Do You Hide Money or Purchases From Your Significant Other?

Do You Hide Money or Purchases?

by smileyface

Do you sometimes hide money from your significant other? Do you buy things, and not tell them about your purchases?

Do You Know Someone Named John?

Do You Know Someone Named John?

by Sukiesnow

John is a very common name. If you're not related to a person named John, I bet you at least know someone with that name.

  • Should Kids With Lice Be Kept Out Of School?
    When we were a kid, it was almost a rite of passage: The teacher's aides came in with what looked like chopsticks to check each child for lice. If you had bugs in your hair, you went home. Not anymore.
    145 opinions
    Living 2010/07/27 13:01:17
  • Would You Alter Your Feet To Wear High Heels?
    Wish you could squeeze your foot into that sexy pair of high heels? Well, some women (and a few men) are taking extreme action to do so.
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  • Are More Couples Sleeping Apart?
    Nearly one in four American couples sleep in separate bedrooms or beds, and new homes with dual master bedrooms are on the rise. Is this weird?
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  • Are the Clintons Spending Too Much on Chelsea's Wedding?
    And you thought you spent too much money on your wedding. Chelsea Clinton's anticipated "wedding of the decade" on Saturday to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky could cost about $2 million.
    417 opinions
    Living 2010/07/26 20:19:18
  • Could You Wear 6 Items Of Clothing For A Month?
    Could you get by on just six items of clothing for an entire month? One woman did, and no one noticed! We've been doing this for years ... why haven't we made national news?
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  • Is It More Expensive To Be Single?
    Live by yourself? You're spending a lot more money on OJ and paper towels than your couple friends. A study found that those who live by themselves spend about $386,000 more on basic essentials.
    51 votes
    Living 2010/07/26 13:22:17
  • Should Parents Give Kids Medical Marijuana?
    If you heard about a parent giving a child marijuana, you'd probably call the authorities. But what if that parent had run out of other options?
    465 opinions
    Living 2010/07/26 13:03:37
  • Are You Sitting Down? It Could Kill You
    You might want to sit down for this one. A new study suggests that too much time sitting down is linked to an increased risk of death -- even if you hit the gym every day.
    85 opinions
    Living 2010/07/26 12:43:45
  • Do You Believe In Lifelong Love?
    Don't expect Cameron Diaz to walk down the aisle anytime soon. Diaz, who is rumored to be dating Yankee Alex Rodriguez, is not sure she believes in lifelong love, according to a U.K. report. Do you agree with her?
    263 opinions
    Living 2010/07/24 14:00:00
  • Could Your Spouse Use Facebook Against You?
    If you're happily married, this may not pertain to you. But if you think divorce may be in your future, tread very carefully on Facebook. Divorce attorneys are combing social-networking sites to dig up dirt.
    22 opinions
    Living 2010/07/23 18:05:17
  • Are Chain Restaurants Making Kids Fat?
    Think you're sparing your child calories by letting him order from the kids' menu? Think again. The authors of "Eat This, Not That!" have dug up the five worst kiddie meals in America.
    376 opinions
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  • Women Delaying Motherhood To Make More Money?
    A woman's biological clock may start ticking in her 20s, but many women are ignoring that tick-tock sound so they can continue to bring home the bacon.
    248 opinions
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  • Is Veganism A Cover For Anorexia?
    We've never really thought about this one ... doctors say that some people who claim to be "vegan" are really just hiding their eating disorders.
    110 votes
    Living 2010/07/23 14:00:00
  • What's The Most Shocking Cosmetic Procedure?
    Some people will go a long way for beauty. From rib resection to scrotum reduction, here's a look at some of the most shocking beauty treatments. Which ones would you consider?
    316 opinions
    Living 2010/07/23 13:21:16
  • Parents Giving Kids Medicine: Is It Child Abuse?
    Every parent has given their child cough syrup or antibiotics -- nothing wrong with that. But what about giving kids medicine that they don't really need?
    99 votes
    Living 2010/07/23 14:00:00
  • Are You Afraid Of Rabbits?
    We've heard of arachnophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia and coulrophobia (fear of clowns), but ... fear of bunny rabbits? Yep ... it's a real "fear."
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  • Should Photos Of Plus-Sized Models Be Retouched?
    Plus-sized model Crystal Renn was outraged to learn that photos of her curvy figure had been retouched. Did the photographer mislead the public?
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    Living 2010/07/22 18:39:23
  • Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Jail?
    Sometimes, jail really doesn't sound so bad. When prisoners aren't reading or working out, they're yammering away on their cell phones. Well, Congress is looking to put a stop to that.
    318 opinions
    Living 2010/07/22 14:13:56
  • Are Women Becoming More Successful Than Men?
    Guys, your worst fear may be coming true: Women may now be more successful in American society than men. Recent stats show major strides at school and at work.
    104 votes
    Living 2010/07/22 14:00:00
  • Who's Getting The Most Action?
    Think you have a lot of sex? You have nothing on the Greeks. 53 percent of Americans claim to get busy at least once a week, compared to 78 percent of Chinese and 87 percent of Greeks.
    124 opinions
    Living 2010/07/22 13:43:50


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