Please help... How do you help a person with SAD, bulimia, AND ADHD???

PaintorDaisies 2008/11/21 20:10:56
You should...
Get rid of him.
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So.. The person I love most is being ravished by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)..which is causing him to have the worst confidence in the world.. He's not sleeping so he'll get out of bed really late and won't get sun... He's so depressed... Melatonin doesn't agree with him and light treatment helps a tiny bit.

He has bulimia... he won't admit it, but he won't stop throwing up before he goes to bed... He runs for an hour everyday and lifts... I think it has something to do with SAD, but I also think it has to do with him going away to LA for a HUGE acting audition in three weeks... He's losing pounds by the minute...and he won't stop...

Lastly, he has ADHD, which I don't mind normally, but it's getting so bad with everything else on top of it that he can't concentrate enough to get anything done... It's worrying me...

I'm absolutely distraught about this because he expects me to be there for him every second of every day, but I have college apps to work on AND two AP classes to keep up with...

It's driving me insane... What should I do??? : (
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  • Brittney 2009/06/21 05:24:53
    You should...
    He needs professional help.

    a day program maybe?

    and if his bulimia is really bad, I suggest a residential treatment program for eating disorders.

    Look into partial hospitals and/or transitional living programs.

    In these programs, individuals who suffer from bulimia will meet with an eating disorder specialist to receive individualized treatment designed to meet their specific needs.

    hope I helped.
    Hope he gets better soon (:
  • JinFizz 2009/02/06 20:41:09
    You should...
    I just noticed this post and was curious how long your SO has been throwing up. If this is just prior to the audition, I can understand that it is a passing thing; however, as a grandmother of a granddaughter with bulimia if this is an ongoing thing then he needs professional help. My g'daughter (she lives with me) went to a wonderful local health center for 30 days...she learned good nutrition (helped her Poppa and me too) and how to cope with her disorder (her Mom has the same disorder)...Typical people with this disorder are very creative, artistic folks that are highly sensitive and perfectionists and both my daughter and g'daughter fit that profile. My g'daughter is doing so much better (she got out of treatment Christmas Eve) and she meets with an EA group once a week at a local health facility we have (actually grocery and restaurant). Be supportive and be very careful about making any remarks whatsoever about body image. Of course, every time you turn on the TV, there is some sort of blamed diet or talk of losing weight. Best wishes to you and your SO.
  • countessK 2009/01/31 00:57:03
    You should...
    Just let him be and love him. Sounds like he's just trying to get in shape for a role and isn't ill at all. Give him some space and try to be supportive and affectionate. Don't worry so much and focus on your own goals instead.
  • Skye 2008/11/23 20:24:59 (edited)
  • irish 2008/11/23 16:13:01
    You should...
    sad is another form of depression. the bulimia is preventing him from getting the proper nutrition which in turn is making his adhd much worse. if he is a s bad off as you say he is and losing weight that fast you need to 302 him. call your mental health association and report that he needs to be hospitalized. he is stuck in a destructive pattern and keeps going round and round. you can have him committed for 72 hours of observation if you do this. the criteria is that he is a danger to himself. the bulimia will also destroy his esophagus. he needs immediate intervention.
  • wiszard 2008/11/22 07:57:42 (edited)
    You should...
    GET HIM PROFESSIONAL HELP. PERIOD. You're not qualified to offer anything that will help him.

    Strart taking care of yourself so no one else has to and save the "do gooding" when you can afford it.
  • ☼ Homeward Bound ☼ 2008/11/21 21:06:38 (edited)
    You should...
    ☼ Homeward Bound ☼
    First off......YOU don't help him!~!
    I would say you should try to get him the help he needs from professionals who deal with these things. These are serious conditions that demand professional help! If he doesn't want help.....there's nothing you can do and if he doesn't GET help......his conditions will lead only him into a decline.
    Then you have to ask yourself......do you want to watch that decline or can you handle it. The decision is yours. Maybe if he doesn't get help and you tell him you can't handle it......he will be willing to get help in order to keep you. Although until he wants to get help to help HIMSELF.....he's not doing it for the right reason.
    Either way.....you still have to ask yourself if you want to deal with this long term.
  • bigbird 2008/11/21 20:21:04
    You should...
    Find a Bible believing, Holy Ghost filled, Jesus Christ praising church, go up to one of the pastors or deacons and make a prayer request for your friend, and ask them to pray over him, and anoint his head with oil. Pray already believing God will answer your prayer and your friend will be just fine. If you or he doesn't have a personal relationship with Christ, ask Him into your life by repenting of your sins and accepting Him as Lord and Savior of your life. What have you got to lose?
  • irish bigbird 2008/11/23 16:14:21
    are you serious?? please!
  • bigbird irish 2008/11/23 22:40:36
    I'm very serious. And don't beg
  • irish bigbird 2008/11/24 13:56:01
    that is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard of! this guy has a serious problem praying will kill him!
  • bigbird irish 2008/11/24 19:49:38
    Whoooaa Ms. Irishnurse! I do believe that in conjunction with the professional help that one of the above posters suggested, prayer is a very realistic approach to his problem. Prayer for the men/women doctors who prescribe whatever medicine he needs, so that they prescribe the right thing. Prayer for speedy recovery on his part. Prayer for his family. Prayer for her well-being as well,and for her to use the right discretion on whether or not to leave this guy. With all this prayer, he is going to need some real believers in Christ to speak on his behalf. Just my opinion.
  • irish bigbird 2008/11/24 19:53:05
    sorry no!! the person also has adhd and cannot concentrate! and prayer is not a realistic approach. this person has an imbalance in the chemicals in the brain and needs help. usually a deficit in certain chemicals causes this. they must be replaced,praying will not and cannot do that.
  • bigbird irish 2008/11/24 19:58:41
    I respect your opinion on that, I just sincerely disagree with you. Ya see, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I am a walking talking miracle myself. And the same God that heard the prayers of my family and friends in my time of need can heal this man of his adhd. Only believe. It was God who created all of us and I'm sure He still answers prayers. We are the ones who have lost faith in Him.
  • irish bigbird 2008/11/24 20:11:54
    sorry but you are wrong! you can believe until the day you die but it is just that a belief. this person needs medical intervention or he will die.
  • bigbird irish 2008/11/24 20:28:22
    I believe God created those doctors that may intervene on his behalf. So instead of placing trust in men, who were created by God, I'm gonna go straight to the source of all life,health, and well-being and ask for his intervention. Say what you want to, we just simply disagree.
  • irish bigbird 2008/11/25 13:54:28
    again what you want to do will have no effect. we may disagree but your method would have this person dead in no time. vomiting is dehydrating and causing loss of electrolytes which will cause severe problems with all the body sytems including coma . now tell me how holding a book and praying will help an unconscious person?? it more likely helps the one who is doing the praying. you are not helping this person by doing this.
  • bigbird irish 2008/11/25 20:02:19
    Again ,thats your opinion, not mine. peace
  • countessK irish 2009/01/31 01:07:02 (edited)
    His methods are not best but they are not deadly. I'm sure he knows enough to drink a glass of water when he's thirsty so he doesn't drop dead of dehydration.

    Actually, in this guy's case, I think some spiritual help would be more beneficial and more welcome than any doctor she brought in. A minister of some kind may give him some perspective that he would actually listen to. Forcing him into medical hands against his will most likely will result in extreme hatred of her, for life, once it's all over. Deservedly so.

    If she thinks her "medical diagnosis" is so correct then she ought to leave him and do him a favor.
  • countessK irish 2009/01/31 01:02:44
    Look, you are assuming that an inexperienced very young girlfriend has correctly diagnosed all these illnesses. I'm in LA and have seen much more severe actions than she's describing done to alter one's body for a part in a movie, for example. For all we know, he's fine and, as she says, dropping weight as fast as possible for a big movie/TV role in LA. Better not to wait till the last minute like that, but his behavior is not that uncommon for Hollywood/LA and she just can't handle it.
  • JinFizz bigbird 2009/02/06 20:46:18
    I do want you to know that I am a believer and I believe in prayer but in this instance professional psychological help is necessary for nutritional assistance...it makes all the difference. Then the healing period brings prayer and daily affirmation. My g'daughter found a wonderful Bible that deals with eating disorders in the references and this has been very helpful to her. Her 30 days at a local health center that deals with eating disorders got her on the right path but I do agree that prayer helps after she has been given the tools such as nutrition and coping skills.

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