President Obama Uses an Autopen: Do You Feel Cheated?

Living 2011/06/28 11:00:00
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Do you have a letter from the president -- past or present -- that you treasure?

Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but that letter probably wasn't really signed by him.

According to The Associated Press, it's an "open secret" that presidents of both parties have used an autopen.

"You want to preserve the president's semblance of reaching out and being connected," Jack Shock, who handled President Bill Clinton's autopen as his director of presidential letters and messages, told the AP. "But the cold hard facts are that when you get 10,000 letters a day he can't possibly handle all that kind of correspondence himself."

We're guessing that most Americans understand that the president of the United States does not have time to sign 10,000 letters a day -- who does? But some say President Obama went too far when he recently used an autopen to sign an extension of certain provisions of the Patriot Act.

The legislation had been approved by Congress at the last minute, and there was no time to fly it to France for Obama's signature before the anti-terrorism powers expired, the AP reports.

Nevertheless, 21 GOP House members sent Obama a letter on June 17 asking him to re-sign the legislation with his actual signature.

Do you think it's OK for the president to use an autopen?

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  • davyd god loving patriot 2011/07/05 19:18:58
    davyd god loving patriot
    atleast he showed up to sign something........ WOW what a great president lol must have rained that day, no golf
  • princess 2011/07/05 01:54:23
    What else would we expect from a moron who can't speak a full sentence without a scripted teleprompter to get him through it.
  • Pookie 2011/07/03 04:02:30
    A lot use a rubber stamp, as my last boss did.
  • miller51550 2011/07/02 10:43:13
    I feel cheated every time I see him on TV.

    Every time he uses that Auto Pen to sign those Executive orders that he signs on Fridays.

    I feel Cheated every time the goes on Vacation and we pay for his vacation... but wish the Scumbag and Wife would vacation in Iran.

    I feel cheated every time he uses that Auto Pen to give more Taxpayer Money to his Muslim Friends.

    Remember he must have used that Auto Pen to allow an additional Immigrants into the United States in 2011.

    Did he use that Auto Pen when he provided funding for Hamas Membesr to immigrant into the United States.

    Guy is a slick willy want-a-be POTUS that cares nothing for the laws of the land and the
    Constitution of the United States.

    PERHAPS we can allow him to use that Auto Pen from Leavenworth when he is sentence to life in Prison for being a TRAITOR and Domestic Enemy of the State.
  • mouseytongue 2011/07/01 01:39:54
    No, not as long as the business gets done no matter what the document. Personally I feel that many parts of the Patriot Act are cheating the American public out of America, period, and some parts are downright dangerous.
    IF the law is a facsimile of a law, a facsimile signature would be appropriate. For an actual law an actual signature would be called for and not too much to expect for nearly a half million dollars per annum paycheck.
  • Nat Turner 2011/06/30 18:45:37
    Nat Turner
    He should feel cheated...his signature is being forged.
  • roberta.k.wright 2011/06/29 15:36:56
    I think for any official business of the USA he should sign it himself. For the thousands of letters he gets from taxpayers and answers I would not expect his actual signature
  • Cindy 2011/06/29 15:27:56
    I wanted to vote no, clicked too fast! I can't fathom what the Presidency entails and I don't think the Pres should be encumbered by 10,000 signatures a day. With that said, in the case of the signing of the Patriot Act, a tempory signature by autopen should suffice until he returned to for an authentic signature.
  • bluelady 2011/06/29 13:39:37
    the way he signs or doesnt sign doesnt bother me.... we got cheated when he took OFFIce..
  • PresTylerSmith 2011/06/29 13:32:36
    There really is nothing Obama can do that isn't absolutely appalling to a right-wing nut job, is there?
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2011/06/29 12:19:38
  • tdterry1999 2011/06/29 11:44:45
    I felt cheated when he got elected.
  • Stacie 2011/06/29 10:07:14
    Boy, Obama just keeps going and going and going.

    Using the auto-pen for fan mail and memos is one thing. When you are signing an amendment to something as important as The Patriot Act your genuine signature is most definitely needed.
  • PS 2011/06/29 09:55:39
    It's fraudulent to me and I see no reason to sign it if it's not even given that much importance.
  • Roger Tyler 2011/06/29 09:22:48
    Roger Tyler
    this is BS and misleading, a copy of the signature page he needed to sign could have been faxed to where he was, he could signed and sent it back. later on, they could have taken the original copy he signed and added it the bill. This is not earth shattering legislature he needed to sign. I didn't vote him nor would I ever and I hope he loses, this is just petty anty BS.
  • sglmom 2011/06/29 08:25:53
    The only treasure I have is my Military Retirement Certificate/Orders ..

    OTHER Than that .. already knew about the auto-sign ..
    And as far as this adminstrator goes .. could care less (worthless)
  • y so serious 2011/06/29 08:03:43
    y so serious
    I'm a college student, and I would appriciate some loans and scollarships for the small college I'm attending...but now that Obama's figured that the Banks and Credit unions shouldn't be giving out money for these things, I should come crawling to the Government for it....whilest the interest rates go up..

    Yeah I feel cheated...but not over a fricking Pen
  • Nudenz 2011/06/29 07:29:28
    Nor surprised.
  • Merna 2011/06/29 07:15:16
    I'm sure he has more important things to do.
  • NekoChan 2011/06/29 06:48:31
  • King of the woodland realm 2011/06/29 06:29:31
    King of the woodland realm
  • ♥Rawr♥ 2011/06/29 04:57:37
    what an autopen? :[
  • ~Belle~ of the Ball 2011/06/29 04:54:29
    ~Belle~ of the Ball
    I don't see why this would matter to anyone. All presidents probably did the same thing.
  • Ruthless Progressive 2011/06/29 04:51:53
    Ruthless Progressive
    It's just an auto-pen..
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/06/29 04:38:22
    Just Jenn for Now
    To a typical Conservative RWE, no matter what Obama does it's wrong.

    No shame in it if you ask me. Write on as you please, Obama.
  • ~Sophie~ 2011/06/29 04:18:05
    I would rather have him spend his time doing more important things than writing his name.
  • Lawnmowerman~PWCM~JLA 2011/06/29 04:08:23
    I mean, why SHOULDN'T a fake president sign bogus bills in the middle of the night with a fake pen?
  • RobK1967 Lawnmow... 2011/06/29 04:51:48
    Your ODS is showing
  • nick n. RobK1967 2011/06/29 12:47:03
    nick n.
    Online dating service?
  • RobK1967 nick n. 2011/06/29 12:59:17 (edited)
    nope, Obama derangement syndrome, but I never expect RWNJs like you to admit you are suffering from it
  • nick n. RobK1967 2011/06/30 01:56:54
    nick n.
    Yes, Obama is deranged but it's no syndrome.
  • RobK1967 nick n. 2011/06/30 03:23:06
    RWNJs are amusing in their irrational hate
  • nick n. RobK1967 2011/06/30 10:11:52
    nick n.
    Where is that hate coming from? Must be you. I said the President was deranged. I got in late on my corporate jet last night thinking about how wonderful it is to have one, so I can deprive children of an education. That's deranged thinking.
  • RobK1967 nick n. 2011/06/30 12:58:07
    You are allowed to be as delusional as you want to be
  • nick n. RobK1967 2011/06/30 13:14:56
    nick n.
    I shouldn't have commented on anything from a person who communicates by anachronism.......I suspect a government worker or someone who is sucking on Uncle Sam's near dry tit. I'll end it there.
  • RobK1967 nick n. 2011/07/01 02:26:42
    Thank you for admitting you suffer from ODS
  • Broncoyeller 2011/06/29 04:01:52
    He's inauthentic to the core, why would this be any different.
  • iloveathensnz 2011/06/29 03:08:51
    OMG! Shocking Barack Obama uses an autopen... now go to your room and write 10,000 lines "I must not use the autopen to sign my name" and no using the autopen either :-P
  • Aurora 2011/06/29 03:07:49
    I hope it runs out of ink soon.
  • SamD 2011/06/29 03:02:05
    Other presidents have used the autopen. So just because people hate against Obama, he can't use the autopen. Ridiculous conservatives

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