On eBay, after paying immediately, how long should it take the seller to ship the package or at least send a message signifying the transaction?

Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO 2012/06/16 14:00:18
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  • beach bum 2012/06/17 11:32:47
    beach bum
  • DM Twin 2012/06/17 04:40:12
    1-2 Days
    DM Twin
    One to two days to eb fair as everyone is not chained to the computer. Longer than that is unacceptable .
  • Vision of Verve 2012/06/16 20:10:46
  • MAZ142 2012/06/16 19:03:51
    3-5 Days
    Though really depends where you live, how busy the seller is and which shipment detail you chose.
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2012/06/16 18:36:13
    Week +
    SteveMarine- JLA
    I dunno... I hate ebay. And will never use ebay.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/06/16 18:32:27
    1-2 Days
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Depends on the seller, it usually will tell you when you order when to expect a reply or confirmation. Seems like mine were all pretty quick.
  • Mr.Steve 2012/06/16 15:11:30
  • Bingo's Faddah 2012/06/16 14:49:11
    1-2 Days
    Bingo's Faddah
    Unless they're dead or in jail.
  • Missile 2012/06/16 14:46:24
    1-2 Days
    If they are working days unless otherwise stated.
  • Fallout 2012/06/16 14:37:17
    This really needed the other option. Some sellers clearly state in the listing
    how long it will take. Some sellers, mostly new Ebayers, don't no how things
    work. If you are looking at something that you think you may bid on, and the
    sellers has not clearly stated his shipping conditions, send a message.
    A good seller should respond quickly with shipping information.

    I've sold things on Ebay. It's impossible to be at the computer 24/7. Most Ebay
    sellers have lives outside of Ebay. I do not expect an immediate response or
    shipment. Communication within 24hrs of the sale makes me happy, but if the
    seller has good reviews I'm patient.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/06/16 14:30:34
    1-2 Days
    1-2 Business days (excluding weekends) is normal. If you haven't received a tracking number by then, send a message to the seller and ask for one.
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/16 14:29:56
    1-2 Days
    Sister Jean
    I thought E Bay had a policy!
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/06/16 14:15:44
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    On receipt of payment...
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/16 14:10:47
    1-2 Days
    Not much longer than a few days
  • HarleyCharley 2012/06/16 14:00:54
    1-2 Days
    sooner the better..

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