Photos from Japan!

Hello all, I'm in Japan as you may or may not know, until June 7th. Here are the pictures so far:
Updated 6/3/2010 4:00 EST: http://picasaweb.google.com/Linkums/JapanMay2010#

Updated 5/24/2010 8:30 EST: Host Family Experience
Updated 6/3/2010 4:00 EST: Daily Travel Log

I'll share this blog again whenever I update.

Let's see... Basically... uh... I don't feel like explaining everything I've done so far because I just did to a bunch of other people. Basically, we're staying in Tokyo, which is huge and has a ton of variety. It's not all shiny office buildings, there are tons of small restaurants and old apartment buildings around too. And highways several stories above ground level and then trains and subways everywhere. Big roads, small roads, trees, water.
Went to the Tocho Metro Building which had a big view and an expensive gift shop. Yesterday we had a guest lecture and then a welcome party at Tokyo University Center of Commerce or something... and they had all this beer available and you didn't even have to get carded. I didn't have any though... and everyone wanted to talk to me in English and they were all pretty decent at it too. Everyone was very normal and the only difference between us was that they spoke Japanese. I talked with people in Japanese too and it went pretty well. Also went to the Square Enix store which was awesome, but expensive. Today we're going to a shrine and to see sumo wrestling.

Interesting things: lots of vending machines, but you probably knew that already. Also, there are bumps and ridges on the paths and stairs which are for seeing impaired people to feel the path. little kids ride the trains alone and are super cute and argue with each other in Japanese.
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