New Study Says Most Use Facebook to Spy on Exes: Do You Stalk Your Ex Online?

mrosen814 2012/08/02 21:00:00
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The University of Western Ontario conducted a study that found 88% of individuals are guilty of using Facebook to spy on an ex. Veronika Lukacs, who wrote her thesis on the subject told the New York Daily News, “It’s so interesting right now, so different from before this technology existed.” She goes onto say, "once you broke up in the past, it was over.” But now, according to her study, "nearly everyone" uses Facebook to clue themselves in to the lives of their exes.

If you think you’re the only one who creeps on Facebook to see what an ex is up to, think again. Nearly everyone — 88% — is guilty of using the social network to spy on someone after a breakup, research from University of Western Ontario finds.
guilty social network spy breakup research university western ontario finds

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/14 03:32:00
  • lucky 2012/08/08 13:41:20
    I dont think my ex even has a facebook account, my daughter has never mentioned it but if he does or did, I try to forget he even existed so I really have no desire to know what damage he is doing now.
  • Ben 2012/08/07 21:01:36
    1. I have a life.
    2. I hope all my exes are doing well.
    3. Stalking in real life is much more fun than stalking online.
  • fireware0062 2012/08/07 19:21:55
  • TheMayor 2012/08/07 17:26:13
    crap, I meant to hit NO. I could give two hoots about what they are doing.
  • Ekua 2012/08/07 17:05:08
    I refuse to spy or use falsebook.
  • Seeker of Truth - War Wizard 2012/08/07 14:59:07
    Seeker of Truth - War Wizard
    But then, my last "ex" is from more than 20 years ago...
  • bob 2012/08/07 14:15:32
    why, if it's over move on
  • MelissaBrumbaugh 2012/08/07 14:08:28
    No but I do check up on my ex every now and then, just to make sure he's alive of course, since I do live with his grandmother, and she asked me to live with her, but I'm with it but yea that's the only reason I look at his profile on facebook
  • 001 2012/08/07 13:05:15 (edited)
  • Vodka 2012/08/07 08:06:42
    I've done this and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Maybe it's an ex that you miss or you jus want to know what they're up to. Maybe u wanna see if they've moved on or something. It's not Pathetic it's human
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/08/07 07:47:37
    Inquisitve Kat
    That's actually pretty creepy... or at least, pathetic.

    stalker girl
  • Derbyhat 2012/08/07 07:32:45
    Those who stalk are insecure, paranoid and one way people. The usually do what they would forbid their significant other to do, even to an insignificant level.
  • sglmom 2012/08/07 05:47:25
    They are an EX for a reason ..
    (some very serious ones .. this is the reason why there are restraining orders too)

    Quite frankly ..
    I am going to point this out ..

    there's some SERIOUS Reasons why one should be aware of what is going on-line on FaceBook (or other Social Sites) ..
    when the EX is .. a Sociopath .. makes threats against your life .. slanders/libels you .. posts all kinds of filth and nastiness ..
    then YES .. this information should be gathered, identified .. tracked .. and law enforcement should be seriously looking at these THREATS .. for prosecution under the law (especially when there's PAST Domestic Violence too) ..

    (These like this (who post threats on-line) .. need prosecution and sentencing as the CRIMINALS that they are .. )
  • ..tisha... 2012/08/07 05:33:09
    I'm friends with most of my ex's. We all have a cordial relationship- I don't wish ill of any of them because we were young and now I do feel happy when I see one of them in a relationship that makes them happy- life is too short to be bitter over something that wasn't meant to happen for either party. They also contact me and say they are happy for me and how I'm doing.
  • JingerJewels 2012/08/07 04:52:06
    Hell no
  • TheBorg 2012/08/07 02:56:36 (edited)
    I am not on Facebook.

    WTF?!?! Since when is going on a public internet site comparable to looking through someone's window?

    stalk·er/ˈstôkər/ Noun:
    A person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person.
    A person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.

    How the f#$% is looking at a public web site "spying" or "stalking"?

    You people are stupid....and liars.

    persecutes obsessive attention public web site spying stalking people stupid
  • angel face 2012/08/07 01:27:09
    angel face
    That is just disgusting. Who does that and thinks it is okay needs to go get that checked out
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/08/07 00:48:59
    Christopher Kirchen
    Once an ex is an ex that's it. With only one exception I don't communicate with my exes.
  • Jaiheena Star 2012/08/06 22:47:10
  • tom 2012/08/06 19:39:48 (edited)
    No, I don't have an ex but I feel like a stalker ever time I use it. I guess I just don't ever feel welcomed on any of my friends pages. Also when ever I post something I feel as if I have a stalker, Facebook is crap. Crooked eye to everybody.
  • Ramón 2012/08/06 16:37:38
    She is an X, not my EX, just and X. There is a reason for her status as an X. Stalking her would be like using a flexscope down the toilet to see where my waste has gone. It isn't worth the time or effort to stalk her.
  • ERide54 2012/08/06 16:21:19
    Could care less.
  • Lady Winters 2012/08/06 16:05:26
    Lady Winters
    my "ex", which I barely consider him an ex but more of a friend, was something that happen 12 yrs ago. I went to his wedding and he came to mine. We're friends on facebook. lol So no, I don't stalk him.
  • Maximus 2012/08/06 14:10:39
    To me spying on your ex means not only you miss them but you still have feelings for them, your still thinking about them. Unless you were the one that got dumped or made the decision for a breakup and regretting it.
  • Hope 2012/08/06 11:21:23
    I use facebook for other stuff to, but like when i miss my ex i do go on her page.
  • art1ej 2012/08/06 08:43:17
    I block all my ex's when they try to friend me..i would never stalk someone i dont want around me & dont care what they do...
  • Lady-DeathBright 2012/08/06 08:35:56
    I defriend them. Its everything just seems odd trying to talk.
  • Different 2012/08/06 01:44:08
    No, because I don't have an ex.
  • dandieselonian 2012/08/06 01:02:20
    I ruined her relationship with my sons after that I dont need to know anyting
  • dandies... dandies... 2012/08/06 01:12:13
    She on the otherhand she loved the xfiles
  • Nikoru 2012/08/06 00:16:45
    No.. I move on and find someone else. I really don't care what the other person does. :3
  • Vic F 2012/08/05 22:14:11
    Vic F
    I stack my ex on the corner she works. street hookers
  • Ozymandias 2012/08/05 21:44:43
  • AyyyJose 2012/08/05 20:14:11 (edited)
    I sadly unfriended them xD
    haha mistake xd
  • Inquisi... AyyyJose 2012/08/07 07:51:06
    Inquisitve Kat
    It's probably for the best... an ex is an ex for a reason.
  • AyyyJose Inquisi... 2012/08/07 15:19:39
    True :3
  • james.a.peters.71 2012/08/05 20:01:49
    BUT .... last year my Ex kept and eye on my FB profile - ( I left her 'cos she cheated on me ) ... and when my EX saw I was " In a Relationship" with a lovely cute girl ... she started taking extacy and going to Disco's , such was her depression - silly cow . .. we're friends now though .... not all hope is lost for her ;)
  • Savior 2012/08/05 19:20:32
    don't have one
  • thetacat 2012/08/05 14:39:03
    A little >.> I can't really deny it.

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