Okay, is it wrong for a 13 year old girl to be dating a 17 year old guy if they don't have sex?

Skyla 2007/11/13 08:57:40
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  • jimih67 2007/11/13 12:22:12
    I think 13 is too young to be dating anyone, period. And when he turns 18 it becomes a criminal offense. It's good you aren't having sex, but I'm willing to bet you do more than just hold hands, or you wouldn't call it dating. If you were 19 and he were 23, that would be fine. But right now you should be thinking about your future and getting a good education, and worry about boyfriends later. I mean, he'll be in college and you'll be starting high school. The difference between 13 and 17 is much greater than the difference between 19 and 23. You can still be friends with the guy if your parents know him and approve, but save dating for later. This may not be what you want to hear and you may dismiss this, but think about it, you know its right.

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  • Domi 2014/10/14 20:11:54
  • aprilbaby3 2012/01/10 02:51:41
  • julia 2011/08/14 00:09:05
    it matters on the maturity of the girl, if shes mature and know whats right and whats wrong then its perfectly fine. Heck, i dont mind if a 67 year old is dating an 11 year old. as long as their happy, why does it matter? :)
  • Lovekills97 2011/07/28 10:55:23
  • vicky palmer 2011/06/21 16:43:06
    vicky palmer
    no cuz im 12 dating a 22 year old guy and yes we r haveing sex but im going to broke up with him cuz im in love with a 8 gerader so. year guy haveing sex broke cuz love 8 gerader i love u
  • Domi vicky p... 2014/10/14 20:03:27
    I'm not sure whether I've just been trolled, or what
  • abbeyy 2010/04/28 12:51:49
    I am a thirteen year old girl dating a seventeen year old guy. We are not having sex, and are waiting until we are both ready. So no, I don't think its wrong.. Although it may be different for my boyfriend and I, because we have been in love for over a year, if you love someone, its worth it. Love doesn't go by age, it's by the heart :)
  • mr spy101 2010/04/05 08:51:02
    mr spy101
    many are right its wrong but being friends is ok. TRUE( im a 13 year old boy i would know) that most guys that age are thinking about sex but not all guys are like that so mabey this guy is different but you never know
  • Schramm Kahee Russell The D... 2009/10/21 00:04:56
    Schramm Kahee Russell The Dream Weaver!
  • BiologyStudent 2009/10/05 16:23:33
    Depends on the maturity of the girl, but for the most part there aren't any 13 year old girls that are mature enough to be dating a guy with that age difference. Technically 4 years is nothing, were she 17 or 18 herself. But at 13 you haven't even had your period for more than a few months, if you've even gotten it at all. Your body is just now starting to change from a kid to a teenager. Besides, he at 17 would be itching for something more, and she's too young to be getting into that kind of stuff. Everyone who rushes into it without having reached the right maturity for it regrets it forever.
  • daniela Biology... 2011/04/26 02:25:52
    Excuse me but I'm 12 and had my period wen I was 11 and I used to date a romantic respectful 16 year old.
  • Babygirl<3 2009/10/05 16:16:02
    i think its totally ok, its their decision, no one elses
  • TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2009/09/15 14:18:40
    I dont see anything wrong with it - even if they do have sex - it should be their choice
  • Katie 2009/06/18 00:12:04
    I knew a girl who was 13 and was going out with a 17 year old guy and they were one of the sweetest couples ever. They really loved each other and he respected her so he never pressured her into doing anything she wasnt comfortable with. So I think its ok but it depends on the people.
  • Brit 2009/05/11 05:31:31
    13 is way too young to be dating someone that old, no offense.
  • Just Missy 2009/04/10 21:17:22
    Just Missy
    I view that as a senior in high school, who's about to go to college, dating a child in middle school. Yuck.
  • Alyssa 2009/04/10 21:13:22 (edited)
    I think yes & no but i've read a book like this its called Story of a girl by Sarah Zarr you guys you should read because the girl & the stiry was in the same situtation & they DID have sex & it total ruined her life...she was labled as the school h**
  • Erin<3=) 2008/06/14 23:06:59
    He could be trouble as in he could end up teaching her to do bad deeds, But it is her choice so if she can do whatever she wants.(unless her parents tell her otherwise.)
  • amanda 2008/06/10 16:48:28
    WHY WOULD IT BE? i mean i like this kid whos going to be a freshman and a guy who is a freshman and im young(11) but the most cooliest person youll ever meet.
  • Elaine~!*♥suicidalprep♥*!~ 2008/05/22 20:12:14
    it is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why cant they wait 5 years???? thats disgusting!!! im 13 and although i love a 28 yr old (PETE WENTZ) lol!!! thats really gross!
    maybe they arent having sex now but wait a few months!!!!1
  • angel 2008/03/29 22:08:07
    i am in that situation and we are not in it for sex
  • LoXx 2008/03/06 07:17:46
    Not as bad as it could be, but not good. Could raise some eyebrows...make that many eyebrows.
  • Allibear23 2008/02/24 03:40:27
    not because they like each other is the point
  • Foxy Girl 2008/02/11 23:26:41
    Foxy Girl
    I did it its fine
  • Steve 2008/02/06 02:06:32
    That's fucking sick on his part! 18 and 14? college and starting highschool?
  • itzjussme 2008/01/30 03:29:06
    I agree with jimij67.....too young to date!!
  • Foo Master Angie 2008/01/28 17:47:58
    Foo Master Angie
    First of all, I think that there's something wrong with a 17 year old that he would want to date a 13 year old. But, their lives are at different stages. The 13 year old is getting ready for high school, while the 17 year old is preparing for college. They are completely different mind sets, with completely different agendas.
  • Chansi (Mea) 2008/01/28 17:46:15
    Chansi (Mea)
    13 years old is to young to be dating period..OMG I was still playing with Barbie at that age...not that I did not look at boys but that was all it was...
  • Haku 2007/12/18 01:44:02 (edited)
    Most 17 year old boys only have one thing on their brain...SEX. Maybe right now he is not pushing the issue, but he could be waiting for a time where you leave yourself open then move in when you are emotionally down. I'm not saying all men are pigs...but I will say for the most part a lay is a lay sweetie. If you are sure its what you want then date him, but be careful as a situation like this could be very messy if he decides to look to another girl for his pleasures while he promises sweet nothings to you. I wouldn't want you to get your heart broke at such a young age when the world is full of people.
  • VanMan 2007/12/15 22:30:44
    Um...aren't most girls like in 7th grade at that point. And the dude has to be what...a senior in highschool. Yes to old. And in a year it's...oh...I dunno...ILLEGAL.
  • KGW 2007/12/09 21:24:26
  • Yes
    MIZ®  ₱д₸Ɽ¡Ö₸ ₩дⱤⱤ¡ÖⱤ   †
    yes yes yes!!!
  • ~DrunkOnShadowz~ 2007/12/09 02:32:19
    Who is this sign for????? Hmmmm
  • Dessa 2007/12/09 02:28:28
    I don't think it's really wrong... but I wonder what her parents say. o.o
  • BrownEyedGirl 2007/12/06 11:56:12
    Well, I was dating a 17 yr old when I was 14. My parents hated it... but we weren't doing anything any farther than kissing. Looking back now 14 was awful young to have a boyfriend at all, let alone going into college. 13 is even younger. I'd be willing to ask if the parents approve, and if not hold off on being more than friends for a couple more years.
  • LPE 2007/12/06 11:47:07
    Too much of a difference in experiences at those ages. Age becomes less important as you get older, like say... at least after H.S. I would be skeptical of the 17 yr old guy's motives, too many things to go wrong here...
  • reed 2007/11/28 11:31:33
    nothing is ever wrong in love it just depends on whats going on!
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2007/11/25 04:02:39
    In 9th grade I was 14-15 and had a female friend who was 19-20. I 12th grade I was 17-18 and had a female friend who was 14-15. I'm asexual so there was no problem with any of these relationships. We were only friends.
  • ►Cesar◄ 2007/11/14 03:44:04
    With parent permision
  • Florida Keys 2007/11/13 16:42:00
    Florida Keys
    People mature at different levels of age...So it has a lot to do how mature the person is. If there is no sex...I would say the girl is smart enough to know what the ratification could be if say she got preg. So I say go date, have fun and keep it clean cause peer preasure will one day kick in...

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