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Living 2012/05/18 21:00:00
We always hear about the negative effects of tobacco, but the industry is still enoromous, and about 16% to 19% of the population still consider themselves smokers. Fortunately, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that teen smoking was down to a low of 8.3 percent the same year. We were interested in finding out more, so we asked the public a simple question: Have you ever tried smoking?

With more than 500 votes in, the results were pretty much split down the middle. We're not able to show how much respondents smoke -- it could have been a single drag, or it could have been a 30-year addiction. But based on comments, pretty much everyone hates it. The people who haven't tried it said they never will; the people who have tried it usually said it was nasty, or that they wish they could stop. But that's just the surface. We're more interested in breaking this down.

Filtered Results

Let's filter out the smoker vote. (No offense, guys, it's just for perspective!) First thing's first: Every single smoker said they'd smoked. In terms of reliability, that's an excellent sign. When their vote was removed, the portion of voters who had tried smoking dropped to 40%. This could include smokers who don't realize they're smokers, but it's pretty high. Still, we don't recommend risking it.

Smoking While Drinking

You may have seen in surveys or online dating profiles that when asking if you're a smoker, it sometimes includes an "Only when drinking" option. Here's why: Drinkers were 28% more likely than nondrinkers to have tried smoking. This is likely the result of reduced inhibitions and the environment. Alcohol and tobacco just seem to go together. At least, they did until smokes were banned from bars. But that's for another poll.

Teens Don't Smoke

Now for the stat you've all been waiting for. Are teens really smoking less? Unfortunately, we don't have any past stats to compare with, but teens were way less likely to have smoked than adults. However, we should point out that this could just be because they haven't had as much time to give in. That percent rose sharply until about the age of 25, when approximately two-thirds of voters had tried smoking. After that, it didn't shift at all. Make it to 25, and you're home free... Er, your home's smoke-free... Whatever.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about smoking. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/21 21:56:00
    Inquisitve Kat
    You're right in a lot of cases, but those kids still need attention since there are a LOT of such attempts that actually DO work, even if the kid didn't fully plan on it.
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/22 23:25:23
  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/23 05:04:29
    Inquisitve Kat
    And do you respond well to insult? I know I don't... kids, especially, are stubborn. If you actually want to get that message across, you should try doing it in a gentler way - let the kid know that although they're hurting, this isn't the best way to express it - don't insult the kid for their error.
    You have a good point, but these kids need some understanding... they're making mistakes, as everyone does while growing up. When you bash these kids, they just put up a wall and continue the self-destructive behaviour (which opens them up for more bashing). If you actually think the kid is hopeless and just a drama queen, well, ignore her rather than give her attention by bashing her.
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/23 20:59:33
    Joanna the Great
    I didn't bash her, I just agreed with GoreGirls comment and started a conversation with her, I DID ignore the girl.
  • GoreGirl Joanna ... 2012/05/21 23:21:35
    oh yeah...i used to go to high school with a girl who was like that...i still remember the first time she said that she 'cut' herself...she scratched her arm with scissors because her mom didn't get her a nintendo something...her mom got it for christmas...it was november. people like that just degrade everything...and whoever this other person is saying we need to be supportive of them no matter what...well...i think i can weed out someone who's serious and someone who said it 18 times in the forum just to win arguments.
  • Joanna ... GoreGirl 2012/05/22 23:30:57
    Joanna the Great
    Exactly. In most cases like this it's glaringly obvious the whiny emo teenager just wants attention, anyone can see it. And how would they be helped anyways? Nobody's physically there to stop them, do they think that someone who is suicidal can be convinced off the edge with a response to their comment on a freaking internet message board by a complete stranger? "ohs noes dont kill urself!!!11!! we all love you even though we have never actually met nor spoken, itll be ok i promise dont say things like that!!!!11!"

    And then her actually responding "Thank you for that you just saved my life", LOL, seriously? Drama queen little first-world-problems whiny idiot bitches...
  • GoreGirl Joanna ... 2012/05/23 17:34:24
    honestly, my opinion on both sides is beyond pathetic...this little argument is why i just don't bring up my issues if i'm having a really rotten day (compared to normal). no one would believe me anyway because it's so diluted...oh well nothing we can do to stop people doing this, but it ROYALLY grinds on my nerves.
  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/24 23:35:16
    Inquisitve Kat
    I feel sorry for you...
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/25 08:04:06
    Joanna the Great
    You feel sorry for people quite often it seems..
  • Inquisi... GoreGirl 2012/05/21 21:42:28
    Inquisitve Kat
    She wasn't being called out for a difference of opinion, she was responding to someone who said "I'd rather that you get off this world"... and that person actually said it to me, not her, so I'm guessing she thought the message was directed at her. I can easily see why she would be upset, if she thought the message was needlessly directed at her.
  • GoreGirl Inquisi... 2012/05/21 23:23:38
    you have missed the point entirely. it's also called sucking it up and letting internet people be jackasses. like i said in one of my posts this kid needs to realize that her saying repeatedly she's going to kill herself just to get attention, draws away from people with serious problems.
  • Inquisi... GoreGirl 2012/05/22 00:10:38
    Inquisitve Kat
    Well, hopefully she'll take that lesson... I don't know why I'm so quick to defend her since I'm not a fan of the behaviour either... I just see a lot of my 13 year old self in that kind of completely inappropriate, yet desperate cry for attention.
  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/21 21:40:16
    Inquisitve Kat
    Oh, god forbid a few of us suckers take the 2 seconds it takes to let someone know they're not entirely alone, even if it's with some face they can't see on the other side of the plant.
    Seriously, why not worry about the trolls who go around insulting people for their opinions, rather than worry about someone who clearly needs they attention they're trying to get.
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/22 23:34:15
    Joanna the Great
    Are you stupid? The point is she doesn't ACTUALLY think she's alone! she probably has lots of friends and family, she just wants morons like you on the internet to rally around her and throw a big wet pity party.
  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/23 05:07:13 (edited)
    Inquisitve Kat
    Yeah, well, I'd rather be a dummy who falls into her trap than risk being callous and finding out she was truly hurting and reaching out in any way she could (people don't always know how to act appropriately).
    How can you claim to know what she actually feels?
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/23 21:00:50
    Joanna the Great
    Because I'm perceptive.
  • Inquisi... Joanna ... 2012/05/23 21:42:38
    Inquisitve Kat
    I'm perceptive too, but I'm not a mind-reader... and neither are you.
  • Joanna ... Inquisi... 2012/05/25 08:04:27
    Joanna the Great
    don't have to be a min-reader
  • Inquisi... GoreGirl 2012/05/21 21:34:02 (edited)
  • GoreGirl Inquisi... 2012/05/21 23:29:27
  • Inquisi... The Inc... 2012/05/20 21:30:02
    Inquisitve Kat
    I'd rather you learn how to make a sentence run smoothly, but that's just not going to happen now, is it?
  • The Inc... Inquisi... 2012/05/21 03:13:07
    The Incurable Pessimist
    Only an idiot would stoop to such tactics, and joke's on you missy for your accusations are erroneous with no basis. When you are desperately losing an argument, correct their grammar/spelling/punctuation indeed!
    jokes missy accusations erroneous basis desperately losing argument correct grammarspellingpunctuation
  • Inquisi... The Inc... 2012/05/21 03:31:33
    Inquisitve Kat
    You used "that" unnecessarily and your word structure didn't have smooth flow. Yes, I'm being incredibly pedantic, but only in response to a crude insult. Although you may have a point... it was rather idiotic of me to stoop to your level.
  • mady The Inc... 2012/05/21 18:01:57
    Why so nasty and self-righteous? Xxxmeow is probably a kid who needs empathy and help.
  • Cornball Inquisi... 2012/05/21 19:48:50 (edited)
    You should work on losing the weight in more healthy ways. Smoking isn't the only way to keep off the weight. I don't want to be insulting but try seeing a nutritionist. ;D They'll help you eat healthier and lose weight without needing to smoke or exercise/diet so compulsively your diagnosed as anorexia,
  • Inquisi... Cornball 2012/05/22 02:44:23
    Inquisitve Kat
    That wasn't insulting. :-)

    I did see a nutritionist and I am simply unable to keep weight off through normal diet and exercise. I'm on the wait-list for a new doctor... I need my thyroid treated. I shouldn't have to go into starvation in order to lose weight, but it's the only thing that works.
    When I can afford some, I'm going to pick up kelp pills, since they increase your metabolism... if I can get and stay at my goal weight, then I fully intend to quit smoking again.
  • Mavii 2012/05/19 22:08:44
    Once, in middle school, they showed us a pair of healthy lungs and and a pair of small, purple/black ones. Of course, these were pigs' lungs, but still, they were demonstrating the fact that smoking is INCREDIBAD.
  • +Harmonious Love+ 2012/05/19 21:57:44
  • _Fake Smiles Hide The Truth_ 2012/05/19 21:34:08
    _Fake Smiles Hide The Truth_
    I smoked one Cig and quit. I knew how it affected my dad when he smaked. I also don't wanna ruin my lungs and wish i never tried it.
  • Billy the kid 2012/05/19 20:35:22
    Billy the kid
    Changed days indeed and in this case much for the better! When I was growing up just about everybody smoked and quite often from a very early age. It is undeniably a very harmful habit and extremely dangerous for one's health. Strangely, however, my dad can't have read of the dangers; he smoked regularly until he was 98 and died at 102...
  • Jeremy Villa 2012/05/19 19:41:35
    Jeremy Villa
    Well honestly it's still better than trying drugs.honestly drugshonestly drugs
  • Anonymous Jeremy ... 2012/05/19 21:48:20
    Smoking cigarettes is basicly a drug because it's addictive...
  • joe mauro Jeremy ... 2012/05/20 01:14:10
    joe mauro
    not pot
  • wutwut Jeremy ... 2012/05/20 04:41:16
    although i'd have to say WORSE than trying marijuana.
  • Cornball wutwut 2012/05/21 19:59:02
    Yeah, but marijuana is illegal so it might actually be worse. At least with cigarettes you can't get into any trouble. Though cigarettes effects are much worse. Marijuana basically has the same negative effects as alcohol. This is a really close call because the illegal thing means it probably costs more (I honestly wouldn't know) and you have to be sneaky, etc.

    Either way i don't use either of them. Lol.
  • Airhead Cornball 2012/05/21 21:58:03
    marijuana has a hell of alot less negative effects than alcohol. Mainly you cant die from it, and I've never seen anyone seizure and stroke from quitting. Plus the impairment is just a fraction of the amount.
  • Bad Bob 69 2012/05/19 18:02:28
    Bad Bob 69
    I smoked for a lot of years. I quit cold turkey. I'm happy that I quit when I did.
  • Jayynee 2012/05/19 16:45:07
    I am against smoking, yet most of my friends do it :/
  • LAAD Gunner - USMC 2012/05/19 15:48:10
    LAAD Gunner - USMC
    Lol half? Haha it's waaaay more than that!!!!
  • musicman95 2012/05/19 14:50:21
    make mirijuana legal and that number will drastically decrease

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