Propositions I have received from local prostitutes in the past 8 days.

1). A whore came up to me and asked for a
cigarette. I told her no and went on to tell her how I don't smoke. Then, she asked me If I lived in the
trailer down the street. I told her "No, I live a couple houses down." She then proceeded to ask if I lived
alone and I said, no. Her proposition was as follows: "SOOOO, what
do you do? By what do you do, I mean would you like to get a bj
every now and then from a cute girl that's not a crackhead?"

I replied "Okay... I have to get to work now." and left. She was not cute in any way with her frizzy brown hair, lack of teeth, and haggard face.

2). I was at work, walking a dog, when another toothless one came up to me and asked If I wanted to buy any bootleg DVD's
for a buck. I said "okay". She followed me back to my work area,while I was
getting the money. She then invited herself in. I gave her a buck. She gave me the DVD. Then, the
proposition was as follows:

"Thank you very much. I could use this. By the way, if you ever need a bj or a little bit of fun, just come and find me."

I said, "Okay, good. Can you please leave?"

3). A rather rotund black woman that was around 30 used to stand near the highway and flash
her enormous boobs towards truck drivers at night. She came
up to me on break at work and said "Aaaayy. Is you dat man dat be workin fo da animal shelter?" I said "Yes. Why??". The proposition was as follows:

"Damn, you lookin' fine. (As she brushed her index finger across my chest) I'll suck yo junk fo ten dollah. I normally charge $20."

I said "No. I'm quite alright. I have to get back to work"

She replied "It be only fo $10! I been doin' dis since I waz 9 yeahs old. Let mama gib you what you neee."

I then waved to her and went back to the cat cells and locked the door behind me.

Oh, how hard it was to resist that one. mama gib neee waved cat cells locked door resist nbsp

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