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Living 2012/02/08 22:44:06
Karl Lagerfeld, the German fashion designer helming Chanel and Fendi, made a controversial comment about Grammy-winning singer Adele in an interview with New York Metro recently. He said, "The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice." Is that supposed to be a compliment or...? Do we really need to reinforce the body image standards set by the media? We asked SodaHeads if they agreed with Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld Calls Adele 'a Little Too Fat': Agree or Disagree?

76% Think She's Fine the Way She Is

Just as we suspected. Adele might not be the slimmest singer on stage, but she frequently receives praise for her appearance, and there's no reason for Lagerfeld to suggest otherwise, as if it was an objective statement. The funny thing is, Lagerfeld was 100 pounds heavier in 2001, before he embarked on a 13-month diet. One commenter pointed out that Adele has addressed the issue before. She's been quoted as saying, "I love food and hate exercise. I don’t have time to work out ... I don’t want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vogue. I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone or Q. I’m not a trend-setter ... I’m a singer ... I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album then look like Nicole Richie and do a s--- album. My aim in life is never to be skinny."

Men Are More Likely to Judge

The gender demographic was interesting. While fewer than a fifth of women think Adele is "a little too fat," more than a third of men agreed. That suggests men actually do prefer their women to be a little thinner, while women would prefer to be accepted as they are. This might be a little disheartening to women, but keep in mind 64% of men were still okay with Adele's weight.

Someone Like You

Though not as pronounced as difference in the male-female demographic, weight did play a part. Voters who identified themselves as skinny, slender, or athletic were nearly twice as likely to agree with Lagerfeld's sentiment than "average" voters or voters with "love handles."

Teens Are More Tolerant

We were surprised to find that age had a significant correlation with the results, as well. Over the age of 55, a whopping 40% agreed with Lagerfeld's statement, but that number dropped with younger voters. Only 23% of teens agreed -- nearly half that of older voters.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about Adele's weight. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Lady Serena 2012/11/09 07:54:23
    Lady Serena
    She's beautiful. And apparently her man thinks so as well seeing as though she just had a beautiful baby. So take THAT Lagerfield.
  • eric highsmith 2012/04/09 02:43:00
    eric highsmith
    i wouldn't want to see adele lose weight to become thin. she'll lose that unique beauty she already has. i think she's more gorgeous than woman like katy perry and lady gaga, her eyes and lips mesmerize me, even that cleft chin makes her cute. i wouldn't want her to change a thing,
  • Sky Sky 2012/02/20 13:55:49
    Sky Sky
    she is more than fine she is beautiful and an amazing vocalist
  • cherry 2012/02/19 00:34:52
  • cherry 2012/02/19 00:33:40
  • GirlyGirl™ 2012/02/17 18:42:58
    Adele is beautiful and gifted. It's what's in the soul that matters, not the packaging.
  • sodabox 2012/02/14 01:38:52
    If she were black no one would be asking this question.
  • M and Emma 2012/02/13 07:07:24
    M and Emma
    But she is a little on the chubby side... I mean, she's an amazing artist, but it's the truth
  • LCisme 2012/02/13 02:00:02
    She is gorgeous
  • darlene 2012/02/12 07:23:12
    She is beautiful just the way she is. Oprah is overweight and we like her for who she is not what she looks like. adele grammy
  • Missydynamite 2012/02/11 18:43:02
    Yes she is! She is way more beautiful then any model i have ever seen.
  • Jelly 2012/02/10 15:26:23
    Adele is friggin gorgeous the way she is! I am WAY jealous of her<3
  • Anna E 2012/02/10 13:31:51
    Anna E
    Like I said, Lagerfeld is a pompous ass. He's too fat.
  • Bat Outta Hell 2012/02/10 09:35:55
    Bat Outta Hell
    "Real men like curves. Only dogs like bones."
  • Vegas Dude 2012/02/10 09:23:31
    Vegas Dude
    This is one we will have to disagree on. Adelle is too fat. There I said it. She's too fat. And if she really did say the things typed in the above photo, there is a serious disconnect. Now don't get me wrong. My wife has a few extra pounds, so it not like I go for the size 2 super model look either, but she can slim down, and still make amazing records. In fact, if she were to lose some weight, she would find herself with much more energy; energy that will come through her music. Now that would be amazing!
  • Bat Outta Hell 2012/02/10 09:13:09 (edited)
  • moviebuff 2012/02/10 05:57:51
    I love Adele so much! It would be great if she got healthier, not for the industry but for herself. Im sure a lot of people would agree that we want her around for a long time. Not end up like some of the dead singers that died at 27. They weren't overweight but they didn't take care of themselves.
  • Miko 2012/02/10 03:00:48
    Yeah. I think that
  • Dee 2012/02/10 01:28:01
    I wouldn't say she's too fat but she could lose a couple pounds for health reasons. And if she didn't care what people think/ about her weight, why does she wear black all the time to make her look smaller??
  • in vino veritas 2012/02/10 01:24:27 (edited)
  • BOOGIETHEBOOG 2012/02/09 21:56:28
    No she is not fat. She looks healthy.
  • mich52 2012/02/09 21:27:16
  • Alex♥Adam 2012/02/09 20:22:05
    Well I agree with the fact that she has a beautiful face and an amazing voice ,but I think that she should take care of her health a little bit more. A little weight lost won't do any harm ,infact it's good for her. I'm not saying that she has to be a size zero or something, but let's be honest - being healthy is not bad. : /
  • Flamingolady 2012/02/09 20:21:25
    I don't think she is fat at all. The really thin women look a tad sick to me.
  • Joey 2012/02/09 20:06:41
    She is fat on the out side and ugly on the side. She talks crap about a lot of other people . Why does she get a pass?
  • Sasuke the Avenger 2012/02/09 19:46:45
  • doc 2012/02/09 19:26:57
    Music is beautiful in itself:

    mama cass
    phoebe snow
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2012/02/09 19:15:34
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    I think she looks sexy and is very talented. What do you expect from a top fashion designer whose models look anexoric?!! Karl Lagerfeld with models
  • Bibliop... studiob... 2012/02/09 23:56:46
    He also has body issues of his own. It's sad.
  • lady blue 2012/02/09 19:01:58
    lady blue
    Adele has a beautiful face and a beautiful voice. That's all that matters to me.
  • Emily_Amnesia 2012/02/09 18:57:13
    she is great the way she is.
  • Shirley 2012/02/09 18:49:17
  • Bat Out... Shirley 2012/02/10 09:32:47
    Bat Outta Hell
    Haha, yeah, it's not like he or his models would know what it is anyway. :P
  • synful90 2012/02/09 18:39:23
    She's just fine the way she is. I'm so tired of us pointing out women's weight, what about the lardo men out there hmm?
  • Chad 2012/02/09 18:37:04
  • sdmbrian 2012/02/09 18:25:42
    I am more concerned about the fact that people are worshipping this woman even though she cant sing a clear tune, I dont know what kind of juice her fans are on lol
  • painted... sdmbrian 2012/02/09 19:42:15
    painted desert
    No, it's more what kind of juice are you on?
  • Manster 2012/02/09 18:02:43
    Adele is a beautiful woman! Who says that every famous female has to be a size 0 to be considered beautiful?
  • **Bessie** 2012/02/09 17:56:29
    She is a beautiful girl....just the way she is!
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2012/02/09 17:53:58
    Ghostie Of the Night
    She's beautiful the way she is. And I don't mean only from the outside. She's funny, she's got a character and she has a great voice. If you want an anorexic talentless chick just to show her boobs in every magazine and 'singing', go search anywhere in the world. I'm sure you'll find one.

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