One Million Moms Upset About Two Women Kissing in Urban Outfitters Catalog: Totally Fine or 'Inappropriate'?

Living 2012/04/18 17:00:00
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A photo of two young women kissing in the new Urban Outfitters catalog has upset One Million Moms. Well, not exactly one million moms, but the outspoken group that is "fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, are throwing at our children."

The group issued the following warning, according to The Advocate: "On page two of this catalog is a picture of two women kissing in a face holding embrace!" They're also urging their members to cancel their catalogs and threaten to shop elsewhere. "The ad and catalog are clearly geared toward teenagers," the group says. "The content is offensive and inappropriate for a teen who is the company's target customer."

True, Urban Outfitters is targeted at teens, but so are shows like "Glee," which have done so much for gay rights. One Million Moms previously failed to get Ellen DeGeneres fired as spokeswoman for JCPenney (because she is a lesbian). Do you think the group is right about this ad being "inappropriate"? Or do you think it's totally fine?
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  • cookie monster 2012/04/18 18:26:37 (edited)
    Totally fine
    cookie monster
    Some girls like other girls, not a big deal. Time to get over it. I'm a teenage girl, and this is nothing I haven't seen or done myself. I have friends that are lesbians & bisexual. It happens.

    Go lesbians!!

    Edit: One of my best friends I have known since I was 4 years old is a lesbian and she & her girlfriend are perfect for each other.

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  • MayaAngelou0524 2012/04/19 21:46:38
    Totally fine
    I mean, I'm not seeing how it relates to what they are trying to sell, but it doesn't matter. It's time for people to grow up and step into the 21st century!
  • BladeCa... MayaAng... 2012/06/03 17:07:47
    What are they trying to sell it is sun dresses dried flowers and candles then it would totally make sense to me
  • Chanch 2012/04/19 21:38:17
    It just shows the influence in the uS. They are sick ! But they just haven't been taught morals and ethics. Warped minds do warped things. My Opinion !!
  • Jeremiah Chanch 2012/04/20 02:13:41
    "Warped minds do warped things." While you are correct with this statement, your target is wrong. Please tell me, in what way have gay or lesbian people in any way negativly affected your or anyone else's life in any significant way? Yes, there are gay and lesbian people in this country. The sky hasn't fallen yet, and we aren't controlled by the Communists either. This country has proven time and time again that discrimination is an invalid ideal, first with the end of slavery,, then with the woman's suffrage movement. I request that you find one valid problem with gays and lesbians that you can prove with solid evidence.
  • Chanch Jeremiah 2012/04/20 02:24:56
    Decay of the American morals and ethics is enough for the intelligent world. The influence that it has on the younger generation is devestating by teaching them that it is acceptable behavior. And the gays and lesbians don't want equal consideration. They want the advantage over straight normal people. Such as the misnomer " HATE CRIMES". ALL crimes are hate crimes but they want special consideration just because they are abnormally attracted to the same sex. These are enough just for a start. They want tpo push their belief that it is "OK" on me when I believe it wrong. They might get more consideration if they stopped pushing their agenda. With family values that I and the majority should and do have, it is detremental to family values. This is more than enough for me !!
  • Jeremiah Chanch 2012/04/20 02:54:25
    What makes it unacceptable behaivor, because it's "unatural"? Have you looked outside? Do you think houses just grow out of the ground? Do cars grow on trees? Everything about human society is unatural. The only reason LGBTs are "pushing their agenda is because they are tired of being treated unequally, like second-class citizens. Laws are passed against them, allowing them to not exist in peace. If you were in their position, being treated with utter distain not just by your neighbor, but your government as well, you would do the same thing.
  • Jeremiah Jeremiah 2012/04/20 02:58:43
    Do you think women would have recieved the right to vote if they just stopped pushing their agenda? And what about African-Americans? We had to fight a war just for them to be recognized as people. If LGBTs just stopped trying to be thought of as equals, they would never recieve equality.
  • Chanch Jeremiah 2012/04/20 03:00:59
    You have been lied to and have accepted the nonsense that the gay coalition is pushing at the younger generation. I know more about nature and what is NATURAL then you can possibly know. There are NO LAWS passed against them at all. Name just one. As a matter of fact, many, TOO MANY, are being passed to protect the perverts. You are totally off base to think they are natural and right. The gov't is doing everything to protect them. Where are you getting your nonsense ?
  • Jeremiah Chanch 2012/04/20 03:07:14 (edited)
    Once again, I will state that NOTHING about human civilization is natural. About the laws:.many states have declared gay marriage illeagal. Marrying someone is a religious idea. There's a reason it takes place in a church. The mixing of church and state is illeagal, and yet states can make marriage laws? How does that mean the government is protecting them? It seems to me like they are turning a blind eye.
  • Chanch Jeremiah 2012/04/20 03:16:07
    First of all, they have not passed law to make gay marriage illegal. They just refuse to pass laws to make them legal. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Your statements are SO FAR off, I really don't think I have enough time to correct it all. Again, you have accepted their skewed ignorant statements and claims. Just about everything you said is wrong . But You are young and impressionable. Maybe you will learn someday. Just don't get caught up in their twisted logic. It doesn't float.
  • Jeremiah Chanch 2012/04/20 11:31:49
    So what you're saying is, "gay marriage starts as automaticly illeagal and must be leagalized by the legislature of the states"? That's even worse. I don't ever remember in the course of our history having to vote on straight marriage. Please tell me how that's fair? And don't give me any "it's abnormal and therefore wrong" crap, either. We are 2 of the only 7 billion "intellegent" lifeforms in the known universe, living on the only planet that supports life. If abnormal is evil and morally wrong then Earth and everything on it has already turned itself over to the devil, simply for existing.
  • Chanch Jeremiah 2012/04/20 21:46:08
  • Emily Keck Chanch 2012/04/26 02:54:53
    Emily Keck
    You know, homosexuality happens alot in nature ^^
    Sheep, a holy symbol of god, have homosexual relations.
  • Chanch Emily Keck 2012/04/26 03:18:08
    Are you comparing yourself to an animal? They are ANIMALS !Thye don't know better. DO YOU ? Just because it happens a lot in nature does not make it right. By your logic rape,murder, etc would be ok. It happens a lot also. Your logic is totally skewed.
  • Jeremiah Chanch 2012/04/20 11:39:20
    And another thing: What is "twisted" logic you speak of? Please explain that to me. You have been saying that they are "teaching our youth evil things" and "forcing their twisted logic upon us" ad yet you refuse to give a valid argument as to why their views are so bad.
  • Jeremiah Jeremiah 2012/05/02 00:11:00
    You're calling other people's logic twisted, when you yourself comparing marraige to criminal activity? Have you ever MET a gay or lesbian person? If you haven't, you probably should. You shouldn't argue a point without having at least a base line of knowledge, or first hand experiance in this case, of what you are talking about. Especially if you are going to make yourself sound like a crazy, close-minded individual who doesn't seem like the kind of person you would want to know. You are a discriminator, and if anyone should be compared to a criminal, you'd be the best choice. Discrimination is an evil thing. It has led to the extermination of millions, if not billions, of people. Just look at World War 2. Would you consider Hitler a criminal? He was a discriminator. He hated many groups, one of them were homosexuals. Do you want me to compare you to him? I think I will, since you already took your turn for making absurd, arbitrary accusations and comparisons based completely on hate, ignorance, and a complete lack of understanding about basic human decency.
  • T Chanch 2012/04/20 13:12:16
    Homosexual relationships can be found in nature all the time. Just look at the bonobo, or the bottlenose dolphin. In fact, my research indicates that homosexual relationships in nature may be more common in mammals than in the other classes of the animal kingdom.

    p.s. What is your claim to knowing "more about what is NATURAL" based on? Are you a zoologist? Are you a biologist? What are your credentials?
  • Chanch T 2012/04/20 22:16:39
    Are you comparing your intelligence to an animal? That might be a real mind boggler. Animals do a lot of things that " INTELLIGENT HUMANS" don't do.
  • T Chanch 2012/04/24 01:12:09
    you were saying that homosexuality is not "natural", so I pointed out that it is. If you are going make a point to support your argument, you can't dismiss evidence against said point by addressing it out of context.

    Also, I'm not comparing my intelligence to that of an animal.
    I am, however, currently comparing yours to a rock. Not a simple rock like quartz. That would be insulting. More of a complex rock like schist.
  • BladeCa... Jeremiah 2012/06/03 17:21:14
    Do you think house is just grow out of the ground man that was awesome. All I can say is those right wing wackos might just want to stay out of the pacific northwest. All of dope smoking hippies who are all obviously gay will try to sodomize them and only there preacher is allowed to do that.
  • BladeCa... BladeCa... 2012/06/03 17:23:31
    Sorry speak to text does not always work right.
  • Emily Keck Chanch 2012/04/20 22:08:49
    Emily Keck
    Why do lesbian's and gay's have warped minds, hm?
  • Chanch Emily Keck 2012/04/20 22:18:34
    I have asked myself that many times. Maybe you can answer that for the rest of the intelligent world.
  • Emily Keck Chanch 2012/04/26 02:52:18
    Emily Keck
    I don't believe they are bad.. I'm BI myself, and I act like I did before I found that out. Me and my FEMALE friends who KNOW I'm bi, they don't mind and they are probably the best people I know! I don't like people like you who judge everyone as a group, from stereotypes and assumptions. Get to know them, they aren't too different from straight people...
  • Chanch Emily Keck 2012/04/26 03:25:27
    I'm not judging you. I'm judging your actions. BIG difference. "BEST PEOPLE I KNOW" ? Of course I don't know who you know but that means nothing to this discussion. Their actions are as bad as your actions. Of course they won't condem you. My opinion stands. ITS WRONG and UNNATURAL. Common sense should tell you that !! But you will do what you want. You want to justify your actionsany way you can. As an alcoholic will try to justify their actions, so will you. Most people are not self condemning.
  • BladeCa... Chanch 2012/04/21 10:47:51
    Have you ever been to Europe? We American's are damn near Puritan's about it
  • Chanch BladeCa... 2012/04/21 11:58:02
    I have been to Europe MANY times. It is still wrong even if the rest of the world accepts it. If all your friends jump off a bridge well maybe you know the rest. Still wrong !! No matter what. Common sense should tell you that !
  • TRAHELION Chanch 2012/05/27 21:54:29
    How is it wrong or bad? I mean, other than some silly reason you read in a book - give me a valid reason
  • Chanch TRAHELION 2012/05/27 22:28:27
    Why do you think I need to give you a reason? I just believe it is unnatural and immoral. Believe what you want.
  • BladeCa... Chanch 2012/06/03 17:29:42
    You have that backwards my friend the moral minority is the 1 percent. You are the 1 jumping off the bridge you lemming.
  • Chanch BladeCa... 2012/06/03 17:40:33
    BS. YOU are the lemming ! I belong to the MORAL MAJORITY !! The immoral minority is the ones that are wrong ! You and the IMMORALS are the ones jumping of the bridge just to try to belong ! But, hey believe what you want. Just don't try to persuade me that it is right. It's wrong whether you believe it or not.
  • BladeCa... Chanch 2012/06/05 01:00:19
    I believe you are mistaken on several accounts but number 1 I do not kiss on men the number to the moral majority is not for the majority of the people
  • Chanch BladeCa... 2012/06/05 01:10:40
    Believe what you will. It's your right even if you ARE wrong !
  • BladeCa... Chanch 2012/06/03 17:14:23
    Women have been kissing other women for thousands of years what small part of the world you live in that thinks this is even morally questionable. Or are you still upset because your aunt martha got drunk and kissed you with an open mouth
  • Chanch BladeCa... 2012/06/03 17:43:40
    Sure they have. People have been doing wrong for ever. Still does not make it right ! You have twisted logic. You just think because that people have been doing it for a long time. By your logic murder is OK. So is robbery, theft, rape, etc. That is TWISTED logic.
  • wes 2012/04/19 21:26:10
    Totally fine
    One Million ugly moms are upset.......they're shopping in the Urban Outfitters catalog, pretty moms are shopping in Victoria's Secret and wish there were more pics of women kissing, end of story.
  • R. Zeke Fread 2012/04/19 21:14:17 (edited)
    Totally fine
    R. Zeke Fread
    Me Thinks One Million Mom’s [Backed by American Family Association] Protest To Much. List of just some companies who didn’t follow in goose steps of Mom’s agenda and found in their crosshairs: Toys R Us, JCPenny, Dancing With The Stars, ABC, MTV, Chuck E. Cheese's, Geico, Wrigley's, TJ Maxx/Marshalls, Jiffy Lube, Pier 1, IHop, Dairy Queen and Arby's [Oh no not my Arby’s]. Ya’ll would think their time would be better spent addressing more pressing issues’. Such as epidemic of bullying, teen Bullycide, pregnancy, drug abuse, the 52 % divorce rate, single parent households, grandparents raising grandchildren to name a few. But, no, their panties are in a bunch over Urban Outfitters catalog because shows two wonman kissing. Perhaps their next target will be this Grandmother kissing her Granddaughter on the lips in photo. Absolutely shocking, go get her Mom’s. Grandma Kiss Granddaughter Lips
  • Chanch R. Zeke... 2012/04/26 03:27:49
    You are rediculous and so is your lame attempt at logic.
  • SoWrongItsAmber 2012/04/19 20:40:32 (edited)
    Totally fine
    It's completely stupid and ignorant that they think this is wrong. If it was a guy and a girl there would be no issues. The fact that it's two girls means nothing, it's just a kiss. They're not naked or having sex or doing anything remotely inappropriate. Times are changing. People are becoming more open minded and accepting.
  • kozynferg 2012/04/19 20:16:50
    Totally fine
    Why does Web of Trust give the one million moms website a "poor" rating.

    Guess I don't care why, but they seem over the top about homosexuality. If there really are a million moms in the group, you wold expect that some where between 50,000 and 150,000 of their children are homosexual and it seems a shame for those children to be raised in such a negative (to them ) atmosphere.

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