Obama’s Energy Plan: Costs Rise, Jobs Decline?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/03/07 07:43:45
Rising gasoline prices are again spotlighting President Obama’s
energy prescriptive -- one of the most dangerous policies embraced by his
administration. While he urges Americans to “place your bets on a
clean-energy-future,” he is asking them to accept a heavy tax on our economy.
When Obama claims, “We can’t rely on the fossil fuels from the last century,” he
reveals an outdated grasp of our country’s energy profile. How ironic that this
“new generation” leader is so behind the times.

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with Obama's Support

A new report from Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute
details the harm done by the fanciful quest for clean energy at any price. Mr.
Bryce has studied the impact of so-called “renewable portfolio standards” (RPS)
– the kind of directive that Mr. Obama wants to set for the entire nation -- on
the 29 states that have adopted these required minimum mandates for “green”
energy. He finds that forcing utilities to buy wind and solar energy drives up
electricity costs and slows growth. Specifically, in the states adopting RPS,
electricity costs were on average 32 percent higher than in states without such
mandates. In coal-dependent states, the damage is even worse; in the past
decade, those regions have suffered a 54 percent hike in electricity costs.

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  • johnc 2012/03/30 00:00:23
    Is Obama insane? today he said he wants to increase oil co. taxes to lower costs. then went into his incoherent rant about windmills, solar panels, and algae, So now he wants me to put a windmill on my car? solar panels? and algae in the gasoline tank? Insane or is he still using drugs. In his book he or Billy the bomber Ayers wrote that when Obie is depressed he turns to mind altering illegal drugs. Do we need drug testing in the WH or what?
  • wicked soda boy 2012/03/07 22:04:04
    wicked soda boy
    Obama wants the US to be "more popular" in the United Nations, where third world dictators spew anti-American speeches, and clamor for any excuse to slow the pace of economic activity in the US and re-distribute wealth via cap-and-trade or similar measures. Obama doesn't mind at all when the price of gasoline goes up - EXCEPT WHEN AN ELECTION IS APPROACHING, and even then, he has plenty of excuses he will use, such as "I have no magic bullet", or "It must be from speculators", or "I believe in an all of the above strategy (which isn't even true - he does believe - it just sounds good)".
  • goatman112003 2012/03/07 08:19:31
    Look it more than that. Obama intends on lowering the standard of living for us to meet the rest of the world. Electricity and energy costs make everything here more expensive which means we consume less hense causing a downward spiral til collapse. We will be all on food stamps if this crap keeps up.

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