Pedal Pushing: The New (Republican) Foot Fetish?

When it comes to sexual fetishes, the weirdness factor is unlimited. There are people into stuff you can't even imagine - literally - and it seems like the menu of things to be sexually obsessed with grows every day.

Now, thanks to Jesse James's mistress, that menu just got one more item.

According to TheDailyBeast, even since Michelle "Bombshell" McGee wrote about "pedal pushing" in some online profile she had (obviously, this girl was just waiting for infamy), the internet has been buzzing about the newest foot fetish to gain notoriety.

In case you weren't aware, and I'm sure you weren't, pedal pushing mostly involves a woman's foot and the gas pedal of a car or motorcycle.

"It's a combination of the foot fetish with the all-American car fetish," sexologist Dr. Susan Block told TheDailyBeast. "The basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion...Men think of themselves as cars. The 'vroom' of the engine reminds them
of their own libidos being revved up by this hot woman."

Not only is pedal pushing known around the fetish world, there are, of course, websites upon websites dedicated to it. PumpThatPedal.com, PedalFloored.com, PedalSupreme.com, and
StuckChicks.com are just a few of the ample array of videos available on the net, not to mention countless YouTube clips involving high heels, painted toenails, and gas pedals.

The actual mechanics (ahem) aside, the most interesting aspect of pedal pushing has to be the fact that its prevalence reigns supreme in highly Republican states.

According to Block, red states are populated in general by "more car-and truck-oriented [men], [who] like to see their women
as being more different from [them]." A woman in a mini skirt, helplessly trying to start her dirty pick-up is apparently, for these "truck-oriented" specimens, exactly what the doctor ordered.

Being a person who rarely judges what other people do in their bedrooms - provided it isn't some sort of horrific crime - I can't say I have too much of an opinion on the pedal pushing fetish itself. The compelling facet of the story to me is it's seemingly region-specific nature. Do men in the Southeast (an area where another pedal pushing "expert" claimed the majority of the fetishists came from) really vary that much from men in the North when it comes to the sexualization of cars? Obviously, it's a general statement, but since there does seem to be some validity to it, one has to wonder if there are any other region-specific fetishes out there.

Moose porn, perhaps?
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  • fixer 2012/10/26 12:09:12
  • adrian 2012/07/17 13:44:59
    yeas im a pedal pushing fetish man , ive liked it as a boy when i was so small i would slide of the car frount pasinger seat and end up in the foot well looking at my mouthers feet working the car pedals , now Im older my fetish for this has changed to sutch a dagree that i have made some larg pedals to hold my head as my mistress usis my face as the car pedals , it very mutch having fun , playing .ill sea if i can add a picture of this pedal machien for you .its anuther pedal fetish You now .this sight will not let me add my pictures for you . but you can sea them on fet life. under the human car pedal .
  • Rad454 2010/11/17 18:14:52
    I love womens feet and I am really into muscle cars. Though I prefer a sexy pair of bare female feet on the dashboard as oppossed to pedal pumping.
  • pedal 2010/04/14 00:14:31
    I love pedal pumping, foot fetish barefeet pumping flooring and revving the gas pedal hard
  • Alexander 2010/04/02 13:56:53
    This is very strange
  • adrian Alexander 2014/12/17 22:31:57
    what is so strange about this fetish its good cleen fun and its a world found fetish i now there are thousands of men who like femals feet for all kind of resons .
  • Matt 2010/04/02 10:20:25
    This is another popular red state fetish ! Kind of Palinesque !

    popular red fetish palinesque
  • Red Branch 2010/04/02 04:08:22
    Red Branch
    Your column is the first time I have heard of this practice.
    You know the experts around the US, or are at least very familiar with the websites.

    Then you ask questions, when you should be writing your own "How to" column. You have already done the research, both reading and otherwise.

    Yes, Red State men like to see women a lot different than themselves. Apparently, it is not a requirement in blue states. I would blue states use unisex bathrooms,, since the girly men also sit down to urinate.
  • 1oct1 "Marko" 2010/04/02 02:24:46
    1oct1 "Marko"
    What the heck does one say about this?
    It's either a April fools joke or pointless rambling.
  • adrian 1oct1 "... 2014/12/17 22:35:37
  • overhead440 2010/04/02 02:12:40
    This must be another one of those joke posts, But I didn`t get it though as I`m not laughing except at it`s author.. Gas pedal on a motorcycle...
  • sue 2010/04/01 15:20:14
    this is comment to compmend the demos are looking at guys butts
  • 34thBombGroup 2010/04/01 02:33:54
    Moose porn! Love it!
    As to "pedal pushing," I HAVE heard of pedal pushers - but THIS is something even I have'nt heard of - and we learn of ALL the bizarre antics of our citizenry - and usually have "art" to prove it-before we have to incinerate it. (The REAL problems arise when the Defendant wants the "art" back!)
  • Able_Archer_XIII 2010/03/31 21:18:27
    I am a Conservative, vote Republican and have a Female Foot Fetish. I enjoy Pedal Pumping[aka Pushing]and have a collection of "PP" videos at YouTube and MySpace.
    I am not ashamed of my Fetish and usually keep it to myself. Psychological Counseling in the Army taught me that those who have such a Fetish are NO DIFFERENT than those who find Women's Breasts to be an indication of their sexual prowess....the only problem that Foot/Pedal Pumping/Pushing Fetish can have is when others use it to "bully" or other forms of denigration to the one who has the Fetish.
    I have learned much about myself over the years and the one who started me in that direction was Rose Buglia-Hicks who had a candid conversation with me over lunch one day and told me things about me that I had told Her and She gave me the psychological truth I had never known.
    Pedal Pushing/Pumping is NOT a bad thing and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is only doing what others in the hyper liberal media are doing and that is propagating their own hatred and hiding behind it because they are unable to engage in coherant and intelligent conversation about the issues facing us.
    Why does the United States have to be the testing ground for the experiment of having children running a Nation????
  • Taipan Able_Ar... 2010/04/02 02:18:09
    Well said -

    We all have something that we like. Some like hugs and some don't. The list can go on indefinitely.
  • belle 2010/03/31 19:08:13
    Why do people keep coming up with sex garbage related ideals. Leave the south out of it , there are many crazy happenings in other states beside the ones in the south. people sex garbage related ideals leave south crazy south
  • adrian belle 2014/12/17 22:36:57
    your rong start growing up , and get with the beet , boy.
  • belle adrian 2014/12/18 00:06:35
    as I said this garbage. I am not a boy, so you need to grow up, and there are others things you should be concerned about instead of nasty sex
  • sglmom 2010/03/31 18:38:43
    Sad to see that there are those who have nothing in their lives but to spout off about their personal sexual perversions per their favorite msm personality ..

    Interesting ... why is it that posts like this can't believe that people can THINK, do RESEARCH .. understand the issues around us .. formulate thoughtful opinions .. and have well-rounded lives? That we have served our Nation in Uniform (honorably) -- that we enjoy driving our trucks .. that we take responsibility for our lives .. that we do NOT /sexualize/ everything .. for their is a purpose to our vehicles (that is .. to do work .. you know -- something that is obviously missing from this rant)?

    SHEESH ... please ... keep ones' sexual choices behind closed doors in one's bedroom. MY TRUCK is very much a part of my life -- and supports my rural lifestyle and needs (which, as it so happens .. are not sexual in nature). It is NOT a /toy/ in any way, shape form.
  • imtoast 2010/03/31 16:57:03
    The fact that you are even posting about this makes you suspect in the car (vroom, vroom, vroom) and the kinetic movement of the foot. Get a friggin life sista!

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