't think it's just women, have known a few guys that are going to save some stripper or prostitute and in the end are broke and/or have broken someones heart.

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