Pig Blood In Cigarettes: A Reason To Quit Smoking?

It can take a lot to convince a person to quit smoking. Oftentimes, people aren't fazed by all the chemicals packed into that little stick. Nor do they care about the fact that they can easily get cancer from smoking. But what if cigarettes started to contradict your religious beliefs? If you're a devout Jew or Muslim who smokes, you may not want to hear this.

Dutch research, studying the use of pigs, has shown that pig hemoglobin is often used in cigarette filters. If you're Jewish or Muslim (or a vegetarian, for that matter), you probably don't eat pork products. But would you smoke them? According to a professor at the University of Sydney, this knowledge is likely going to be a problem for many people around the world. He says, "I think that there would be some particularly devout groups who would
find the idea that pork in cigarettes to be very
offensive... The Jewish
community certainly take these matters extremely seriously and the
Islamic community certainly do as well, as would many vegetarians."

It also brings up the concern that cigarette companies aren't forced to tell consumers what is in their product. The professor says, "It just puts into hard relief the problem that the tobacco industry is
not required to declare the ingredients of cigarettes - they say that's our business and a trade secret." But isn't it your business to know?

Some tobacco companies are voluntarily listing the ingredients in their cigarettes on their websites and some are listing one ingredient as "processing aids." At least one company has admitted that those "processing aids" come from pigs.

If you were Jewish, Muslim, or a vegetarian, would this be enough to get you to stop smoking? Or, because you've been doing it for so long that it's just not important? The only way to make sure you're avoiding pork products in your cigarettes is to quit all together. Since the companies aren't required by law to list ingredients, you can never know for certain what's in your cigarette. The professor says, "If you're a smoker and you're of Islamic or Jewish faith then you'd probably want to know and there is no way of finding out." Kind of scary, isn't it?

Even those of us who do enjoy bacon and pork chops are a bit grossed out by the fact that cigarettes contain pig's blood. And now we're thinking, if we didn't know about that, what other ingredients are not listed that is in our food products?

Do you think this latest revelation will encourage a lot of people to finally quit smoking? Or will their addiction be stronger than their religious beliefs?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1262322/...

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  • LVslotdoc 2010/03/31 21:59:13
    I smoke, and I pay the absurd taxes that are imposed upon me for doing so. Smoking cigarettes isn't going to keep me out of Heaven when I die. But all of your well-meaning activism to get people to quit isn't going to get you in, so give it a rest, already.

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  • nuraida.c.mbahdjameer 2012/01/21 02:31:48
    like and share it!
  • nuraida.c.mbahdjameer 2012/01/21 01:50:17
    it's like kiss a pig.
  • a7xtrain115 2010/04/12 23:43:42
    Well, it's a good thing I don't smoke.. O.o
  • Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2010/04/08 03:56:23
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    oh man theyre in them? man i really should quit
  • NakedWombat 2010/04/04 06:19:01
    Smoked Pork!

    smoked pork
  • Heavy Smoker 2010/04/02 04:18:35
    Heavy Smoker
    well, I smoke, a lot.. I am a moslem myself, and after reading this article, all I can say is... WTH... I'm sure that they said that the pork-blood is used in the process of making cigarette filters, not the whole product. So I'll just change my cigarette to one without filter... what do you say abt that?
  • kazim a... Heavy S... 2011/08/25 08:27:36
    kazim alsewan
    it could or could not it still probley still have it ask a doctor
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2010/04/01 17:41:35
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    As a vegetarian I am very glad I'm not a smoker after hearing this...
  • Riverslate 2010/04/01 15:27:08
    Religious? Oh, we're making smoking RELIGIOUS, now? Where's the little part of the section that says 'APRIL FOOLS!'
  • santa6642 2010/04/01 15:14:27
    also in liberals
  • concerned citizen 2010/04/01 14:25:24
    concerned citizen
    This entire website is an April fool's joke......
  • ๑۩۞۩๑Suspiria Snow White๑۩۞۩๑
    I don't smoke so I don't care for this...nor I can change anything...there will always be people who smoke no matter how many times they hear what cigarettes contain.
  • asnitzerr 2010/04/01 12:24:23
    I am a vegetarian, and I'm happy I don't smoke. I don't wear animals, watch animals get beaten at circuses, I don't eat them, and I do nothing to hurt/kill animals. I think this is kind of 'hard to believe,' due to the fact I'm posting this now on April 1st. :l But never in my life will I smoke.
  • Sister Hoover of the Immacu... 2010/04/01 09:08:05
    Sister Hoover of the Immaculate Conception
    Every living being has the cancer gene, a 'free radical' can set cancer into life, there are individuals that have NEVER been subjected to tobacco that have cancer.

    incomplete studies are propaganda...
  • chaoskitty123 2010/04/01 06:02:12
    It's kinda like a vegetarian who opposes killing animals but wears leather shoes and a leather jacket... just because they don't eat it doesn't mean they won't wear animal skins.

    In regards to Jews and Muslims, the act of eating pork is forbidden as a symbol and they aren't stupid enough to believe God forbade them to eat pork because it can't be eaten. They in fact know millions of people who live longer and eat pork their entire lives are probably right that it does no harm... but the act itself is forbidden to them and unfortunately, the Bible doesn't say they can't smoke them.

    Of course, Christians., even Agnostic Christians like myself, have a sense of humor so we think it's pretty funny when these little morality questions pop up.
  • ofbraindoiLack 2010/04/01 04:53:05
    Too convenient to be true, sorry.
    And I don't even smoke. I am, in fact, allergic to cig smoke.
  • cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    All I can say is: WTF.
  • Quazimoto 2010/04/01 03:00:36
    Susie I have a vile of liquid that will allow you to live 250 more years and never age a day. Would you like to buy some?
  • jerrbear 2010/04/01 02:38:20
    This sounds like a job for myth busters here!
  • LeAnn 2010/04/01 02:24:32
    ewwww that's disgusting. Maybe that'll be motivation enough for my boyfriend to quit, though he rarely smokes anyways, so I guess it's not such a big deal.

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