One in Five Men Have Secret Email Accounts: Do Couples Have to Share Everything?

Living 2012/11/25 16:00:00
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Many say the key to a successful relationship is honesty but others believe that holding back a few details is fair game. Those who feel that keeping secrets is a lie of omission might be surprised to find out what their significant other is holding back from them. A recent survey conducted by BullGuard says that one in five men have an email account that they don’t tell their partners about. Often times the stealthy individual wants to keep a special address to communicate with an ex or with someone they know their current lady doesn’t like.

But those aren’t the only tidbits some guys are hiding. One in twenty men have confessed that they own a second cell phone so they can make untraced calls. And in order to avoid inspection by a nosy spouse, 77 percent of guys polled said they delete text messages on a regular basis.

BullGuard’s COO Mike Hodges acknowledged that some men just want to clear their browsers and maintain separate accounts for security purposes. But 20 percent of those polled admitted that they felt that their partner didn’t need to know all the details of their lives. What do you think: Do couples have to share everything?

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  • JohnT 2012/11/25 17:12:34 (edited)
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    No they do not. Each person needs their own space, their own privacy and their own time to do what they enjoy. Being a couple or married does not equal ownership. When the mail comes if it has my wife's name on it I don't open it, it is not mine. My wife doesn't mess with my camera's or lenses, and I don't mess with her sewing things. The bottom line is each person needs show respect and trust for each other. Being retired we are together 24/7 and that is not good for anyone no matter how good the relationship is. Thursday every week is a day we do whatever we want separately. I usually grab my camera and head out to take some nature shots and she goes to fabric store or lunch.

    Some of the examples cited are dysfunctional relationships, they have communication problems and trust issues, poor maturity and lack of respect.

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  • DiAnna 2014/05/09 09:11:32
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    Truth and Communication... 2 KEYS is all you need! after that you decide together (cause your one now) what is good for each. If you have to delete it... lie about it...or hide it. DON'T DO IT! Simple LOVE 101. If you commit your life to another and give them everything..... Communication and respect are vital
  • Intenselyme 2013/02/23 07:25:17
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    No one should need secret anything..if it's hidden it probably is wrong and hurtful to your someone..As long as hide n seek remains in a relationship space between your bond is what you have. Now No one wants to be smothered or possecced by their mate . Secret profiles and emails are complete disregard to your mates honor. Shame on you , you probably deserve all the space your gonna have when your left..
  • josh parker 2012/12/31 01:53:52
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    josh parker
    I dont want her to know what a sick pervert i am!
  • ilikechickensandcows :3 2012/12/21 22:21:47
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    ilikechickensandcows :3
    Then it'll be like this:
  • Kai 2012/12/11 02:50:24
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    This is a dangerous topic. Relationships can rise or fall based on sharing too little or sharing too much. A few principles to remember in a relationship (and in life):
    Space is important
    Honesty is key
    Trust is vital
    Trustworthiness is equally vital

    Those who forget these principles will have a rough time going through life.
  • raven.dnightmare 2012/12/07 12:46:28
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    You can be honest and still have your space. There is no need to know every single thing about each other. If the person tells you about it, fine, but you shouldn't make a big deal about something like that.
  • JustMe 2012/12/06 00:38:07
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Everyone has there things that they keep to themselves
  • The Andoxico 2012/12/05 19:25:03
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    The Andoxico
    everyone needs a little space, as long as they don't abuse that space and start seeing someone else
  • Michael 2012/12/03 16:53:57
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    It is a "trust" issue. I trust my husband with my life. And he knows he can trust me. Why else be married! You might as well be roommates. I wouldn't live with someone I had to "look over my shoulder" with. Ad the length of a relationship grows in years, those little lies grow in magnitude!
  • loodream 2012/12/02 11:01:54
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
  • foxy 2012/12/01 13:36:23
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    My husband has secrets but when I use his computer I find the images, I asked him why he needs to look at younger women. he said he just enjoys looking, he loves me. So this is what I have to accept.
  • modurhead 2012/11/29 22:34:41
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    but you can honestly agree to anything
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/11/29 20:51:37
  • juneathomas 2012/11/29 20:06:22
  • ASithLordsPoet/angelpoet17/ 2012/11/29 17:02:34 (edited)
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Aslong there trust space is great
  • 001 2012/11/29 14:55:10
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    No, but having a secret e-mail account probably means they have something to hide. Wanting a little space and actively hiding things from your spouse are two different things. You should trust each other, but you also shouldn't give your significant other a reason not to trust you.
  • Юлия Чмелёва 2012/11/29 12:35:40
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Юлия Чмелёва
    men is not a puppy on a leash
  • JFos 2012/11/29 09:13:01
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    Only if he wants to STAY married.............
  • Mistymorning16~ 2012/11/29 06:46:05
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Maybe not share every little thing but feeling like you need to hide a cell phone, text messages or an email from your significant other is not a good thing in a relationship. Referring to the article, "Often times the stealthy individual wants to keep a special address to communicate with an ex or with someone they know their current lady doesn’t like." Yeah, I decided to let my husband (when we were dating) communicate with one of his ex's and I tried not to raise a fuss about it. It ended with him blocking her and she completely flipping out and going between threatening to kill him and wanting him to come back to her. It gave him closure but also caused a lot of stress on both of us.
    You significant other should trust you enough to communicate with you and not keep things secret. There is a fine balance between disclosure and giving your SO their space.
  • NikkiNak111 2012/11/28 21:01:01
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    My boyfriend and I like to do seperate things and we trust each other. I don't need to read his emails and he doesn't need to read mine because that isn't a trusting, healthy relationship. Everybody is their own person so we need our own personal things. Yes not spending enough time together and too much secrecy can kill a relationship, but so can spending too much time together and not having any trust at all.
  • ellomotto 2012/11/28 20:52:09 (edited)
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    I don't WANT to know everything my boyfriend does. Everyone has a right to have a little privacy

    *Forgot the O in don't*
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/11/28 20:30:29
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    This question is loaded and needs more than two options. Yes everyone needs space, but that should never be in exception of COMPLETE honesty!

    If you have a "secret" email chances are you're doing something you don't want your partner to see, AKA you shouldn't be doing it. Also overly jealous partners are SO unattractive it's a turn off. I don't need my guys email or Facebook account password. If you can't trust them you shouldn't be with them. Point blank.
  • Crank_It_Up 2012/11/28 17:38:51
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    everyone needs a little space, but i see no reason to have a "secret" email account. What's the big secret?
  • lucky 2012/11/28 16:04:08
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    No but I dont consider a secret email account space, i consider that a way to hide something you probably know will be hurtful to your partner or spouse.
  • MissNovemberTuesday 2012/11/28 14:09:40
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    I don't think you HAVE to share everything, but the idea of it being a secret is what bothers me. I do not read my hubby's e-mails unless he wants me to see some jokes or is sitting here with me. But I do have access to his account. I simply choose not to bother looking. No point so long as you have trust.
  • Scaldari Anitoba 2012/11/28 13:32:42
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Scaldari Anitoba
    Not sure if i would call them secrete. Different accounts for different things.
  • heck 2012/11/28 09:32:13
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    the answers aren't mutually exclusive. Honesty is the key, but people also need a liitle space, not secrets though. Unless the e mail account is just full of present websites for her
  • firefly 2012/11/28 07:13:30
  • LucyLucero 2012/11/28 03:50:28
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    There's a time and place for everything.
  • AdrianMcTiernan 2012/11/28 02:02:00
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    unless you are psychic, or a mind reader, there are huge areas of your parner's life that you have no access to at all. Mostly we spend a lot of personal time in our own minds, trying to do a good job of sorting our internal thoughts out, and editing unwanted ones - we would find it difficult, if not impossible, to list and report all that, never mind explaining it all to our beloved other, and doing so would probably be boring and mind- numbing for both of you, not to mention that you might wish to consider an early divorce and seeking a better choice.

    Honestly, I think that both of you have roles in your relationship, and if both can understand and agree to those roles, and pursue them together, then you have a greater key to a successful relationship than is found in many situations. They also say that novelty or surprise is a good sauce to a relationship, and to keep discovering new and interesting things about a partner is a very refreshing thing, and if they are good things, love can grow more deep and intense.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/11/28 01:08:30
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Lerro DeHazel
    No, it is not wise . . . There are some personal things that you should not share with the one you love the most . . . It can even be seen as being a possible sign of disrespect . . . You have to be extremely cautious about how you present what amounts to being MAJOR MISTAKES or Major Embarrassing Moments, that you and only you know . . . Such admissions prove nothing that will strengthen the relationship. You have to give it some thought, first.
  • NinjaRebecca 2012/11/28 00:07:47
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Whats the point of even having a secret email account? Whatever.
  • blackrings70 2012/11/28 00:04:02
    Yes. Complete honesty is key.
    I don't agree with the majority at all and neither does my husband. Having your own space doesn't mean secrets. Mine wants his own space he goes for a walk or something, but having secret emails and stuff, no way. He knows my passwords and I know his, nothing to hide with us. We have a mutual respect for one another that doesn't have secrets.
  • Shadow ... blackri... 2012/11/28 02:51:24
    Shadow Wolf
    exactly how i see it
  • blackri... Shadow ... 2012/11/28 03:09:25
    Thank you, thought I'd catch some flack. Ahhh, but the night is young, lol.
  • Shadow ... blackri... 2012/11/28 03:15:03
    Shadow Wolf
    lmaoo same here...i told myself im headed to sleep and next thing u know im on here lol
  • blackri... Shadow ... 2012/11/28 04:00:32
    LOL....I'm supposed to be going to the PO BOX right now.....
  • Aingean 2012/11/27 22:43:21
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
    Everyone deserves some privacy, even people that are married. I would be so upset if my husband went through my things with out asking me first. I do a lot of writing and he went through that I would be PISSED, personal thoughts are still personal just being married or in a relationship doesn't mean they get to crawl inside your head and live there.

    That being said I don't hide anything either, I forget to close my accounts and stuff all the time and so does he, it isn't a big deal because we both know that we aren't hiding anything. He asks before going through my things and I ask before I go through his. Its just respectful.
  • Intense... Aingean 2013/02/23 07:32:13
    Journals are a different story. That isn't a secret. :)
  • TiffanyBelle 2012/11/27 22:36:00
    No. Everyone needs a little space.
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