Private, Charter, or Public Schools, which do you prefer?

Airiseen 2008/12/03 02:21:16
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  • Janet(: 2009/04/15 02:35:07
    Public Schools
    Public schools... i guess. hmm...
  • Byzantine_Catholic 2009/04/13 17:55:19
    Private Schools
    unless its goverment run, you usually get what you pay for..
  • flaca BN-0 2008/12/03 06:14:19
    Neither or all three. (Explain Please)
    flaca BN-0
    We took our kids to a charter school for 3 years. They receive less funding than public schools and can't afford as many textbooks or educational materials because of it. There are less stringent requirements as to the education of the teachers. The school boards are often in conflict with the principals (which change frequently) and it leads to a kind of stagnation. We moved to an area which has good public schools and found that they are so much more advanced in classwork than in the charter school.

    The one good thing about charter schools is that they are good for children who need to be in a smaller environment for a while, but as they grow older, charter schools generally can't provide sports facilities and gyms that older children like.
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2008/12/03 04:33:36
    Charter Schools
    sd *TROUBLE*
    I'm going to one next year.
  • Fef 2008/12/03 02:47:17
    Public Schools
    I prefer public schools -- if well managed. I moved to a city that has great public schools because the parents get involved. My wife participates in PTA, volunteers in the classroom, walks the kids to school, picks them up, etc... If we didn't live where we do, I would have to send my kids to a private school.
  • CornerBlitz 2008/12/03 02:21:43
    Private Schools
    Only because I go to one.

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