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slaaaave 2009/12/03 15:01:15
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1. What is the chemical formula of snow?
2. US President Franklin Pierce introduced what to White House Christmas tradition in 1856?
3. Which charity in 1949 was the first to produce a Christmas card?
4. What red-blooming Christmas plant came originally from Mexico?
5. Brandy is made from distilling what?
6. What was Girls Aloud's 2002 UK Christmas number one single?
7. Which famous comedy double-act partner made the first ever UK mobile phone call, New Year's Day, 1985?
8. White Christmas, a cake made of coconut, crisped rice and dried fruit, is popular in which country?
9. Pine needles are said to be a good source of which vitamin?
10. What is the birth sign of people born on 25 December?
11. Which two states in the US have towns called Christmas?
12. What animal is the Scandinavian Christmas Julbock symbol?
13. Christmas Crackers was the first Christmas edition of which popular UK comedy series?
14. Which hugely popular actor was born on Christmas day 1899?
15. What British spacecraft was lost on Mars at Christmas 2003?
16. What is the name of Dorothy Gale's dog in The Wizard of Oz?
17. In technical astronomical terms what is the duration of the winter solstice; an instant, a day, three months, or six months?
18. What is the title of biggest selling Christmas single, globally?
19. What Christmas item takes its name from the old French word estincelle, meaning spark?
20. What Paul McCartney hit song video featured the First World War Christmas Truce meeting of German and British soldiers in no-man's land between the front line trenches?
21. Who was said to have presented the baby Jesus with Frankincense
22. In which city was the Salvation Army founded?
23. What drink advert launched the slogan 'The Right One' in 1970?
24. What is Virgil Hilts' nickname in the film The Great Escape?
25. In which country is it a tradition to hide all brooms in the house on Christmas Eve?
26. Who wrote the songs for the 1954 film White Christmas?
27. Which US President banned Christmas trees from the White House?
28. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, how many pipers are there?
29. From what does the month of December take its name?
30. How many courses are there traditionally in a Ukrainian Christmas Eve supper?
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