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Grammy-winning songstress Adele recently moved into an enormous £7 million mansion in Sussex, a rural county south of London. She was apparently very excited to move in, but the feeling moved from cheer to fear when she started hearing strange noises. We'll be the first to admit the story might be overblown, but sources are saying she thinks the place is haunted, and hired a full-time bodyguard to keep her safe. Because, you know, in England the best way to handle a ghost is with a sturdy truncheon. In light of Adele's spooky situation, we asked the public whether they believe houses can really be "haunted."

Sorry, Adele, but the results came back positive. Your house could very well be haunted. Many respondents had their own experiences to share, some casual and some downright unsettling. But we were almost giddy when we saw the demographic breakdown. There were differences everywhere -- big ones, too. So yes, three out of five believe in haunted houses, yadda yadda. Let's get to the breakdown.

An American Haunting

Though Adele is a Londoner herself, the vast majority of international voters (i.e. non-American) do not believe in haunted houses. It's tough to say exactly which countries were prone to believe, since a lot of the international votes were scattered in small amounts, but England is definitely not.


This one might explain why Adele was a little freaked out despite her nationality. Women are significantly more likely to believe in haunted houses. Of course, it is possible some men clicked "No" just to seem brave, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Agnostics Are Believers

When atheists and Christians strongly disagree on a topic, as they did here, agnostics tend to lean toward the atheist opinion. Because this question asked for a statement of belief, we assumed it would be the case. We were dead wrong. Agnostics were actually more likely to believe in haunted houses than Christians!

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about haunted houses. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • JP 2012/03/07 19:23:11
    white house

    This house has been haunted by more than a fair share of morons!

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  • 2013/07/17 18:18:50
    well i think it's less about haunting and more about just the imprint.
    For example, I've lived in Moscow for six years as a child and during that time I've developed an immense paranoia whenever I'm alone. Even to this day i check the room before i relax and i always make sure theres a source of sound to keep me calm.
  • Gerald 2013/07/10 06:40:11
    Probably the same people who believe in Bigfoot, mermaids, unicorns, etc.
  • MamaPacha 2013/07/10 00:57:34
    Yes I do believe that certain houses appear to be "haunted"!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/05/08 15:29:26
    Margaret Jacobson
    very possible
  • LaurenCounsell 2012/03/18 15:44:59
    yes i do
  • seathanaich 2012/03/09 23:32:24
    "Sorry, Adele, but the results came back positive. Your house could very well be haunted."

    The fact that people believe in this nonsense doesn't mean that it exists. Truth isn't an opinion poll.

    The fact that the writer of this can't figure that out is an example of the inabilty to think logically that most people possess.

    The fact that the compiler thinks that "agnostics" somehow constitute their own category also indicates a lack of knowledge. "Agnostic" modifies theism and atheism, it's not some "middle ground" between the two, because no such middle ground exists. If you don't believe in any gods, you're an atheist, whether you want to use that word or not.
  • peter.g.mackie 2012/03/08 18:05:41
    I once lived in a squat in Berlin in the early 1980s. A friend commited suicide there and myself and another person both felt his spirit being present in the house after he died.
  • Kyle 2012/03/08 16:48:31
    Totally believe in haunted houses.
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/03/08 16:47:48
    I believe it is possible. If this makes me a fool, I'm allowed to be a fool on occasion!
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2012/03/08 16:36:34 (edited)
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Yes, I've lived in two houses that had things happen, and our barn has a ghost in it. Plays tricks on my hubby all the time.

  • rosalie.harman 2012/03/08 16:13:38
    It is possible,I also believe that a home is blessed with loved spirits.
  • Fenabarb 2012/03/08 14:56:18
  • Vieuphoria 2012/03/08 14:37:06
    Well they are wrong. Silly people.
  • shadow76 2012/03/08 14:29:47
    I do not believe that!
  • Emii Boo <3 2012/03/08 13:57:54
    Emii Boo <3
    Hahaha I gotta believe cuz my place IS haunted
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/03/08 12:51:24
    I don't believe the tales of hauntings, but I believe in psychic phenomena.
  • JackoClubs 2012/03/08 09:41:49
    My wife lived in a haunted house some years back, and I used to work at a hospital and encountered a couple, there, myself.
    It amuses me that agnostics believe in ghosts, but not a deity. The belief in an afterlife usually goes along with some belief in a deity, doesn't it?
  • Vieuphoria JackoClubs 2012/03/08 14:39:10
    Not necessarily. Theories of things that there are no proof of, are theories. Everyone can come up with one, or adapt and change them. It doesn't make any of them more silly than the others. You don't have to be religious to believe in ghosts.
  • JackoClubs Vieuphoria 2012/03/10 16:03:42
    No, but most, if not all, religions are based on the belief in an immortal soul, which is what most people consider ghosts to be.
  • JackoClubs 2012/03/08 09:41:12
    My wife lived in a haunted house some years back. I used to work at a hospital and encountered a couple, there.
    It amuses me that agnostics believe in ghosts, but not a deity. The belief in an afterlife usually goes along with the belief in a deity, doesn't it?
  • sundance 2012/03/08 07:50:30
    Sixty percent believe in haunted houses? Well, that just means that the other forty percent have something entertaining to laugh at...Just a thought...
  • phil white sundance 2012/03/08 13:45:54 (edited)
    phil white
    Until they got down to partical physics scientist didn't believe in weird things like quantum mechanics and string theory either.
    It took me three tries to pass quantum mechanics.
    I've not seen a ghost but have seen personal eveidence for life after death.
  • sundance phil white 2012/03/08 23:37:11
    Well then my friend, please impart to me this evidence if you can. I would be very interested in its content. I personally side with the "logic" that all men are afraid of death, and in so, create an escape. This escape, like religion, and other fine fairy tales, are neither provable or dismissible. Here in lies the quandary. I would further, that people are capable of seeing what ever their mind is programmed to see. Should you wish to see Mother Mary in the water stain, you (and the like minded) will see it. Thank you for the response....
  • phil white sundance 2012/03/09 12:31:21
    phil white
    My mom made her presence known to me a year after she died. That is evidence for me. It is not evidence for anyone else.
    My general feeling is all the ghost stories people tell of, a couple of people I know as well, when added to my own experience convinces me.
  • phil white sundance 2012/03/09 14:08:07 (edited)
    phil white
    There's also the problem that reality is weird. I mentioned to a devout Cathoic the 11 demension concept from string theory and he said he didn't believe there were 11 dimensions. So he blieves in life after death but doesn't believe the weird things physicist are learning.
    To me this shows that for people the realities of physics, being beyond their normal experience, are less believable than life after death or haunted houses.
    Having taken quantum mechanics I'm used to living with the reality of weirdness, including the concept of hauntings.
  • sundance phil white 2012/03/09 19:08:10
    First, I can relate with your sorrow. My condolences for your loss. I agree that the universe is weird, and that there is a great deal we simply do not understand. I would further that physics offers a great deal of "food for thought", for your argument. I must still side with logic, and the simplest explanation being the best. Now my wife and I, did have a great conversation about the actual meanings of death ( and life), and their interaction within the universe. We also discussed what life's true definition is, and therefore, its destination called death. We did come up with several hours worth of interesting debate. I wont inundate you with its content. I will say that maybe, we are able to "sense" the residuals of a persons cohesive energy ( spirit), and interpret that as an apparition of said person. It certainly lends to food for thought....Thank you for the post
  • phil white sundance 2012/03/10 00:36:27
    phil white
    Thanks. Don't worry too much Mom was cracking jokes the Sunday before she died and it was 8 years ago. I'm ok.
    As to death and life, I go under the assumption that death is ruled by the mathmatics and forces of the three demesions we are familiar with. What goes on in our three dimensions is indepndent of any after life in the other 8.
    Death is necessary for any life form to thrive here. If the old trees didn't die the young ones would have no sunlight to grow.
    If a tree didn't die of old age it would eventually from a lighting strike, tornado, fire or what have you. Maybe a betle infestation or drought.
    So even absent a gene programming the old tree for death, the other hazards demand the tree have the ability to reproduce.
    In a forest of trees with no old age "death" gene you might have 50,000 year old trees. But if a new pine bark beetle appears then the slow reproducing "eternal youth" trees wouldn't be able to produce enough young saplings to have a random mutation appear that could resist the new pine bark beetle.
    Ergo you need a genetically programed death gene to keep a rapid enough turn over and reproduction rate so as to allow enough young trees with random mutations to appear to handle any sudden new environtmental hazard.
    Any way that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
  • sundance phil white 2012/03/10 07:55:35
    Cool. I am good with it...
  • shadow76 sundance 2012/03/08 14:31:23
  • sundance shadow76 2012/03/08 23:38:56
    Something amusing?... Should you have issue with a post, could you regale me with actually communication of your discontent?...Just a thought....
  • shadow76 sundance 2012/03/09 01:46:25
    i thnk i accidently hahaed the wrng person sorry.....nothing funny in what you wrote, or even real logic.
  • sundance shadow76 2012/03/09 03:19:31
  • shadow76 sundance 2012/03/09 03:42:10
    It must be nice to think you are so much more superior to everyone else. Speak only for yourself about being afraid to die.
  • sundance shadow76 2012/03/09 10:48:24
  • Bruno Costa 2012/03/08 07:37:57
    Bruno Costa
    That's horrible.
  • painted desert 2012/03/08 06:27:31
    painted desert
    Yes, I do. And have stayed in two, and two haunted hotels as well. Had an interesting night at the "Wayside Inn" in Sudbury Mass. It is the oldest working inn in America.
  • TH_lover 2012/03/08 06:20:46
    I believe places can be haunted.
  • atomikmom 2012/03/08 05:03:11
    Oh!!! Yeah!!! I do. in fact i live in one
  • Diana 2012/03/08 04:17:15
    I believe houses can be haunted.
  • barby karring 2012/03/08 04:06:47
    barby karring
    I don't believe in haunted houses or ghosts; the house or ghost has to reveal itself without you thinking they are real or is present around you. If you encounter supernatural happenings around you; and in no way was you thinking about evil or ghostly apparitions, and something does occur; your chances are very high that you have a spirit present.
    If you have a pure heart it cannot touch you; because it knows your heart and you are more powerful, and that you are in command and have spiritual dominion over the whole atmosphere of the supernatural plane.
    Adele must find out something about the past residences that occupied the house she bought. She must find out if anyone died in the house. She must find out all this information before she can begin erradication(cleaning of house in her case).
    I can list how to cleanse your place of supernatural occurances and take ownership of your space and boundary.

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