One of my best guy friends slapped my ass!!!!!!! Im SOOO PISSED!

Okay so today at skool i was sitting with my best friend rayanna and one of my best guy friends, Brent comes up and starts throwing stuff down our shirts! I was like "DO i look like a basketball hoop to you?"
He started laughing and said, "Ya."
"Well I'm not! So stop!"
"Well your boobs got bigger! And your showing so much cleavage!"
The he pulled down his shirt and started getting in my face! I started laughing and told him to go away. He stopped and then when I got up to leave he smacked my ass! I was furious! I smacked him and left. Rayanna chased after me asked what happened.
"Brent smacked my ass!"
"He did?"
"Ya! Im not talking to that mother fucker anymore!!"
"Dalia, you know how Brent is."
"YA RAYANNA! I KNOW! BUT NEVER WITH ME!" he never was! seriously he'd only do it to rayanna!
"Well Dalia you enhanced when you were in washington!" I moved to WA but i moved back i was there for 6 months!
"Well Rayanna! Im not used to my Friend smacking my ASS! Especially from Brent!"
"Dalia. You got prettier! Ur gonna have to get used to it."

What really pissed me off was that my best friend wouldnt even pretend to care for a while. I wanted her to understand that i wasnt comfortable with it and i wanted her to just comfort me and it pissed me off that she didnt! i just had to let it out.
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  • Macmav 2010/09/27 00:11:21
    i know girl im only 13 and that happened to me at a football game the other day from one of my best guy friends and i kicked him in the leg.
  • Dalia Macmav 2010/09/28 23:48:45
    hahah wow
    ive gotten used to it now though i mean i still get mad but its whatever
  • KAYE~~KAKE 2010/02/20 06:45:33
    i wish a guy would do that to me
  • Alex DeLarge 2010/01/08 06:43:23
    Alex DeLarge
    If you don't want sexual attention then why are you showing cleavage?
  • Dalia Alex De... 2010/01/10 23:12:00
    i didnt mean too
  • none of your business 2009/05/30 17:09:57
    none of your business
    Wow, But then again i never get any comment's like that. So id take it :)
  • ammerianne 2009/05/30 15:57:18
    charge him for sexual harassment. :)
    i mean, if anyone does that to me, his cock is the victim, i'll kick it as hard as i can.
  • Dalia ammerianne 2009/05/30 16:28:20
    hahaha lol
    ya but its just weird cuz he was like my best friend.
  • ammerianne Dalia 2009/05/30 23:56:58
    but a bestfriend should always understands you,
    and they will never disrespect you...
    i'm so sorry that he did that to you though.
    you should really talk to him about this,
    and make sure he gets it that you and all the other girls needs to be respected.
    he's making a fool of himself.
    and you, as his bestfriend cant let that proceed.:)
  • Dalia ammerianne 2009/05/31 04:34:14
    you are right!
  • Shuttup<3 2009/05/30 04:48:31
    why are guys jerks!that is nasty!
  • ♥BenJammin<3'sBreeBlasphemy♥ 2009/05/30 04:10:11
    That guy is a jerk, girls need to be treated with alot more respect. I'm sorry you had to put up with that.
  • Dalia ♥BenJam... 2009/05/30 04:18:18
    its okay. he never used to be like that with me. EVER!
  • ♥BenJam... Dalia 2009/05/30 04:26:15
    Well like your friend said you "enhanced". But that still doesn't give him an excuse. Maybe you should try to confront him about it.
  • Dalia ♥BenJam... 2009/05/30 04:51:42
    i did. ugh!
    i know! thats wat i told her but she's used to guys grabbing at her butt. its huge!
    ya. idk. it really stresses me out how guys just like a girl for her looks.
  • ♥BenJam... Dalia 2009/05/30 05:28:41
    Yeah it's really pointless =/ The looks are going to fade before the brain anyway.
  • Dalia ♥BenJam... 2009/05/30 05:36:02
    ya. they are.
  • Butch 2009/05/30 00:45:46
    Make it clear in front of everyone; He went over the line where he is not appreciated! Make it clear in front of everyone; He went over the line where he is not appreciated! No threats, no promises just no thank you. Hopefully another male friend will support this.
  • billy jean 2009/05/29 23:56:07
    billy jean
    awww thats sad:(
    if one of my friends had done that to me i would have done the same thing...the only difference is that i didnt get prettier in any way lol:)
    is sad how people change:(
  • Morgan 2009/05/29 23:55:32

    I wouldve smacked that bitch too!

    that's enappropriate!

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