Phone Application Could Save Lives. Agree?

lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl 2010/08/25 04:28:52
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We all know texting and driving is dangerous. I was at the Cricket store getting my new phone when i realized that the girl on the flyers advertising a celebration of life i heard of a week before, was a young 19 year old girl i went to school with who was on the back of a motorcycle when a texting driver hit the bike and killed her. when i went home with my android, i was looking at all the apps and seen the texting app.

when receiving a text a satellite will pick up your location and see how fast you are moving, over 15 mph and the phone will automatically send a text to the person explaining that You the driver cannot reply at the moment because they are driving.

i think if every phone came with this option, lives could be saved, no matter in small or large numbers at least one would be saved.

after you see something like this happen to someone you know, you get a reality check, you think of how theyre loved ones feel and what they must be going through, i know my ex was her bf for over a year and they were still dating when she died and me and him werent great friends, but friends, and i feel bad for him.
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  • Lance 2010/08/27 02:03:37
    Certainly agree with the principle. Though you don't have to be a genius to realise that you should not use a mobile whilst driving. Idiots still do it though!
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/08/25 18:22:47
    It's seems intrusive, but so much is these days. But it does look like it would be useful, as long as you could pre-program it to either auto-send the reply text or ask to send it, depending on whether you were driving or not.
  • joshluvhalo 2010/08/25 04:38:39
    ok.. question.. so if your a passenger you couldn't use it either.. right.. if you were goin 15 in a car?
  • lACE..<... joshluv... 2010/08/25 04:41:23
    lACE..<3 ChEVY GiRl
    yes you can you can choose to text, thats like the only problem, it either sends it without your permission or you still have to look and touch a button to send it, i havent downloaded it yet im looking for it now, the android app store has about a million different damn things and the titles arent self explanetory so i have to look at the full page, ill tell you when i find it again
  • joshluv... lACE..<... 2010/08/25 04:42:45
    alrighty... thx i was just wondering

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