Planet X (Nibiru) Fact or Fiction?

Vox 2010/06/16 19:50:15
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  • Alexander T Steward 2012/11/19 21:22:13
  • SeaSparkzz 2010/06/19 08:59:45
    I am not really sure.
    There probably was once some fact to it... but current astronomy isn't giving many (if any?) indications that it actually exists.

    I think it's possible that it once did exist in our system... but it is also possible that because it went so far out, that it has since been snatched up by another system. ... That's my theory as to why we aren't finding any evidence, anyway.
  • Indigo 2010/06/16 21:16:00
    Had no idea what you were talking about so I have spent the last hour doing a google search on the subject, Interesting, curiosity arroused, going to look out for the books of Zecharia Sitchin. I suppose all will be revealed in 2012:)
  • Vox Indigo 2010/06/17 03:45:25
    While I can't find any factual evidence on it actually existing, I do think it would be quite interesting if planet X were to return and we would see once and for all the peoples who gave birth to our myths and different gods. Then again, all that's speculation from people with their eyes glued to their telescopes and whatnot, so it's not something I see as happening anytime soon. Oh and very nice. I'm glad you did some research instead of posting a dumbfounded answer in here :)
  • Indigo Vox 2010/06/18 17:16:28
    It fasinates me how the Myans and other early civilizations had such knowledge about stars and planets. Like you said it would be interesting if the planet does return.
  • Vox Indigo 2010/06/19 06:25:27
    I know! It's extremely fascinating to look at all the discoveries about mathematics, astrology and astronomy that they made. And plus, how they applied them. Ancient civilizations like the Mayans are some of the most intriguing things you can find in history.
  • Indigo Vox 2010/07/13 17:35:09 (edited)
    The Nazca Lines another fasinating mystery.
    Just seen your from Norway, I visited Norway in May on a week cruise had a fantastic time.

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