Psycho says....

Short rant:

Gone for a day and a half. like 2000+ happenings. Dudes, seriously, I'll try and check out all the shared crap but no fucking way. Not enough time.

I'm mad because I am suffering from SodaHead withdrawal, you know you're addicted when you suffer withdrawal after only being offline for a day and a half. This cannot be healthy for me. No way.

We're definitely moving. My mom is already looking at the house. Four rooms. I call corner. I do my best work in corners lol.

I missed you guys for the past ... 48 hours lol. I hope I'll get my laptop fixed soon enough but if you miss me enough you'll find me on my gmail. SoulSeekerEmery@gmail.com... don't laugh, it's tre old.. like four years old lol.

Psycho~pissed that she bruised her shoulder when she slipped on some ice.

something pretty for you all:

laugh tre years lol psychopissed bruised shoulder slipped ice pretty

lol pretty confusing... xD
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