New Mexico Candy Store Selling 'Blue Meth' Candy: Would You Buy 'Breaking Bad'-Themed Candy?

Daryl 2012/08/22 19:00:00
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COMPLEX.COM reports:
A candy store in New Mexico has been selling "blue meth" candy to pay homage to the extra-potent drug popularized by "Breaking Bad."
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  • John Freeman 2012/08/23 01:56:28 (edited)
    John Freeman

    Breaking Bad is an awesome show! And I'm surprised how many ppl are saying "no", its just a candy! The chance of people becoming meth addicts themselves solely because its from a meth-related show is practically zero. There are much more devious things pumped into all sorts of consumer products these days, sometimes without ppl knowing.

    Btw the article fails to mention that the candy meth is actually the prop meth in the show, as seen on The Candy Lady's website; "Several seasons ago The Candy Lady was approached to provide the show prop for Albuquerque's Hit TV Show "Breaking Bad.""

    The stuff in the store may be just excess from what the show didnt use. Even if it isnt; its just candy. Is it so wrong to share it with ppl?

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/04 00:11:05
  • Ginger 2012/12/08 01:00:58
    Meth isn't a candy , we don't play with life of other . I like Breaking bad but drugs are drugs , you can't be blind and make a candy even false , how many people died , fight daily because once they touched to meth , seriously think twice !
  • Tomboy110 2012/10/05 06:24:21
    Why can't they just end meth already!!! You've seen the disturbing yet true commercials right!?
  • P. Sturm 2012/09/12 06:48:29
    P. Sturm
    I lived in the drug generation and was toast every night for a while. Kids don't need candy glorifying it.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/08/28 21:08:15
    I am not a druggie!
  • HBO 2012/08/26 03:27:15
    I watched the first season of Breaking Bad and thought it was an awesome show. As a former meth addict I found it very interesting (and also noticed some "mistakes") but I didn't end up watching the other seasons. Did they end up making blue Meth and is this why it's supposed to be "funny" ? I can see an adult who likes the show appreciating the candy. However, as a mother, if my child brought a candy to me called Blue Meth and said "Mommy, can I get this ?" I would be appalled. This is something that would be more appropriate sold in a smoke shop, not a convenience or grocery store. I don't care that it's candy, and it's not going to harm my child, but the idea of my 4 or 6 year old eating a candy that looks like crystal meth is just not ok. It's probably just pure sugar anyway, which I'm also not ok with. I've been a drug addict. I don't want my kids to think in any way that meth is something ok to use or not harmful to them. It's a horrible, poisonous drug that destroys your body, your mind, your relationships, your life. It's certainly not something to make a joke out of. Especially if it's available to children. I think it's fine that the lady makes it for the show, but I question her judgement in packaging it and selling it. Like I said, if a smoke shop or a liquor store where kids can't shop wants to sell it, whatever, but I would definitely complain if one could get it at 7-11 or Safeway.
  • Kitsune... HBO 2012/08/27 08:15:58
    The proper name for it is "Blue Sky."

    And even though I personally detest tweakers and have absolutely no desires to try meth or anything else past marijuana, I still enjoy the show... just like I enjoy watching shows like Dexter but would never go on a homicidal spree, okay maybe.... but only if my victims are members of the KKK or WBC.
  • HBO Kitsune... 2012/08/28 08:58:41
    I have nothing against the show, believe me. I loved the first season. I only stopped watching because I have kids and when I have time to sit and watch TV, reality shows are what I prefer to watch. I think most people are smart enough to watch a show and not run out to get whatever they saw. But the thought of my kids eating something like that is very bothersome, because I know what real meth can do. I don't want anything around my children to even remotely make them think meth or any other hard drug is not dangerous.
  • Ginger HBO 2012/12/08 01:04:19
    I'm happy to read FORMER meth addict , i congratulate you !
  • Magicman 2012/08/25 16:31:20
    Children who find real meth at home or on the street might eat it thinking it was candy.
  • HBO Magicman 2012/08/26 03:11:38
    Real meth isn't blue, and assuming it was just laying around the house or in the street, if your children are so young that they eat random crap off the ground, you should be right there holding their hand.
  • Kitsune... Magicman 2012/08/27 08:22:04
    Just like that time I ate real cigarettes because I got those little fake gelatin stick candy cigs (and those yummy fruit flavored gum cigs with the powdered sugar that blew out of the wax paper wrapped around them) during Halloween! Oh wait, I never did that, because even at age 6 in the mid 80's I still knew the difference... there are worse and more likely things to worry about your kids doing, like taking their dad's electronic solder and making it into pretend rings and necklaces. S'ok though, my dad was illiterate so of course he couldn't read that little warning about the solder having lead in it, lulz.
  • Vic F 2012/08/25 11:57:39
    Vic F
    it might be fun
  • Butch 2012/08/25 10:11:13
  • Kitsune... Butch 2012/08/27 08:23:47
    I don't even have friggin' cable and I still know what Breaking Bad is. But then of course, Netflix and Hulu have supplanted actual television for me.
  • mm61675 Kitsune... 2012/11/07 18:56:03
    Breaking Bad is on Netflix
  • Kitsune... mm61675 2012/12/16 16:17:33
    Yes... that is why I said that "Netflix and Hulu have supplanted actual television for me." As in I don't need the former (cable television) when I have the latter.
  • Rebecca 2012/08/25 06:26:42
    I don't watch the show so I have no interest in it. I'm sure id like the Show if I tried but it's complicated if you don't watch from the beginning
  • shane 2012/08/25 04:31:11
    I dont really watch T.V so i have no idea what the hell the homage is to........
    But why in the hell would anyone who doesn't need a boot in their ass market a candy(wich children like) that references one of the ugliest drugs on the the streets that kids walk on their way to school??
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2012/08/24 20:00:53
  • Jules 2012/08/24 18:22:40
    HELL YES!!~ That's only one of my favorite shows of all time! LOL I think that it's funny that a New Mexico store is actually selling that candy, I would buy it. I would honestly just be having a 'ohmygod its Breaking Bad!' moment and be laughing hysterically. I think it's just funny, I guess people who don't watch the show don't really see it as a joke (?).
  • HBO Jules 2012/08/26 03:29:49
    People who don't watch the show would not have any idea what the joke was, but my concern would be if my kids asked me for blue meth candy. I'd never say yes and I would have to have a conversation with them that they're not quite ready for. Hopefully the only places that would sell it would be adult stores...smoke shops, liquor stores, etc.
  • Kitsune... HBO 2012/08/27 08:26:25 (edited)
    It's like those bottles of "TruBlood" that got sold in Hot Topic a while back... and then I bet people were all like "wtf is that about?" but then of course, those people don't have Showtime, and neither do I! But thanks to the "series of tubes," I still get to watch it anyway. It's amusing to me all these people who actually pay a subscription for cable television (and those extra pay channels), and actually spend money on pay to play services like "Gametap" or the Wii's Virtual Console when they could just download shows via torrent or watch them on Netflix and learn how to use a damn emulator... =p
  • Jules HBO 2012/08/28 17:57:17
    Ah yes, that's a concern to think about as well. If my little brother ever asked me for it then I'd be concerned about it. But to me, because I'm a little older and watch the show, I just sort of see it as a hysterical and fun tribute to the show.
  • Ravenna Nepenthe 2012/08/24 17:50:02
    Ravenna Nepenthe
    I know that it is only candy but I don't see why anyone would want to joke or even pay homage to a dangerous and lethal drug. Seems pretty damn stupid in my eyes.
  • Sammy 2012/08/24 17:14:32
    Of course! I love that show!
  • Insanebane 2012/08/24 17:04:20
    Hell No!!
  • Skar 2012/08/24 14:22:51
    I would eat while pretending to smoke with my candy cigarette.
  • HBO Skar 2012/08/26 03:36:44
    Well, if you wanted to be technical, you wouldn't eat it at all...you'd crush it up and snort it. You could try to smoke it but sugar burns really fast.
  • Kitsune... HBO 2012/08/27 08:33:45
    Only if you were role-playing as Tuco... but then you need a knife to crush it up with, and afterwards you have to say "THAT SH*T KICKS LIKE A MULE" and then beat the ever-living crap out of your underling until he's going into convulsions, then have your other underling ditch him under a stack of cars at a junk yard, then get crushed under said stack of cars...
  • HBO Kitsune... 2012/08/28 09:01:38
    If they wanted to get really realistic the actors could liquefy the candy and shoot it up for one HELL of a sugar rush !
  • Blur3737 2012/08/24 11:25:46
    Thats horrible and only promotes meth, kids will eat this crap and want to start doin meth
  • HBO Blur3737 2012/08/26 03:35:52
    I agree that it's a really bad idea, but I doubt a kid's going to eat it then run around going "I gotta find some meth !"
  • nanmx 2012/08/24 02:53:09
    Just more of the communist destruction of America....yeah...meth is real funny! Eating people from the inside out...a most destructive candy and they are making candy flavored meth for children so I find no humor in this just more of hollywoods campaign to destroy our country and our cihldren...death to hollywood.....!
  • Sammy nanmx 2012/08/24 17:18:38
    This candy is from a SHOW. Calm down.
  • nanmx Sammy 2012/09/09 02:54:39
    yeah... mexican gangs are making candy-flavored meth in reality....and it's not funny on a show either get a clue!
  • Sammy nanmx 2012/09/26 20:39:11
    The show is not about meth flavored candy you idiot. The candy is not actauly meth its fake meth for the show. Don't talk about things you don't know.
  • nanmx Sammy 2012/09/29 14:49:11
    Meth flavored candy is nothing to joker about you idiot! Its evil stuff and has no place in a comedy show....
  • Sammy nanmx 2012/10/08 17:32:22 (edited)
  • HBO nanmx 2012/08/26 03:31:55
    Well, it's not really "candy flavored meth", it's meth shaped candy. Although if you used meth, it would be a lot better if it tasted like candy...it's not very flavorful at all.
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