New Miss America Crowned: Do You Still Watch Beauty Pageants?

Living 2012/01/16 18:05:02
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The Miss America pageant seems like an outdated relic of the past, but Saturday night's showdown was the highest-rated Miss America broadcast in eight years, with 8 million viewers watching Miss Wisconsin win the crown, Las Vegas Weekly reports. Huh? We didn't even know it was on, let alone spend our Saturday night watching women compete in the swimsuit category.

Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler was crowned the new 2012 Miss America, and needless to say, it was an emotional moment -- for her at least. "I was crying even before my name was called," Kaeppeler said, according to USA Today. "It was just surreal to have this honor."

Kaeppeler, 23, talked about her father's jail time for mail fraud, and said she wants become a lawyer, specializing in helping children of incarcerated adults (the $50,000 scholarship money is going toward law school). She also sang an operatic piece, and said she "secretly wishes to swim with dolphins."

Finally, the beautiful young woman who loves convicted criminals, music and dolphins was presented with the flowers, sash and crown. But does anyone care about beauty pageants anymore? Did you tune in? Or do you find beauty pageants sexist, silly and stupid?
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  • Antirepublican 2012/06/04 02:15:53
  • Umbreon! 2012/01/20 02:15:27
    No, they're outdated
    It would be fun if they weren't judged based on petty characteristics. Unfortunately, I can't remember a time when people weren't, so whatever.
  • kelly 2012/01/17 18:13:27
    No, they're outdated
    i just dont like the idea of praising women and girls over things like vanity. Wisdom, intelligence, respect, hard work, perseverance, generosity, bravery, loyalty, compasion, arent those the things we should be honoring? Not who can walk down the stage in an overpriced dress the best.
  • Frank 2012/01/17 17:27:43
    Yes, they're fun
    It was OK. All I have to say is where's the beef?????
  • Sass 2012/01/17 17:12:34
    No, they're outdated
    No, they used to have some class about them, but now they're getting skanky, like most shows on TV.
  • schjaz 2012/01/17 15:28:41
    No, they're outdated
    I think they are stupid.
  • fofo 2012/01/17 14:58:41
    No, they're outdated
    it soo bored
  • Chris 2012/01/17 14:34:39
    No, they're outdated
    They are boring. I would rather watch sports.
  • NANA 2012/01/17 09:33:13
    No, they're outdated
    i only saw it once ... and that was a long time ago
  • davidl 2012/01/17 06:20:33
    No, they're outdated
    My wife and I watched for a bit. Boy, did they just up the age requirements? They had a few that looked like they were in their 30s.
  • david shiel 2012/01/17 05:04:47
    No, they're outdated
    david shiel
    aoy does
  • S123 2012/01/17 04:33:15
    No, they're outdated
    I never watched them
  • Aeronut 2012/01/17 02:58:10
    No, they're outdated
    I started to watch it, but got bored. They're hot women, but.. ok, what else is there to it?
  • vinone 2012/01/17 02:30:42
    No, they're outdated
    They have celebrity judges, it's a gimmick....
  • Vision of Verve 2012/01/17 01:17:11
  • De-Dee 2012/01/17 01:16:47
    No, they're outdated
    this is as close as it gets miss congeniality
  • Riobhca 2012/01/17 01:12:25 (edited)
    No, they're outdated
    I never liked them. Disgusting, stupid and ridiculous. And they're demeaning to women's intelligence. When will our society ever grow out of this garbage???
  • niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20 2012/01/17 01:05:46
    Yes, they're fun
    niviongo R ☮ P ☮ 12-20
    Only the 10 seconds bikini part.
  • Icon 2012/01/17 00:02:31
    No, they're outdated
    I always thought that women wanted be recognized for more than there beauty. So why would I watch a show that judges them mainly on that one aspect?
  • hannah 2012/01/16 23:47:25 (edited)
    No, they're outdated
    no i watch good tv
  • jere.chievres 2012/01/16 23:27:19
    No, they're outdated
    And stupid.
  • Stacie's Mirage 2012/01/16 23:16:07
    No, they're outdated
    Stacie's Mirage
  • Deb 2012/01/16 22:51:06
    No, they're outdated
    I don't see any real beauty inside or out,fake predictable answers and a fake face and body to match. Never have any one of these broads kept a promise. I could Just buy a big tiara at Claire's boutique And call myself miss America. It doesn't mean What it used to
  • cm 2012/01/16 22:48:38
    No, they're outdated
  • Brittany 2012/01/16 22:39:56
    Yes, they're fun
    I've always wanted to be in one but I'm scared to tell my mommy.
  • beck 2012/01/16 22:26:39
    Yes, they're fun
    i honestly spent an hour watching it while on the phone with my bff and it was freaking hilarious!!! we totally butchered the entire thing
  • émilie✿ 2012/01/16 22:23:50
    No, they're outdated
    Wow.. Talent and beauty only get you so far in this world.
    Judging people on those things... That's stupid.
    I feel like most of those girls are probably quite dense anyways.
    Using their looks to get by in life or something.
  • Gregaj7 2012/01/16 22:15:26
    No, they're outdated
    Like much in this country, they've turned them into commercial enterprises.
  • Maverick Capitalist 2012/01/16 21:31:31
    No, they're outdated
    Maverick Capitalist
    It is not that they are outdated, I just don't care. It reminds me of a reality show, but thankfully this one ENDS in a couple of hours. I cannot imagine investing my time in this non-event or a reality program period!!
  • Ketel-One 2012/01/16 21:31:06 (edited)
    No, they're outdated
    Never have in the first place. Am happy however that Miss Wisconsin won
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2012/01/16 21:30:59
    No, they're outdated
    Ghostie Of the Night
    I sometimes did a few years ago but now
    bored sleep gif
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2012/01/16 21:24:13 (edited)
    Yes, they're fun
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Of course..it's always fun to watch girls walking around in nice clothes..

    or sparse clothes ;)

    watch only World&Universe; contests though..
  • Waiting in the Wings 2012/01/16 21:11:52
    No, they're outdated
    Waiting in the Wings
    The pageants expect people to be perfect but everyone has a past and when the past comes out these women lose their crown. They teach girls and women that their bodies are something to be judged like little dolls. It teaches boys and men to objectify women and it's boring.
  • Wanderer 2012/01/16 21:03:14
    No, they're outdated
    I watched one of these cattle shows when I was 16 but since then I would prefer to watch something that's entertaining...
  • Aspect of B 2012/01/16 21:03:00
    No, they're outdated
    Aspect of B
    "Outdated relic of the past". Fitting.
  • Lady D.J 2012/01/16 21:01:03
    No, they're outdated
    Lady D.J
    Still? I never did!
  • Codedfreaq 2012/01/16 20:53:45
    No, they're outdated
    STILL? Never did. The whole idea seems outdated.
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/01/16 20:39:59
  • *T.O.P* ♥ MY OPPA <3 2012/01/16 20:23:50
    No, they're outdated
    *T.O.P* ♥ MY OPPA <3
    i never have watched them, and i certainly never will. not my type of thing. i definitely won't watch any after Rima Fakih was on WWE Tough Enough.
    rime fakih wwe
    rime fakih wwe rime fakih wwe
  • The_Cat 2012/01/16 20:21:42
    No, they're outdated
    Why do crown these women for being born beautiful?

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