PIT BULLS (dog). Does every city have leash laws? Good idea, or FOUL!? Some interesting pictures below to casually browse at your convenience. 2012.

stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/02/11 16:42:49
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Or only after one chews on someone? I mean, its probably ridiculous to have a "leash law" for such sweet dawgs right? Dawg owners can govern themselves!? You decide on the poll. 2012.
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  • Vitalani 2012/04/03 00:52:36
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    Leash laws for ALL dogs should be required. (And are where I live)
    Mostly for the protection of the animal obviously.
    Every responsible dog owner I have known keeps them on a leash when walking. And every irresponsible owner I've met just lets them run around freely doing what ever they please.

    If you love em' leash em'.
    My neighbor was walking her dog a few years ago, on a leash.
    Then the person across the street let there dog(Buster) out with NO leash.
    He ran across the road and charged at the woman's dog.
    She picked her dog up and he proceeded to jump on and bite her until she was curled up in a ball on the ground with her dog in her arms. Buster ripped her dog out of her arms and killed the dog in front of her.
    Now they are BOTH dead and they were both good dogs. The only issue was ONE bad owner.

    THAT is why leash laws are necessary. You're responsible? Great. But you can't guarantee that everyone else is.
  • stevegt... Vitalani 2012/04/03 14:46:41
  • Vitalani stevegt... 2012/04/03 14:48:04
    Um, ok?
    Using words is usually helpful....
  • stevegt... Vitalani 2012/04/05 20:28:27
  • Vitalani stevegt... 2012/04/05 21:07:31
    I see the picture. How is it relevant? Lol. I don't get the point you're trying to make.
  • acid 2012/02/26 17:27:40
    the only time i ever got bit it was by a taco dog. the dogs shouldn't be blamed for the mistakes for their owners. and just a little FYI i believe something like 18 breeds for dogs are commonly mistaken for the common "pitbull" but only 5 of those breeds actually carry genetic aggression problems and even the one that do in fact carry the gene have to be breed into it for many years. but i think bigger dogs should be on leashes our neighbors dogs have a bad habit or killing cats and smaller dogs here
  • stevie.luplow 2012/02/22 02:59:18
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    It should be all or none. It is the owner's responsibility to have a properly trained dog. That's all there is to it. If everyone trained their dogs properly, there would be no reason for leashes.
  • Matt 2012/02/14 15:11:41
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    A lot of cities have laws, outright banning pit bulls.
  • Someone 2012/02/13 21:27:19
    I think most cities have leash laws now. Which yes if a dog is not well trained then I can understand the dog being on a leash. But a well trained dog should not be leashed.

    And as far as Pit Bulls go, its not the dog its the owner. If the owner raises the dog right then the dog will not be aggresive. I had one loved her to death, when my son was 2 years old. When it was bed time my Pit Bull would nudge him into the room and to his bed. Then she would jump in bed at his feet. And of course all my kids would lay on her like a pillow when they were watching t.v. Never had a problem with her. Its all how you raise them. Any dog can turn out aggresive if the owner teaches it to be.
  • Boo 2012/02/13 18:10:49
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    Our local "leash law" does not always require dog owners to have their dogs on a leash, but it does require them to have their dogs "under their control" at all times. A well trained obedient dog doesn't need a leash, but how many of those do you think there are in this country??!!!!!!!!!
  • stevegt... Boo 2012/02/14 19:56:13 (edited)
  • Boo stevegt... 2012/02/14 20:14:14
    Yes, it's usually the stupid owner's fault when something like that happens! Or the negligence of a parent not paying attention to their child and the dog. It's a terrible trauma that often changes a person's life permanently. I just think it's better to be safe than sorry.

    Inbreeding does result in bad traits over time, and viciousness is one of them. It's occurred in St. Bernards, and is also characterized by a narrow chest. I prefer labs and other less aggressive breeds.
  • donald 2012/02/12 23:07:06
    I like dogs,pit bulls,mixed with boxers are my favorite. All dogs I think should be leashed when around people.All breads,all mixes.Dogs sometimes bite,I'v been bitten by a teacup poodle that wanted to take my finger, screaming his head off would not let go.
  • Ken 2012/02/12 06:48:40
    Leash laws for all dogs.
  • Someone Else 2012/02/12 06:11:44
    Someone Else
    Some city's have Pit Bull bans I live in one, Oh you can have a Pit as long as you carry a $250,000.00 insurance policy on your Pit.
  • I am me Someone... 2012/02/14 15:45:22 (edited)
    I am me
    In the state of Texas they are trying to mandate that any dog over 20 pounds must have insurance. I have a sheltie that weighs that and he is marshmallow. The only thing he is likely to attack is the electric pole outside (stupid dog). I've seen miniature dogs 100x meaner than he is.

    Eta: oh unnuetered dogs over 20 pounds.
  • Someone... I am me 2012/02/14 16:15:15
    Someone Else
    LOL the electrical pole what's up with that? First dogs then tropical fish cause you never know your gold fish might suck someones finger off
  • stevegt... Someone... 2012/04/05 20:29:27
  • wtxwoman 2012/02/12 05:00:23
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    You better keep your dog on a leash around me. I am afraid of big dogs and I have seen what a pit can do to a human. Loose dog in my yard will end up a dead dog after one call to the owner. It's not against the law to kill a dog on your property, but it is against the law to wound one or shoot it with rat shot. That's in TX.
  • stevegt... wtxwoman 2012/02/14 15:31:07 (edited)
  • wtxwoman stevegt... 2012/02/14 16:49:45
    I was told that if an animal is on your property you can kill it. It's against the law to injury it, like shoot it with rat shot or something not deadly. As for the handgun, you don't have to have a permit, I don't think, to carry one on your own property. It doesn't matter to me if it is lawful or not, that gun goes everywhere with me.
  • mustangluver 2012/02/12 04:53:05 (edited)
    We have a leash law for all dogs and cats..Cats do a number on gardens..
  • mich52 2012/02/12 04:06:19
  • I am me 2012/02/12 02:26:52
    I am me
    Personally, if you are going to create leash laws for one breed then they all should be in a leash. No breed is immune from aggression. While some may be more prone to it it has more to do with the dogs owner than it does the breed.

    German shepherds are also in he aggressive dog list and I have NEVER known an aggressive one.
  • mich52 I am me 2012/02/12 04:09:12
  • I am me mich52 2012/02/12 14:20:45
    I am me
    The point of my statement was any dog can be an aggressive dog. I know more chihuahuas that are more agressive than a German shepherd.
  • stevegt... I am me 2012/02/14 15:32:49
  • Flamingolady 2012/02/11 23:09:49
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    Leash laws should be mandatory for all dogs. If you have never seen a child mauled by a dog, then don't think about voting otherwise. All dogs will bite, and especially pit bulls. They were bred for fighting, and it is in their instinctive nature. And don't start saying it's the owners who cause it. It is in their instincts if they feel threatened, or, in some cases, for random reasons no one can know. picture of child bitten by dog
  • stevegt... Flaming... 2012/02/14 15:35:50 (edited)
  • Flaming... stevegt... 2012/02/14 17:50:17
    I know, people who have pits love them, they just scare me to death. And trust me, you do not want to be in a lawsuit and be the owner of one. You can't win.
  • Viet Era medic 2012/02/11 21:56:44
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    Viet Era medic
    I think it should say leash laws for ALL DOGS.
    Now I'm not talking a little lap dog like a chihuahua... Whenever we used to take our dogs to town with us, I put them on a leash to walk them and let them drink, eat or do their toilet... If a dog owner says no way because he/she is afraid of their dog being attacked then it's as simple as letting YOUR leash go so your dog can defend itself... Common sense dictates leashes help. Heck my dogs are both sweet and harmless and obey (well, one dog obeys 100% of the time and the other 95% of the time), and a leash is also good to keep them away from sniffing little kids that MIGHT be afraid of big dogs... My one dog, the Shepherd will even drop a rabbit from its mouth upon command. (rabbits have too many fleas and I don't want them getting fleas. ordinarily fleas die on pets here in the dry country of NM.) As for Pit Bulls and Rotts, an owner might not be around to maintain control of their animals so I believe a leash is always necessary. . You never know when something can happen.
    and for us out here, a sidearm is necessary to keep the coyotes and wolves away... when walking the dogs. he he.
  • stevegt... Viet Er... 2012/02/14 15:38:33 (edited)
  • Mamaknows 2012/02/11 21:53:45
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    Most people have ZERO control over their dogs....so they should have to keep on a leash and I am all for pinch collars for aggressive dogs.
  • hari 2012/02/11 21:49:19
    c. no leash laws, unless.........something happens.
    every law is framed based on something needed to be controlled . If things are fair no need of any such laws
  • Angus 2012/02/11 21:45:22
    Leash Lwas for all dogs. PERIOD
  • john 2012/02/11 21:43:04
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    I take my dog by car to the park and then she walks with me off lead and gets on well with every dog she meets and people, but i can understand what other people are saying about some dogs...i think we are only wise after an attack, but i'm 99.9% certain i trust my dog...it is a rottweiler...
  • Ev Rom 2012/02/11 21:40:04
    Ev Rom
    I don't know if you should force people but at the same time if their dog attacks they should be held accountable, pay all medical costs and face jail time for not ensuring the safety of others.
  • modernminuteman 2012/02/11 21:15:55
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    anyone who has been attacked or bitten by an angry dog would say yes. also it is for your own dogs protection so a car does not hit it. i walk my pugs everyday and when some loose pit bull comes after you it is interesting to say the least. i have no problem with their loose raging pit bull as long as they have no problem when i shoot their dog between the eyes. owing animals comes with responsibility to protect their dog and make sure it is no danger to other people and their animals.
  • Marvelo... modernm... 2012/02/12 08:33:14
    Marvelous Wildfire
    You stated: "anyone who has been attacked or bitten by an angry dog"
    I was going to add "or had to shoot someone's loose angry dog that was attacking you."
    But you basically covered it.
  • Kelso 2012/02/11 21:11:09
    b. yes. leash laws for some dawgs might be a good idea.
    I really dislike Pit Bulls, not because of the breed itself but I had a bad experience with one before :l but This really should say "all dogs" not just "some" Any dog can turn on somebody, dalmatians are high up on the list of "breeds likely to turn on their owner" it shocked me that they were but....either way all dogs need leash laws in the city. for the protection of the neighbors and for the protection of the dog itself.

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