Paying More to Get Off a Plane Faster: How Much Would You Pay to Exit Your Flight First?

mrosen814 2012/07/09 20:00:00
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The next airline fee that may be a reality soon? Paying extra to exit an aircraft quickly. USA Today reports survey findings that, "...16% of respondents were willing to pay to be at the front of the line when their flight lands. Of that group, 10% would pay $10 and 3% would pay as much as $20." New airline fees are nothing new and are crucial to some airlines to avoid financial disaster. Would you pay to get out of a flight faster?

Will paying extra to get off a flight faster be the next airline fee? A new survey suggests some would be willing to pay it.
paying to get out of flight

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  • sglmom 2012/07/10 06:29:10
    I Wouldn't Pay
    NOTHING ..
    Quite frankly ..
    there should be in place ..
    common COURTESY ...
    Let the Disabled .. those with Small Children exit first ..
    (no pushing, no shoving .. just let them get up and exit in comfort .. )
    These fees are outrageous ..

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  • Sue 2012/07/12 02:06:13
    I Wouldn't Pay
    They already charge enough for the ticket and baggage and whatever else they can think of. Some airlines charge more for certain seats, ones that are closer to exits so it seems like if you want off faster buy one of those seats.
  • moo 2012/07/11 07:11:56
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Oh hell no I wouldn't even pay anything. I rather wait till I can get out with out pushing people.
  • Rob Williams 2012/07/10 16:50:11
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Rob Williams
    So you can wait longer at the carousel?

    There are so many other things that you have to wait to do that I don't think just getting off the plane first will get you out of the airport any quicker.

    I mean what would happen if everyone on the plane paid the extra? It's just another way of the airlines transferring more money from your bank account to theirs!
  • Kid Neon 2012/07/10 16:29:08
  • Giacomo Skeate 2012/07/10 16:20:20
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Giacomo Skeate
    It only takes 5-10 minutes to get off.
  • John T. 2012/07/10 16:01:28
    No More Than $5
    John T.
    Why rush? Your luggage will not get there any quicker and you will still have to wait on it. The question should be “How much would you pay to have your luggage waiting for you at the gate?
  • Shae 2012/07/10 15:58:41
    I Wouldn't Pay
    I wouldn't pay because I'm a pretty patient person, what does it take, 10 or 15 minutes maybe to get off a plane? I think I can wait that long.
  • MW121 2012/07/10 15:28:47
    No More Than $20
    I already do, I pay for first class
  • Kid Neon MW121 2012/07/10 16:30:06
    Kid Neon
    lucky bastard
  • MW121 Kid Neon 2012/07/10 21:40:17
    I travel so much, probably will fly 350K this year, so majority of the time, I get upgraded, but when you live in a plane for work, any little thing goes a long way.
  • Kid Neon MW121 2012/07/11 14:30:23
    Kid Neon
    ...lucky bastard
  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/07/10 15:28:26
    I Wouldn't Pay
    I WOULD pay extra, however, for a seat closer to the front of the plane, so that I have a better chance to getting off quickly.

    (whenever I fly with my parents, they NEVER seem to get seats any closer to the front than row 30. EIther it's bad luck or they prefer the back).
  • Jules 2012/07/10 15:06:34
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Flights are expensive enough already, their not exactly going to get any extra from me just to get of faster. That's just stupid, people are obviously annoyingly impatient.
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 14:58:52
    I Wouldn't Pay
    I wouldn't even get on a plane,after 911! Take flight to stay the hell away from a airplane!
  • jayshaw... SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 15:29:41
    Now, come on. You're actually refusing to fly for the rest of your life because of that?
  • SOUL4REAL jayshaw... 2012/07/10 16:25:38
    Yes, because you don't know who you are flying with. Better safe then sorry!
  • Kid Neon SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 16:31:17
    Kid Neon
    you don't know if you're standing next to a rapist when you walk down the street so why risk going outside?
  • SOUL4REAL Kid Neon 2012/07/10 16:42:20
    I'm on the street and not 30,000 feet in the air! Catch my drift?
  • Kid Neon SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 16:46:38
    Kid Neon
    so you'd rather be rapped? something that you'll more probably survive?
  • SOUL4REAL Kid Neon 2012/07/10 16:52:00
    I would have the opportunity to fight for my life,being up in the air you have no opportunity, you know you're going to die! Do that answer your question?
  • Kid Neon SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 16:55:03
    Kid Neon
    i dunno. you also have to deal with the muggers, murders, gang bangers, drug dealers, rouge cops, serial killers, hooligans, and the occasional ninja. i'd rather deal with a terrorist who i could have a chance to fight.
  • SOUL4REAL Kid Neon 2012/07/10 17:12:27
    Even if you had the chance to fight a terrorist in the air,you're going to die from the impact! Your debate doesn't make any sense,so we are going to end this conversation. Have a good day!
  • Kid Neon SOUL4REAL 2012/07/10 17:20:24
    Kid Neon
    do you know how a terrorist takes over a plane? they have to sneak past with a weapon and then attack the pilot and subdue the passengers in some possible way. i can punch a terrorist. the only chance they have is a bomb which is way less likely for them to get on a plane. not to mention at this points the statistics would show that you're more likely to crash due to technical failures then because of a terrorist attack.
  • Amelia 2012/07/10 14:25:02
    I Wouldn't Pay
    I wasn't on the track team for nothing!
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/07/10 14:11:08
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/10 13:55:16 (edited)
    I Wouldn't Pay
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/07/10 13:31:51
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    If you know how to reserve the right seat, you don't need this.
  • Patric 2012/07/10 13:30:02
    I Wouldn't Pay
    for what ?

    to be the first in line at the luggage counter ?
  • Sweetness 2012/07/10 13:22:14
    I Wouldn't Pay
    ..so what happens if everyone pays to get off first..do they auction it off?
  • Professor Wizard 2012/07/10 13:21:41
    No More Than $10
    Professor Wizard
    At soulthwest :: we can pay $10 to be in the first loading group... I pay it every time!
  • Patric Profess... 2012/07/10 13:33:13
    that is interesting..
    does the plane wait for all the others that do not pay ?
  • Profess... Patric 2012/07/10 15:20:07
    Professor Wizard
    Yes - - but they are the last to board... so they get the worst seats, and sometimes have to put their carry on at the back of the plane, and sit in the middle between two smelly weird people.
  • the jud... Profess... 2012/07/10 14:19:01
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    When my Dad was alive.He had a very bad knee,so he rode in a wheelchair.We got on board first, And always got the front seat of the plane.but I always waited to be the last one off. This was Southwest. They are not cheap now. I paid $350 to Orlando in 2008. It near 600.00 today. I could off a little. But $10.00 to gte off first. What other fees they ar going to come up with
  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/07/10 12:53:41
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Elaine Magliacane
    I won't FLY until my 4th amendment rights are RESTORED and the TSA BANNED from groping me... so the airlines can charge whatever they please to the SHEEP still flying.
  • Beat Ma... Elaine ... 2012/07/10 13:35:58
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Call me a sheep if you want, but I work overseas and the Atlantic is a tad too far to swim across.
  • Ben 2012/07/10 12:36:15 (edited)
    No More Than $20
    It depends. On a normal flight, I wouldn't pay a thing.

    But if the plane had just crashed into the ocean and was quickly filling up with water, I'd probably want to leave a little bit quicker!
  • me4ever 2012/07/10 12:35:38
    I Wouldn't Pay
    those ten minutes i have to spend waiting are not the end of the world
  • Simms 2012/07/10 11:24:18
    No More Than $5
    Well, it depends actually. How early can I get off? Is there an option to exit in the air?
  • metalmania17 2012/07/10 11:17:25
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Really??? WTF... You save a whole 2 seconds. wow sad sad sad...
  • Concerned Citizen 2012/07/10 10:50:55
    I Wouldn't Pay
    Concerned Citizen
    If the airlines would quit charging for bags,.. they wouldn't even have the current problem. Everyone's trying to pack everything into carry on luggage which is causing huge delays in boarding planes,....the flight attendants have all become glorified baggage handlers in attempting to stuff everything into the overhead compartments,....all while the passengers wait in line all the way out into the terminal.

    flight attendant loading airline overhead compartments

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