Pizza Patrón Giving Away Free Pizzas to Spanish Speakers: Fair or Foul?

Living 2012/05/24 21:00:00
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Hablas español? You're in luck. Pizza Patrón, a pizza chain headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is giving away 80,000 large pepperoni pizzas on June 5 to customers who order in Spanish. And not everybody is happy about it, USA Today reports.

"It seems to punish people who can't speak Spanish, and I resent that," Peter Thomas, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, which advocates English as the nation's spoken language, tells USA Today. "In public areas, people should be speaking English, and that includes pizza parlors."

But Andrew Gamm, brand director at Pizza Patrón, says the move is exactly what it appears to be -- a publicity stunt. And a smart one at that: 70 percent of Pizza Patrón's customer base is Spanish-speaking. "It makes perfect sense for us," Gamm tells the paper. "We're trying to make our bond with the Hispanic community stronger." We're not really sure what the big fuss is about... anyone can go on the Internet and figure out how to order a pizza in Spanish. Do you find the giveaway offensive?
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  • Kigan 2012/05/24 22:04:03 (edited)
    So...discrimination is cool as long as it fits into certain criteria, such as being against English speakers?

    If they said English speaking customers only, there would be hell to pay.

    This is why English needs to be declared the official language. Anywhere else requires you to learn the language or have someone assist in translation...or at least use a translating dictionary. Here it seems a trend to expect the country to accommodate the other languages so they don't have to learn ours.

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  • Pronata... abycinn... 2012/05/24 18:04:34
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    What Half-Life video-game mod was it was watching on YouTube? I could only find part of the game in English, so I have to watch the rest in Spanish. And if Spanish wasn't bad enough, it was a botched game-edit job. Easily tell the game was designed in English, and only some parts were converted over to Spanish. The supposed location of the game is even in America. So what's this Spanish irrelevant "noise" I keep hearing?

    I'm studying Hebrew, as I would like to figure out how I can move to Israel? So how can I get a feed into my TV, so I can watch Hebrew channels? (Or maybe listen to some Hebrew radio stations on my Macintosh computer?) Why are my only choices, English, and Spanish crap TV (or radio) shows not even worth watching? My TV has no cable nor satellite TV. Only a few apps and widgets and internet-streaming of YouTube, etc.

    I do kind of like it, when they are speaking in Hebrew, as I try to pick out a few words I already recognize.
  • Greyson... Pronata... 2012/05/24 18:14:29
    Greyson Wolfe
    and in my area....my parents used to get a TV station that broadcast in italian like 2x a week...they now have to pay for it but they can have all the spanish stations...like a gazillion of the for nothing 7/24. disgusting.
  • abycinn... Pronata... 2012/05/24 18:18:45
    abycinnamon BN-1
    How totally cool! I know a little bit of several languages, but I can't really speak any of them. I don't know anything about hebrew - how great that you are learning it! I think that Israel is pretty welcoming to Jewish immigrants - although I've never researched it.

    I imagine that the internet is your best bet for accessing Hebrew content. It is fun to watch programs and understand a few words - gradually you understand more and more and you pick up how people speak.

    I wish I had suggestions for you - but I think you're already doing the best. Very good luck to you! For information on moving to Israel, you can probably just google "moving to israel" or "immigration to israel" and you'll probably find a site or two that will help you.
  • Pronata... abycinn... 2012/05/24 19:02:59
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    I already completed Book 1 for Hebrew 1 class that a lady taught for free for some home-schoolers and members or visitors of our Fellowship. We don't have any more classes starting until the Fall, so I decided I would study Book 2, on my own. I'm a couple of chapters into it so far. Hopefully, I might be ready for Book 3, by the Fall?

    Hebrew is the only pictorial and phonetic language. Also is the holy language, probably the original language that man spoke, before God scrambled our languages at the Tower of Babel. So Hebrew could be a "key" to far better understanding of the Bible and the world? The word roots letters, form "word pictures" that help to interpret what the word means. The vowels to pronounce, are mostly by added vowel markings, that aren't always present in all places. But if you saw English words without vowels, you'd probably still recognize most of the words.

    Yes, there is some good Hebrew stuff on YouTube, which I sometimes watch on my YouTube app on my TV.

    I don't know if I am "Jewish enough" to be allowed to move to Israel, but if I can find a way, I'm really interested in doing so, as I am tired of America's crap and of the politicians increasingly ruining the country. I would love to get away from America, this year, if I can. I get way too overloaded with irrelevant information, trying to research it all, on the internet. I wish I could find somebody going through the same journey, to compare notes and help one another.
  • Gohmert... abycinn... 2012/05/29 19:23:00
    Gohmert Pyle
    Personally, I wouldn't even think about moving to Mexico. Besides, I'm sure in some parts of northern Mexico you can speak English. I'm also sure in some parts of southern Mexico, Spanish nor English is going to help you.

    But you're right, If I'm moving to Australia, I better learn the language.
  • abycinn... Gohmert... 2012/05/29 22:28:20
    abycinnamon BN-1
    Oh - that was just a hypothetical. I absolutely would not move to mexico either. I wish it were easier to move around the world, but unfortunately it isn't. Looks like I'll live and die in the good ol' USA.
  • Cuppajo 2012/05/24 17:25:12
    And each one should be delivered by an Immigration agent.
  • Gohmert... Cuppajo 2012/05/24 17:48:30
    Gohmert Pyle
    Considering how ICE enforces their policies, they'll probably just do it for the tips.
  • Cuppajo Gohmert... 2012/05/24 17:49:42
    I blame their boss.

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