One-Handed Model: Inspiring or Just Hot?

Living 2010/10/22 19:55:14
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We're bombarded with photos of beautiful women in bras -- but never one quite like this.

One-handed, half-armed model Tanja Kiewitz has become famous overnight after posing in a bra for a charity ad campaign, the "Today" show reports.

Kiewitz, a graphic designer who was born with her left arm ending just below her elbow, wears a low-cut black bra in the ad. Below, a tagline translates from French as: “Look me in the eyes … I said the eyes.”

And her disability seems to be only a small part of her appeal. The stunning 35-year-old looks a decade younger!

“They see that I am above all a woman and can be beautiful and sexy, and that disability is secondary,” Kiewitz said. “I wanted people to confront the ambiguity of beauty and disability.”

The ad was for CAP48, a nonprofit organization that highlights disability issues in France and Belgium.

Now, Kiewitz says she has "journalists from around the world calling" -- and we believe her. Who needs Victoria's Secret when you can see beauty and be inspired?

Read More: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/39758675/ns/today-to...

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  • LoneWolf 2010/10/31 13:45:24
    VERY inspiring. And she is beautiful too.
    Can you answer my question please? It's also about modelling.
  • concerned dude 2010/10/26 13:45:15
  • ☮Lilpanther2☮ 2010/10/25 19:41:28
    None of the above
  • ImSoMad 2010/10/25 19:39:20
    I think she is beautiful!!! I hope to see her on more magazine covers!
  • Arse-Whole 2010/10/25 19:10:19
    Some kind of freaky fetish just developed in my head the second I saw this picture. Hot damn!!!!
  • Daryl 2010/10/25 18:22:48
    Good for her!

    Instead of crying victim, she is succeeding!
  • Spud 2010/10/25 16:42:12
    A beautiful woman is just that... a beautiful woman, no matter what! Kudos to you!!!
  • xNinjaMonkeyx 2010/10/25 16:20:03
    None of the above
    Both! Some models that are like 5 pounds are like, "Im too fat to model"
    Well, I can definitally see her saying, "WTF bitch. I got one arm and Im the hottest god damn model you've ever seen!"
    You go girl!!
  • Manster 2010/10/25 15:58:12
    I'd say bothinspiring and hot!If the question hadn't mentioned the one hand thing,I likely wouldn't have noticed for a few minutes! ;-)
  • PapaBC 2010/10/25 15:25:39
    None of the above
    No a turn on for me.
  • XxXTiffany ScreamXxX 2010/10/25 13:41:17
    XxXTiffany ScreamXxX
    well, she is inspiring. how many people outthere with the same thing. and shes a model. :) awwee!
  • Poppa Blues 2010/10/25 13:40:43
    Poppa Blues
    She's hot and inspiring!
  • bob 2010/10/25 11:46:49
    hmm not so much inspiring as hot if i wanna be inspired i'll watch this guy.

  • Mrs Reckless 2010/10/25 09:04:53
    Mrs Reckless
    Totally inspiring! If she can get up in front of a camera with only one hand then she must have nerves of steel coz i know i couldnt get up in front of a camera with 2 hands never mind 1!!!
  • ShawntelMelvin 2010/10/25 07:38:55
    None of the above
    so what shes pretty thats all it comes down to. why does she thinks she doing so much? all she did was take a picture..all she is doing is feeding into the stereotype for women that we all have to be hot or your nothing. you dont see my sexy a$$ taking pictures like this!! why is beauty on the outside so important when there all those with it in the inside just as beauty?
    another thing why is it that if you have a hot and smart wife everyone has to say how lucky he is. I dont hear that being said about women who are just smart!!!
  • Angel* 2010/10/25 07:32:17
    None of the above
    At the end of the day it's still a lady in a bra.
  • ANGIE 2010/10/25 04:59:28
    dont think her face is really pretty-just average looking-hope she isnt being exploited just for a quick buck-she does have pretty hair-but she's just a 3 in my book-i am picky when it comes to beauty-she isnt a beauty according to my high standards
  • ladyjane 2010/10/25 03:30:04
    She has the grace and beauty to show that beauty is "really" only skin deep. I have to give her great credit for that...
  • Rabbit 2010/10/25 03:23:41
    She is certainly attractive. And the arm does not take away from the prettiness. :)
  • Kurbdog 2010/10/25 01:09:51
    And inspiring.Nothing wrong with missing an arm.I had a girlfriend who was deaf...........the deaf are judged unfairly,and tend to "cut off " hearing people from them.It is a hard barrier to get through and makes me sad that it is there.(A.S.L. is SO hard to learn!!)
  • pcs800 2010/10/25 00:41:54
    Not because she is missing part of one arm, just a good looking woman.
  • Kiss the Taint 2010/10/25 00:07:16
    None of the above
    Kiss the Taint
    That's disgusting.
  • Mrs Rec... Kiss th... 2010/10/25 09:06:18
    Mrs Reckless
    How can you say that? Would you get up in front of a camera with only one hand ?
  • Kiss th... Mrs Rec... 2010/10/26 01:35:35
    Kiss the Taint
    I'd rather get in front of a camera with my third leg!
  • mavrick_03 2010/10/24 23:00:12
    I'm ready to drop everything & fly off to wherever she is now !! ;-)
  • chaoskitty123 2010/10/24 22:50:36
    The fashion industries idea of hot are walking skeletons and when they talk of disability, they mean fat women. I have found women of all types fascinating when they are trying to show their beauty... even an ugly woman wearing a mask or face paint to be more mysterious or exotic focusing us on their bodies can be gorgeous. We've seen models with missing legs before and such so this isn't all that unusual except that she may gain success by having a deformity rather than success because she's beautiful which is a real shame.

    So no, I don't see her as inspiring unless you want women to start chopping off their arms to gain publicity like they do starving themselves to death... to me, she's just a beautiful woman and I would say that if she had no arms or legs at all. I know she didn't ask for this because of her missing arm and it takes courage to do this as she had to feel there would be a lot of discrimination against her. But it is also worrisome if too much is made of her missing arm because in the fashion world, women do almost anything to get ahead and there have been people in the past who mutilated themselves to gain success.
  • Marc 2010/10/24 19:53:04
    None of the above
    Isn't there a "Both" option?
  • *Idontcausecommotions,IAMone* 2010/10/24 19:45:53
    None of the above
    She is both. She is beautiful and inspiring. :)
  • PHS 2010/10/24 18:38:25
    None of the above
    I am glad that she is so secure that she can model, but whatever she is modeling should be the focus and not that she is missing a hand. I don't see how her modeling will be very effective unless it is a prosthetic or something similar. I don't mean to be cold, but it is just my opinion.
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2010/10/24 17:41:25
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    Her hand is missing? Might have took me a minute or two to notice. lol
  • vannuck 2010/10/24 16:23:50
    None of the above
    both inspiring and hot besides i doubt people will be lookin at her missing arm
  • Rore73 2010/10/24 16:01:16
    She's no less beautiful simply because she's missing an appendage.
  • LuridLolita 2010/10/24 15:43:42
    Too bad there isn't an all of the above option.
  • AndyWolf 2010/10/24 15:28:44
  • keyb23 2010/10/24 15:24:22 (edited)
    Inspiring and Gorgeous ! to take a quote from my Sis... '' You GO Girl !
    & thanks for sharing your Beautiful presence '
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/10/24 15:11:05
    Just shows you can do what you want to no matter, who or what you look like. YOU GO GIRL!
  • Josie 2010/10/24 14:45:05
    None of the above
    I think she is gorgeous but am troubled by her handicap. It must not be fun to live that way I admire her.
  • norml 2010/10/24 14:31:19
  • Michaela 2010/10/24 14:15:33
    Motivating and hot. Thats a good mix, we dont get much now a days!
  • Tucker 2010/10/24 13:53:55
    Nice to see there is room for all of us these days.

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