Personality or Appearance: What Is More Important To You?

socallocal 2009/01/15 03:09:50
I prefer appearance
I prefer personality
Both if I can get it, otherwise...
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Many Americans don't like to admit that they're judgmental but sometimes it takes more than personality to impress someone of the opposite sex. Although intelligence doesn't hurt, the U.S. is a society that takes beauty first and brains second. Because Hollywood is notorious for its A-list airheads, the media is now focusing on pretty faces making it harder for less attractive but more outspoken men and women. What matters more to you, personality or appearance?
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  • tierney 2009/01/15 22:30:09
    I prefer personality
    I think I am judgmental about personality a lot more than looks. You can look like anything (I think) and if your personality doesn't grate on me then I am fine. An absolutely awesome personality and I'm completely happy. And everywhere in between.

    Not to say I don't also drool over physical beauty for a minute but you can look great and have a so-so personality and I will not look at you for long as it bleeds over for me.

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  • jp-girl 2010/04/02 16:27:29
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    I'll see the personality first then if it's possible looks, because you can't and you won't like to live with a cute person but whose personality is bad. So personality comes first ^^
  • Morgan 2010/02/06 19:42:50
    I prefer personality
    the thing is tht someone who is rly hot could also be a real jerk, and someone who is not tht gud lookin could been an awesome person and frnd
  • sarah 2009/02/24 20:01:53
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    personality's way more important, but would i turn down good looks? no.
  • lilyon_95 2009/02/22 04:00:12
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    personality because its on the inside that counts because otherwise you are not completely satisfied or happy
  • Jewelz136 2009/02/13 19:05:07
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    am, i prefer the appearance at the first sight cuz if i like what i see then i will go to the guy or girl and i will talk to him or her. and after that it will be the personality that it will be more important to me, cuz the guy can be smokin hot but if his personality is crap than i don't have nothing to do with him anymore..
  • pink Bunny 2009/01/29 17:50:26
    I prefer appearance
    pink Bunny
    when you love a person than isn`t the appearance important
  • agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil* 2009/01/27 23:11:38
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    agnsttrnd*nation in turmoil*
    I believe that every person is different. For me, there has to be atleast some physical attraction with what I gather from my senses right away. On the other side of that though, I have to actually enjoy the persons' company to want to stay with them. I guess then I would be a personality type person.
  • edward_bella4eva 2009/01/26 22:55:21
    I prefer personality
    its cool when you find someone with both but with out a personality im not in
  • indian giver 2009/01/25 23:46:13
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    indian giver
  • Tudie BN 2009/01/25 23:19:49
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Tudie BN
    personality is very important , & has to have a great sense of humor , for the good times .
  • Electra~Greekbby♥ 2009/01/23 14:18:25
    I prefer personality
    I have to admit that appearance is the first thing I [and probably everyone] notice... Although, I think that personality is much more important!!! We are not just empty images...Everyone is unique... And, last but not least, "DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" !!!
  • Amber 2009/01/22 06:01:21
    I prefer personality
    but looks are a little important as well... but really... if someone can kept basic care of themselves and look like a normal person then they are cool in my eyes... i am not asking for a brad pitt... mr prefect appearence guy... just someone who is not crazy gross or anything...
  • jae 2009/01/22 00:32:45
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    u have 2 be cute smart and funny u have 2 make me laugh dose r da most important
  • Collysto 2009/01/21 21:30:58
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    personality. as long as the dude ain't fugly.
  • human12 2009/01/21 07:31:21
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    i think both are important, but the personality matters a little bit more~
    cuz beautiful people will not be attractive anymore when they get old~
    good personality can last a long relationship~
  • Nikki B 2009/01/21 03:22:45
    I prefer personality
    Nikki B
    Been married for 18 yrs. Looks fade, and if you want a lasting relationship, it has to have more to it than something to look at
  • paiser_w 2009/01/21 00:32:17
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    good looks are nice, but personality is waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more important
  • Sai 2009/01/20 23:19:25
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    you cant have one without the other
  • twiggy 2009/01/20 22:40:10
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    I'm not going to lie apperance does matter but when its all said and done with personality matters more then anything. Now to get both in a girl would be the ultimate turn on.
  • sasaen 2009/01/20 22:38:14
    I prefer personality
    I prefer personality, but I am not really going to get a chance to know the personality if the looks aren't there in the first place. So, looks get you in the door, personality helps you stay.
  • Amethyst 2009/01/20 21:45:42
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Both if I can get it,otherwise I would say personality. Who in their right mind would want to go out with a hot guy id they were a total back stabbing jerk who didn't care about you.
  • shrimp 2009/01/20 21:21:38
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    if a guy doesnt have both then i just go with personality.if hes charming funny and other stuff i dont really care what he looks like.
  • tanyamccourt 2009/01/20 21:12:49
    I prefer personality
    you could b ugly but having a great personality makes up for you!!
  • Sammie 2009/01/20 20:29:24
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    I'll prefer personality
  • Poison Ivy 2009/01/20 20:14:29
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Poison Ivy
  • ashley 2009/01/20 18:05:19
    I prefer personality
    well i guess both appearance and personality are both important but i think personality matters a little bit more. it would get boring at times if all you could do was look at the person than have an actual conversation.
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/01/20 17:32:09 (edited)
    I prefer personality
    Eric ~ The Logician
    It alters the appearance to me, negative or positive

    and I love having this trait
  • Robby 2009/01/20 06:27:19
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    I want both personality & appearance, but that's rare... very rare indeed.
  • chris 2009/01/20 04:03:33
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Personality will do. LOL
  • Debbie 2009/01/20 03:56:24
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Of course I would like both but who am I to be picky. As I've grown older, I appreciate personality and humor more. I've dated some hot men. But they tend to be, well, dogs!
  • HarryPotter◯♏ηϟ Twilight ツ 2009/01/20 01:55:35 (edited)
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    HarryPotter◯♏ηϟ Twilight ツ
    personality. You could be butt ugluy but I'll still love ya! (if you have a good personalty) :P
  • Mareee 2009/01/20 01:28:36
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    Let's be honest, though, hardly anyone is attracted to someone at first because of personality alone. It's human nature to look for someone you find attractive, whatever attractive is to you. In the long run, however, I look for someone with a personality fitting to mine.
  • Aiedail 2009/01/20 00:31:11
  • JUKE_BOX 2009/01/19 19:26:29
    I prefer personality
    if i realy like them the appearance just kinda works itself out. Even if the person didn't look that great before i like them they end up looking attractive to me when i do.
  • Bridgid † Sluagh-ghairm † 2009/01/19 19:23:11
    I prefer personality
    Bridgid  † Sluagh-ghairm †
    If you have to live with someone you may as well be able to get along with them. I love a good sense of humor and it can surpass good looks anytime.
  • hippietim 2009/01/19 19:07:02
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    A bit of both is important, but I will confess that an attractive physique does attract my attention. I have been blessed with an eye of discernment, and enjoy it often!!


  • ¤ЈσЈσ • βεαη¤ 2009/01/19 18:04:03
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    ¤ЈσЈσ • βεαη¤
    But I would prefer personality. Personality wins out overall. Appearance isnt everything, I think personality shows who someone really is on the inside. Appearance is all but a look. The outside of a person. It can show beauty, and emotions, but personality can show much more. Personality can tell alot about a person. Looks, just tells us that they're pretty.
  • shan 2009/01/19 17:41:23
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    i prefer both appearance and presonality and its sometimes its hard to find both
  • mrs awesome face 2009/01/19 17:28:43
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    mrs awesome face
    but if hes the nicest guy in the whole world and dont got the looks id still take him
  • big daddy 2009/01/19 14:36:32
    Both if I can get it, otherwise...
    big daddy
    a little of both in the same person can go a long long way.
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