Parents, do you treat all your children the same?

Dangerous Dave 2009/08/20 19:54:43
Yes. I treat all my children the same.
No. The left out child is...
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Experts say that there is always that "left-out" child in the family. Who is it?
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  • helen.coney1 2012/09/06 16:12:37
    No. The left out child is...
    I have twins. A girl and a boy. The boy is very demanding and requires a lot of attention and then sadly, my daughter does get sidelined. I am very aware of this and try to make special time for her. As a single parent this can be difficult.
  • Texas Lia 2009/09/17 22:14:15
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    Texas Lia
  • tl2c04 2009/09/07 22:36:04
    No. The left out child is...
    I say no because my oldest who is now 16 was my ginny pig so to speak. I treat my youngest who is 7 differently because I learned from the mistakes I made. On the flip side my 16 year old is allowed to do more that brings a rant of "that's not fare". Unless they were twins I don't see how I could say yes.
  • kiwi 2009/09/01 01:05:14
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    i dont know yet cuz i only have one so faw.
  • jitko 2009/08/30 02:25:20
    No. The left out child is...
    No one is left out but I don't treat them the same because they aren't the same. Why would I treat a gregarious 15-year-old the same as a shy 4-year-old? But I have to treat them the same or ignore one?? Give more reasonable choices.
  • jerrbear 2009/08/24 00:46:05
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    being the step parent to a single child I try not to over do it, as a parent,when it comes to disaplin I leave that to my spouce, But myself as a child I was treated differently from my brother, they seemed to lean more to him than me, he got everything and I had to work for what I got,but thats ok I'm not mad about it ,even as adults they still favor him ,ok by me, I live many miles away now so they can pamper him all they want,
  • big di 2009/08/23 19:48:17
    No. The left out child is...
    big di
    I've never been a parent to little humans, but since every living creature is an individual, it seems only natural that one's response should be individually tailored to each child/pet/friend/coworker/etc with whom one is dealing.

    In my experience, a "good" parent doesn't "leave out" a particular child, unless that child doesn't seem to want or welcome the attention. If they are awkward or shy about making their wants and needs known, a wise parent will work on including them into the group.
  • Rebecca 2009/08/22 17:20:57
    No. The left out child is...
    I'm not a parent... but my parents definitely don't treat us kids the same... my brother gets away with things that I could only dream of doing.
  • Amy 2009/08/22 17:14:19
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    The answer is sometimes. We try to be fair and treat the all the same. My husband is a step to my oldest son and they tangle once in awhile over authority things.
  • . 2009/08/22 03:25:58
    No. The left out child is...
    dont have kids sadly but in my family im da1 dat is alwayz left out=[
  • Victoria 2009/08/22 00:15:37
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    I only have one child. hehehe
  • Royal Warrior 2009/08/21 02:49:50
    No. The left out child is...
    Royal Warrior
    Each one feels that she was the left-out one at times, and the favored one at times. I tried to balance their needs, and I knew there were times this one, or that one truly needed the extra attention, while the other could deal with a little less attention. But each is and always has been so special to me in a very individual and unique way, so how could I pick one to 'leave-out' and on to love most?
    I do think sometimes the left-out child is simply the one whom acts the most self-sufficient, therefore the parents, while loving this one as much, feel s/he probably doesn't need them as much, and act accordingly. I was that one in my family, and my parents have spoken of how they wouldn't know of a special event, or opportunity for me, until after it was gone. I know I frequently didn't ask for attention I would have loved to receive, simply knowing they had limited time and resources. I didn't feel less loved, and knew any being 'left-out' was my own actions precipitating it.
  • the Griffin 2009/08/20 22:34:18
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    the Griffin
    We have 2 daughters and my wife and I try to treat them the same, but their individual circumstances will sometimes dictate what actions we take.
  • Soccergirl23 2009/08/20 21:48:01
    No. The left out child is...
    My parents leave me out of things a lot and treat me waaaay different then my brother. Like one morning, we were going to go on a camping trip, and they left the house without me!!! They didn't even load my suitcase in the car the night before! That's happened 4 times so far this year!
  • jitko Soccerg... 2009/08/30 02:29:00
    How sad. Any idea why? Is it sexism? Are you okay?
  • Soccerg... jitko 2009/08/30 04:05:16
    no idea why. I bet it's just because they are soooo focused on my brother that sometimes they forget about me. and yeah i'm good.
  • **Bessie** 2009/08/20 21:33:42
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    She's lucky!
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2009/08/20 20:33:33
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I don't treat my children the same, but equally. I have one very needy child and one very independent child. I try to give them each what they need. I don't think either of my children are left out.
  • SuperCee 2009/08/20 20:27:46
    No. The left out child is...
    I only have one child so he gets all the special treatment. But I am the oldest of three and I always felt my parents had favorites out of the three of us. My little sister was the most spoiled and perhaps the favorite. I think I was the left out one but these days, I'm the special one.
  • Chris 2009/08/20 20:21:24
    No. The left out child is...
    No, I have 6 kids and they all have different personalities and different dispositions. They all had the same rules to follow and with equal punishment. I did tend to be more protective of my girls though. I know it's not right, or fair.....but they didn't get as much freedom to run as my boys did.
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2009/08/20 20:05:53
    No. The left out child is...
    Tutboy (oYo)
    No...they are all individuals with their own needs and wants...none are favored though
  • Hope & Love 2009/08/20 20:05:44
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    Hope & Love
    well i mean I really try to, but I catch myself being a lot stricter on my son, who is the oldest. it really pisses me off cause I was the oldest and hated being done like that!!! I will apologize to him immediately!!!!
  • jacktown kid 2009/08/20 20:00:20
    Yes. I treat all my children the same.
    jacktown kid
    The best I can

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