Which Type of Coupons Do You Use the Most?

Which Type of Coupons Do You Use?

by Freebies4Mom

Out of these three types of coupons, paper, printable, and eCoupons, which type do you use the most?

Do You Doubt the Evolutionary Theory?

Do You Doubt the Evolutionary Theory?

by Jlmpatro

Do you believe that all life is related and that we descended from a common ancestor or do you think otherwise?

  • Should Overweight Women Pay More for Manicures?
    One place where you probably think your weight doesn't matter whatsoever is the nail salon. Turns out, this isn't the case. A woman was allegedly charged an extra $5 for being overweight.
    303 opinions
    Living 2010/08/23 21:23:46
  • Should Women Date Younger Men?
    Were Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher ahead of their time? A new book claims that women increase their chances of finding a soul mate by dating younger men.
    398 opinions
    Living 2010/08/23 13:25:51
  • Are You Close With Your Dad?
    Are you close with your father? Turns out, it may be good for your health, especially if you're male. Men who say they had a good relationship with their father handle daily stress better.
    259 opinions
    Living 2010/08/23 15:00:00
  • Salmonella Scare: Are You Still Eating Eggs?
    On Sunday morning, we enjoyed ourselves a nice plate of fluffy scrambled eggs. But now we're thinking maybe we shouldn't have. Are you nervous about the salmonella scare?
    164 opinions
    Living 2010/08/23 14:00:00
  • Would You Try Burger King's NY Pizza Burger?
    Burger King has decided to merge two of your favorite treats into one. The fast-food chain's NY Pizza Burger is expected to debut early next month, featuring four broiled Whopper burgers in one dish.
    128 opinions
    Living 2010/08/23 12:30:09
  • Should Parents Be 'Friends' With Their Kids?
    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But should the apple and the tree be friends? Experts say friendship with your kids may not be the best way to go.
    315 votes
    Living 2010/08/21 16:00:00
  • Should Birth Control Be Free for the Poor?
    You've probably heard about the push to make birth control free for women who can't afford it: 27 states provide free contraception and other reproductive-health services to lower-earning women.
    1,481 opinions
    Living 2010/08/20 21:55:05
  • Elderly Suicide Pacts: Acts of Love or Despair?
    This summer alone, there seems to be growing evidence of a very sad trend: elderly couples planning their own deaths. While some portray this decision as romantic, others see it as an act of despair.
    173 opinions
    Living 2010/08/20 21:41:24
  • Home Ugly Home: Are McMansions Tacky?
    Once upon a time, not so very long ago, having a gigantic, newly constructed home was a sign that you'd really "made it" in America. Not anymore.
    204 opinions
    Living 2010/08/20 14:25:12
  • Would You Ditch Your Gray Hair for $1 Million?
    Anderson Cooper is living proof of how gray hair can be sexy. But one company is willing to pay him a lot of money to get rid of it.
    125 opinions
    Living 2010/08/20 14:05:25
  • Is Fast Food Too Expensive?
    The economy is (slowly) recovering ... but apparently, many Americans still don't have enough money in their wallets to be able to afford a meal at Pizza Hut.
    184 opinions
    Living 2010/08/20 13:52:41
  • Are Today's 20-Somethings Refusing to Grow Up?
    Being in your 20s isn't what it used to be. Rather than being married with kids, many 20-somethings are in "emerging adulthood," often moving back in with mom and dad. Is this a good thing?
    236 votes
    Living 2010/08/19 20:47:29
  • Do You Prefer Being Alone to Being With Other People?
    Do you ever go to a party, then wish you'd stayed home with a good book? Turns out, there's a scientific reason for that.
    234 votes
    Living 2010/08/19 20:09:28
  • Do Siblings Affect Our Sex Lives?
    That pesky little brother may be more than just annoying. He also might stop you from having sex. Having younger brothers seems to postpone the beginning of sexual activity in women by slightly more than a year.
    100 opinions
    Living 2010/08/19 14:48:50
  • Is Elaine From 'Seinfeld' a Fashion Icon?
    Those long, floral skirts. The white scrunchy socks. The boyish shoes, blazers and big hair. It seems like any fashionista worthy of her Christian Louboutin's would leave Elaine's look in the early '90s.
    49 votes
    Living 2010/08/19 14:21:19
  • Should 'Harry Popper' Condom Brand Be Shut Down?
    Harry Potter has worked his magic on millions of fans around the world -- but Warner Bros. doesn't want him working his magic in the bedroom.
    83 opinions
    Living 2010/08/19 13:54:53
  • Would You Eat a Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger?
    Do you feel guilty when you eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut? What about a cheeseburger? Now, imagine how you'd feel if you ate both at the same time.
    546 votes
    Living 2010/08/19 15:00:00
  • Do 'Beer Goggles' Really Exist?
    The last time you went to a bar, did that Plain Jane suddenly look like a real hottie? Turns out, there's a scientific reason for that. Researchers have found that "beer goggles" really do exist.
    121 votes
    Living 2010/08/19 19:00:00
  • 'I ♥ Boobies' T-Shirts OK for High School?
    If you're a heterosexual guy, odds are you love breasts. Hey, plenty of women love 'em too. But is the slogan "I Heart Boobies" appropriate for high school?
    186 votes
    Living 2010/08/18 21:58:22
  • Should Airline Have Taken Custody of Slapped Baby?
    This story is depressing no matter which side you're on. A Southwest Airlines flight attendant took custody of a baby girl after she was slapped by her mother on Monday, police said.
    362 opinions
    Living 2010/08/18 14:08:21


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