Piper Perabo is she lesbian, bi or straight??

singbird 2009/08/11 20:56:41
yes... I knowww for sure... she's lesbian...( reason ?)
yes..I know she's bi ...(reason?)
no .. I HAVE  NO CLUE ...
I think nobody knows...
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well .. we've seen her in movies like 'imagine me and you & lost and delirious' now... she's kissing , topless.. everything with those girls.. but is she really lesbian ??
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  • psycholico 2009/08/12 21:29:01
    no .. I HAVE NO CLUE ...
    i don't know coz i did't see her in movie
  • singbird psycholico 2009/08/13 21:29:12
    well then you definatly should ... I RECOMEND :D

    definatly recomend definatly recomend
  • psycholico singbird 2009/08/18 15:57:21
    will i think you are all right looool she look lesb
  • singbird psycholico 2009/08/20 20:26:46
    yeah she does...
    she's kissing and having sex with all those girls in the movies ofcourse.. but still.. she made a comment on an actress her ass.. because sha thougth se was hot
  • psycholico singbird 2009/08/23 13:27:40
    mmm now i belive that she is a lesb 95% looooool
    i don't know what she think about her self
  • EastIndianFemme 2009/08/12 02:50:49
    no .. I HAVE NO CLUE ...
    I think she is hot and I would go bi/lesbian for her w/out a doubt; I love her movies and own one of them!!

    I don't care what her sexual preference is!!

    clue hot bilesbian wout doubt love movies care sexual clue hot bilesbian wout doubt love movies care sexual
  • singbird EastInd... 2009/08/13 21:29:37 (edited)
    yeah but I really do xp she's so cute... she's got the princess look xp
  • EastInd... singbird 2009/08/14 23:36:46
    What does "xp" stand for?
  • singbird EastInd... 2009/08/16 22:22:47
    well..it's an emoticon like this... emoticon but then the version that likes what happend ..

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