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Obama Quits Smoking: Good News for America?

SodaHead Living 2011/02/09 15:00:00
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The puffer-in-chief has finally stopped smoking, first lady Michelle Obama told reporters on Wednesday.

"Yes, he has," she said in response to a question about President Obama's smoking habit, adding that "it's been almost a year."

She doesn't know exactly when he officially quit, "because he never smoked a lot" and she’d never see him smoke, The Associated Press reported.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said in December that he hadn't seen the president smoke in nearly nine months, but admitted that kicking the habit was a "struggle" for the president, according to ABC News.

In 2007, Michelle Obama told her husband that she'd only support his run for president if he stopped smoking.

"I hate it," she said on "60 Minutes" at the time. "That's why he doesn't do it anymore. I'm proud to say. I outed him. I'm the one who outed him on the smoking. That was one of my prerequisites for, you know, entering this race, is that, you know, he couldn't be a smoking president."

Guess it took him a little longer than she'd hoped, but the important thing is that he's finally done it. If presidents are expected to set a good example, we don't think the president should be condoning smoking, even once in a while.

Plus, if the 49-year-old prez wants to watch his young daughters grow up, he needed to quit ASAP. Otherwise, we might have wound up with a President Biden.

Read More: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2011/02/Mi...

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  • ♥Hannah♥~GSA 2011/02/27 05:35:33
    I guess?? Who cares.
  • Lesleya 2011/02/11 16:19:14
    Good news for his lungs.
  • Romanknite 2011/02/10 19:42:26
    Very good news, I never seen what people got out of smoking anyways besides yellow stained teeth. I think America should ban all cigarette smoking and sales.
  • nightlight 2011/02/10 17:10:05
    Too bad Obama quit smoking.
    I was counting on his smoking habit in the hope that smoking-related cancer might get rid of him.
    But that would be like one type of cancer getting rid of another.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/10 19:31:02
    Yeah, I no what you mean, I feel the same way about Sarah, hoping when she fires one of those guns, it backfires right between her eyes
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/11 04:49:09
    Why do you hate Sarah Palin so much? She isn't anywhere near as dangerous or destructive as Obama is.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/11 12:47:13
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/12 02:44:50
    Save your petty insults for someone else; it's not low in any sense of the term to wish death on someone who is destroying our country, our economy, and our way of life, among many of his other evils.
    And I've never called anyone on here a b@$tard or a fvcker.
    And my statement that Obama is dangerous is not an opinion; look the word up.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/12 14:25:11
    You sound pretty evil and dangerous your self, but you have your own opinions, maybe someone will wish death on you someday.
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/13 05:05:49
    Obviously you haven't looked up the meaning of the word "opinion" yet.
    And the only thing evil here is people like you who deny the truth and ignore reality.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/13 13:10:20
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/14 02:28:32
    An opinion is a belief not based on positive knowledge.
    Everything I have said here is based on positive knowledge.
    Therefore, the things I have said are not opinions.
    What you have written are opinions, totally in conflict with reality, and completely ludricous.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/14 19:05:18
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/15 00:48:44
    It doesn't matter to me whether what I wrote to you is "cool" or not.
    What does matter is that it is true.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/15 02:42:15
    OK chief, I get your point.
  • nightlight Romanknite 2011/02/16 02:29:11
    Sorry. I'm not an indian.
  • Romanknite nightlight 2011/02/16 13:27:57
    Sure...thanks for your time.
  • LawMan5150 2011/02/10 16:48:09
    Great that's just what we need, him even more unstable.
  • Romanknite LawMan5150 2011/02/11 12:49:47
    Even though this is not true, what's the difference if you lip sync or read of the palm of your hand, both the same ...right
  • LawMan5150 Romanknite 2011/02/16 09:46:22
    It was a joke. But the guy can't talk without a teleprompter. He's a complete tool. Same with anyone who has to write their speeches on their hands.
  • Romanknite LawMan5150 2011/02/16 13:29:09
    OK, opinion respected.
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/03/29 00:35:28
    Patrick Jones
    The difference is that Obama has entire speeches written for him... Sarah Palin had point written on her hand... Just like the people who use note cards to make sure the get everything, but the words are not written by someone in the background.
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/03/29 03:47:12
    Yeah...excuses, excuses.
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/03/29 04:14:21
    Patrick Jones
    so you berated nightlite for not respecting others opinions, just because their didnt agree with his, then like a hypocritical asswipe mock mine because you dont like them.... Good one.
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/03/30 10:46:33 (edited)
    I have nothing against Sarah, nothing! but I'm challenging your reason of excuses you r making up for writing on her hand. If it was Obama who got caught with notes on the palm of his hand you'd probably be barking a different tune. I never disrespected your opinion now did I? and I'll leave the kiddy name calling out.
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/03/31 01:25:45
    Patrick Jones
    I would not be singing a different tune. If he relied on notes when speaking to people, I would say... Oh hey... He's a normal guy... And when he misspoke because he does talking from notes... I would say give him a break... at least you know its him talking not some speech writer. George Bush misspoke, and I never ridiculed him for it. Clinton misspoke and other than one line, I never ridiculed him for it either. People say something wrong all the time when they are coming up with the words as they go... Obama never makes up words as he goes, he reads them... like a fifth grader can.... There is no respect due there. When he spoke to a FORTH GRADE CLASS he used a teleprompter. Even at his speech saying he wouldn't use a teleprompter as much, he was reading from a teleprompter. Where are HIS thoughts? Why dont we just elect his speech writer as president... at least then we would know the words are his own....

    Also, mocking my opinion with "Yeah...excuses, excuses." is extremely disrespectful, and if you dont know that, then you have no room to berate others for their lack of respect.
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/04/01 01:49:05
    I see your a hard person to get along with, but that's ok I'm not mad at you, your only human. So it looks like we'll never come to any reasoning or common ground, so I
    'll just close it with ....peace 2u
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/04/01 02:50:34
    Patrick Jones
    It is impossible to come to a common ground when one person makes points like i did, and the other acts like a petulant child.
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/04/01 03:22:52
    I see your one of the folks who feels it's either your way or the highway........
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/04/01 03:25:37
    Patrick Jones
    you have offered no other thoughts. No other explanation. You are apparently speaking about yourself
  • Dhawgg 2011/02/10 16:21:11
    Obama quitting his job would be good news for America.
  • Linda Deaton 2011/02/10 15:46:56
    Linda Deaton
    yes, if he really did. Can't trust him to tell the truth
  • Red Branch 2011/02/10 15:44:22
    Red Branch
    It would be better for America if he had quit while living in Kenya.
  • Romanknite Red Branch 2011/02/10 19:32:16
    He never lived in Kenya....
  • Red Branch Romanknite 2011/02/11 15:32:50
    Red Branch
    It's a matter of semantics. While he may never have 'lived' there; he was born there and I am quite sure that he may have slept there for a few days and nights. Back then women were in the hospital for 3 or 4 days after giving birth.
  • Romanknite Red Branch 2011/02/11 19:02:09
    What makes you believe he was born in Kenya vrs. Hawaii. Of course he visited Kenya when he got older, but he wasn't born there.
    John McCain was born in Panama, is that ok by you?
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/03/29 00:45:18
    Patrick Jones
    John McCain was was born in a US Hospital while the US owned and controlled the Panama canal. That is the same as being born in Hawaii, Puerto Rico or on an Overseas military base... Its Sovereign US soil and therefore qualifies him for presidency.

    Obama on the otherhand refuses to produce a Document that cost ~$20 to produce, and instead chooses to fight it tooth and nail. A short form birth certificate can be faked in ten minutes by a crooked clerk... There is no information on there that could be backed up with anything other than peoples words... A long form on the other hand, has the Doctors name, and charge nurses name and could easily be backed up by records from the hospital... So if there is nothing to hide, then why does he not just produce the certificate while he is on one of his many tax payer funding trips 'home"? Ockham's razor suggests its because he cant.
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/03/29 03:49:08
  • Patrick... Romanknite 2011/03/29 04:14:46
    Patrick Jones
    and then do it again....
  • Romanknite Patrick... 2011/03/30 10:47:53
    Well I see you don't care to be challenged on your opinions.
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