Palestinian Leader: Romney’s Israel Comments Were 'Racist': Agree?

Daryl 2012/07/30 20:00:00
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GDANSK, Poland – A top Palestinian aide accused Mitt Romney today of making a “racist statement” when comparing the economic vitality of the Israelis and the Palestinians, but the Romney campaign said his remarks were “grossly mischaracterized.” Romney’s statement, the Palestinian said, appeared to credit Israel’s higher income to cultural differences. “It is a racist statement and this man doesn’t realize that the Palestinian economy cannot reach its potential because there is an Israeli occupation,” Saeb Erekat, a senior aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, told the Associated Press. “It seems to me this man (Romney) lacks information, knowledge, vision and understanding of this region and its people.
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  • Daryl 2012/07/30 17:10:16
    No, they weren't racist.
    Since both Jews and Arabs are Semites, I don't see a racial component.

    If the Palestinian Authority spent more time promoting the free market system and less time trying to kill people, then maybe the Arabs would have a better life.

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  • Shantay... Israel 2012/08/02 16:08:27
    Shantay Thompson
    I'm not a race either....... I'm American! So the Palistinians are being oppressed for being Palistinians! So, that being the case, I guess I'm not real because my race isn't a race. It's American.......
  • Tom 2012/07/31 14:15:38
    No, they weren't racist.
    What are the ignorant camel jockeys whining about? :D
  • Matt 2012/07/31 14:10:22
    No, they weren't racist.
    It's pretty difficult to be racist against a people that don't actually exist. Besides, this is coming from the people that call for the complete destruction of Israel.
  • Tom Matt 2012/07/31 14:16:45
    They should go back to Jordan and all would be solved.
  • Matt Tom 2012/07/31 14:26:03
    I agree but that will never happen now that we have a bunch of idiots in our government that will pander to them.
  • Dan Zel... Tom 2012/07/31 16:17:09 (edited)
    Dan Zellman
    I agree also. Wasn't the split of Palestine originally into Israel for Jew's and Jordan for Arab's? Jordan didn't exist until 1948 either.
  • Bunk11 Dan Zel... 2012/07/31 18:12:37
    Jordan was created as Trans-Jordan in the 1920s after the British screwed over Emir Abdullah of Mecca and helped the ibn Saud family to win the century-long war for Arabia. Abdullah (great-grandfather of the current king) was going to take over Syria, where he had a claim to the throne, but this interfered with French colonial ambitions, so the British bought him off with the eastern 2/3 of the Palestine mandate. The current king of Jordan, btw, is half-Palestinian.
  • Israel Bunk11 2012/08/01 10:04:05
  • Bunk11 Israel 2012/08/02 19:57:07
    Jordan is a country, but not a nation. It was a country invented by the British for the reasons stated in my last post. The inhabitants of Jordan are Bedouins (about 35%) and "Palestinians" (about 65%). I agree about the Palestinians. Some have lived in that area for centuries; most immigrated from Egypt, Syria, Tunisia or Bosnia sometime after the 1870s (Bosnians) or 1900s (the rest, who came in because the Jews were improving the land and thus the economy).
  • Israel Dan Zel... 2012/08/01 10:02:53
  • Israel Tom 2012/08/01 10:00:57
  • Shantay... Matt 2012/08/02 16:05:13
    Shantay Thompson
    WOW...... "People who don't actually exist?!" What underworld did you crawl from? THERE are actually HUMAN BEINGS being oppressed and doing what any oppressed people do. DEFEND themselves. It is a bit hard when homes of these REAL PEOPLE are bulldozed. Desparation breeds desperate measures! When I'm asked on some form my race, I put American! We should get ride of the whole "race" commentary. This defining of groups seems to be the bane of alls existance. We are all HUMANS w the same wants and needs.period. The only wall which creates hate and turmoil is when race talk enters the picture!
  • Matt Shantay... 2012/08/02 18:06:08
    The people who claim to be Palestinian are actually just Arabs that the surrounding Arab nations did not want. If they were oppressed by anyone, it was their own people. They are not being oppressed by Israel. Israel actually took the desert and made it a flourishing nation. The so-called "Palestinians" (Arabs not wanted) just sit on their butts and want what Israelis built.
  • Shantay... Matt 2012/08/03 20:26:54
    Shantay Thompson
    Oh yes......the Israelis did all this "florishing" on their own.......no help from massive amounts of cash, technology, and weapons from , ohhhhhh the U. S.! It is rediculous to think people who have their houses bull dozed, denied unfettered access to basic living conditions and check points and cut off from aid to imagine WHY they aren't as prosperous as Israel!!!!!! How silly of them...... Listen, the israelis think they are keeping out undesirables, yet they are only imprisoning themselves. Literally and figuratively.... " Where there is fear, becomes a lack of reasoning." It is also typical for jews to base there happiness in finacial gain and military might. Yet if some people were happy with what God gave them, there is nothiing wrong nor inferior about them. After all,n it states in the Bible, " The meek shall inherit the Earth!" Not the arrogant, greedy, and self- rightous!!!!!!!
  • Matt Shantay... 2012/08/08 15:58:55
    I am pretty sure that if people were shooting rockets at me all the time, I would also have checkpoints. We give cash, technology and weapons to all kinds of countries in that region and none have prospered like Israel. Israel has made many concessions to the so-called Palestinians and all they get is more rockets and terrorist attacks. It is interesting that you quote the Bible because the Bible also says that the Jews are God's people and that land is their Promised Land and it will never be taken from them. Jerusalem is Israel's capital because God wants it that way and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    If this prosperity has nothing to do with culture, then why are most Arab countries in the region still living in poverty? (Not counting the oil tycoons and royalty)
  • Shantay... Matt 2012/08/08 18:23:57
    Shantay Thompson
    There is only one bloodline which is "chosen people." If jews aknowledged Jesus existance and got there big noses out of the OT, they would understand even us "Goyem ie cattle." Yes, that's how jews see anyone who isn't jews. Even us "Goyem" can be chosen too!!!! Again, the Palistinians are the oppressed PEOPLE- HUMAN BEINGS here. By your own description, Zionist "Israel" is florishing. Because the Zionist Government is greedy, cruel, and hard hearted. This is a genetic flaw which goes back thousands of years.one would think, after going through massive oppression (odd how the end of oppression is the word "Sion." I digress. Anywhoo, being an oppessed People, one would think the last thing they'd want to do is oppress others. It seems as if all that came of jews experiences were how to totally do to others what was done to them. Ironically it wasn't the Palistinians. It was Egypt and Germany! It states in the NT, I will paraphrase. " If one doesn't love his neighbor, how can they love God?" " Love thy neighbor as thyself." WOW....."Israel must really hate God AND themselves!!! No wonder they don't aknowledge the NT!!!!!!
  • Matt Shantay... 2012/08/08 21:18:24
    You are correct that the Jews aren't perfect but that still doesn't change the fact that they are blessed and that Jerusalem is their capital because God says it is. If you don't believe me, read Revelation. Israel will see the light in that time and God will destroy all who oppose them. It may not seem fair but that is what God says about the situation and since he created the universe, I think he can do whatever he wants. I am not Jewish but I do believe as a Christian, it is important to support Israel.

    If you are so worried about oppressed people, then what about the Coptic Christians in Egypt? They are being executed and persecuted there. Do you have the same zeal for their plight?
  • Shantay... Matt 2012/08/09 22:55:32
    Shantay Thompson
    Of course I feel the same way about Coptic Christians......THEY ARE HUMAN. BEINGS. All people are equal in a man named Jesus ChriST' EYES. You just pointed out the difference between Zionistic jews and jewesses' to the teachings of Christ! The Zj see the world as inferior, everyone else see them (Sionist) judes as mean, selfish and fearfulm oh yes Greedy. So keep thinking your Zjewish state is superior, while everyone else sees you as an equal.
  • Shantay... Matt 2012/10/06 19:10:16
    Shantay Thompson
    Pass GO, collect 200 dollars.............and BUY a fuking CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look into the word "ZIONISM!!!!!!"
  • William Weber 2012/07/31 13:52:55
    No, they weren't racist.
    William Weber
    Not racist, people call racist far too much. Just misguided.
  • Matt Forrester 2012/07/31 13:40:55
    No, they weren't racist.
    Matt Forrester
    From an Aussie perspective, it's pretty damn NUTS how EVERY little thing that Romney says is analyzed & torn to shreds by leaders & their minions from every corner...the poor fella can't say a damned thing without being criticized by at least one faction!!
  • Dan Zel... Matt Fo... 2012/07/31 16:23:02
    Dan Zellman
    When you are going for the leadership of the most powerful nation in the world, you try not to make any mistakes. Having made some bad ones in the past, we don't wish to repeat them.
  • Rob Matt Fo... 2012/07/31 20:36:10
    The press is in the tank for Obama, and that's the dinkum mate. Recall what happened when one of your own Pols told Romney he was worried about America being in decline? Romney was slammed for even hearing it!

    Most of the press here is on its knees to Obama, and doing hard yakker for his re-election. You need to understand that to understand what's going on.


    In Oz, your best hope (and ours) is that a certain drongo doesn't get rehired in November and Romney chews him up for dog tucker.

  • Matt Fo... Rob 2012/08/05 08:15:50
    Matt Forrester
    Hey Rob...meant to tell you days ago that your response was quite an amusing one!! Do you guys really think that we talk/write like that?!! I agree with you 100% that the press are so pro-Obama...best wishes to you that MR get into the White House but I'm very skeptical that he will...man, I hope Shantay doesn't see that I commented some more about this "ya-ya"!! How dare I?!!
  • Shantay... Matt Fo... 2012/08/08 17:53:32
    Shantay Thompson
    Oh Matty, Matty......I said "Ya-WHO!" If you don't live in America, yes,"How dare you." Wishing that Moron.....uh I mean Mormon Boy-Bush on steriods made of unknown cash cows filling R-Moneys pockets! IF he is elected, he won't make the decisions. All the rich folk who contrbuted to R-Moneys campaign. That is WHY rich people r giving him Millions!! He probably has a Billion by now! I don't want people w their own agenda telling that guy what to do! If u are in America, you have NO clue what's in store for this countries citizens. Time will tell. Get back to me once the elections are over. IF R-Money wins and u live in another country, I'll update u. If u live here, well I will say "I told u so!"
  • Matt Fo... Shantay... 2012/08/09 17:15:53
    Matt Forrester
    Haha!! You said "ya-ya"!! xo
  • Matt Fo... Matt Fo... 2012/08/09 17:19:27
    Matt Forrester
    In your first response to me you said "ya-ya", not in one of your recent rants!! How many rants are there, anyway?! I don't have the time at present but I will try to read them sometime...all the best...& please do watch that blood pressure, you!! xo
  • Rob Shantay... 2012/09/13 15:47:58
    Hey Shanty,
    If Romney's such a moron, how'd he get so successful? And don't say daddy. Mitt Romney donated his inheritance from his father to charity, because he made his own money.

    And how'd he rescue the Olympics?

  • Rob Matt Fo... 2012/09/13 15:45:10
    Most of the Ozzies I've run into on this side of the pond do! ; )

    Personally, I don't really speak Strain, although I've been known to figure it out when accompanied by the appropriate hand gestures...

    Take care, OK
  • Matt Fo... Rob 2012/09/13 23:29:37
    Matt Forrester
    Cheers mate...all the best...Matt.
  • Shantay... Matt Fo... 2012/08/02 15:55:41
    Shantay Thompson
    Well, if he said something which isn't ignorant and/or had some substance, then we might care to listen. HE keeps putting HIS foot in his mouth. Not the media! This is a serious time in Americas elections. I know it's easy to be an arm chair referee from afar. Yet until you can be a voter here and who is chosen will massively affect you, please leave this ya-who to us! Thanks
  • Matt Fo... Shantay... 2012/08/05 08:09:50
    Matt Forrester
    I was asked a question on SH about whether I thought MR's comments were "racist", to which I responded & elaborated...& don't worry, I could think of little worse than living in the US & having to worry about voting for who will make things even more catastrophic "up there" for the next 4 years...I'm certainly more than happy to "leave this ya-ya", as you put it, to you!! Best of luck...methinks you'll be needing it!!
  • Shantay... Matt Fo... 2012/08/08 17:57:21
    Shantay Thompson
    Again Matty, I said,, " YA-WHO!" I agree w u on Americas delema. I want to move to Amsterdam.......and will!
  • Matt Fo... Shantay... 2012/08/09 17:20:17
    Matt Forrester
    PS. It's dilemma!!
  • BlueMax372 2012/07/31 13:07:32
    No, they weren't racist.
    Another Pally who doesn't know his history. Before the "Israeli occupation," the region was a wasteland. Besides that, "Palestine" exists only in the warped minds of American liberals and Arab murderers.
  • Israel BlueMax372 2012/08/01 10:07:28
  • RG BlueMax372 2012/08/01 21:49:00
    You said it!
  • Deep007 2012/07/31 13:00:43
    No, they weren't racist.
    A Palestinian calling someone a racist..
  • owen 2012/07/31 12:57:43
    Yes, they were racist.
    Romney has made it clear who his masters are,this lapdog will not be dragging my sons and grandsons into ww3 for masonic zionists.
  • fuzzy K... owen 2012/07/31 13:34:12
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Hi Owen. You sound more paranoid and delusional than usual. You feeling alright?

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