People of Wal-Mart: Is it ok to make fun of these Wal-Mart shoppers?

random turtle 2009/09/03 18:09:50
Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
No, People of Wal-Mart should be shut down. It violates shoppers' privacy and mocks everyday people.
I think People of Walmart...
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People of Wal-Mart is a blog that has gone viral. It is a blog where people send in pictures of shoppers at Wal-Mart for viewers to make fun of. The pictures on People of Wal-Mart show men with mullets, overweight people in skimpy outfits, highly questionable fashion choices, and other bizarre sightings at Wal-Marts across the country. People of Wal-Mart has become popular very quickly, but there are some who do not find the website funny. Critics say that it makes fun of poor people, reinforces stereotypes, and misrepresents Wal-Mart shoppers. The site's creators say that they have standards regarding who they mock. They do not make fun of people with disabilities and they won't post a picture of someone solely because they are overweight. I agree, people shouldn't make fun of you if you're obese, but if you think you can rock that miniskirt and tube top, then you're fair game.
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  • onlyonetigger 2009/09/04 03:17:11
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    It's nice that the right wing nuts have a place where they can get dressed up and do a little shopping...


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  • Turtle Chell 2009/09/03 18:18:13
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    Turtle Chell
    hey, if you are in public you are fair game; that includes your car too people.
  • Whackoslovakian ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝ 2009/09/03 18:17:46
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    Whackoslovakian  ⇜ǷђÀ3†⇝
    It's just for humor purposes :D Wal-mart is badass, I love shopping there! hahaha
  • Mr. Rock "n" Roll 2009/09/03 18:14:39
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    Mr. Rock "n" Roll
    Pretty funny I'll have to take my camera along next time I visit.
  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2009/09/03 18:14:13
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    Some people go to Walmart because everywhere else is too expensive. It may not be because they want to, but they have to. I shop at Walmart and my family doesn't look like that.
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/09/03 18:13:05
    I think People of Walmart...
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Its funny because you really do see people like that all Wal-mart. I mean I saw a 13 year old girl who was practically wearing a jean thong.

    Though, it is a violation to the people in the photo. And offensive. They shouldn't be able to post it without the people in the photos consent.
  • Faith ~... Raindro... 2009/09/03 20:00:43
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    Don't these people have friends? I mean really. If I saw a friend looking like ANY of those people, we would have to have a serious talk.
  • wolfshadow Raindro... 2009/09/04 08:49:04
    Why yes, because the papparazzi get consent for all the photos they take too...
  • Raindro... wolfshadow 2009/09/04 16:06:20
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I think it's different for celebs.
  • wolfshadow Raindro... 2009/09/04 21:48:52
    There is no law deciding who is a celeb and who isn't. There is no difference. WHen you walk outside into the public your in the PUBLIC and you can have your picture taken.
  • two thousand and ten dreams 2009/09/03 18:11:47
    Yes, there's nothing wrong with People of Wal-Mart.
    two thousand and ten dreams
    Regardless of whether you are in wal-mart or at the mall, you wear something strange, people are going to notice and laugh at or mock you.. it's their own fault. As for people with mullets.. LOL..

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