My Way News - In Obama era, have race relations improved?

Daryl 2012/07/30 01:58:20
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In Obama era, have race relations improved?

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  • P. Sturm 2012/09/14 18:21:26
    P. Sturm
    Racism can't hide it's ugly face as easily so people have to address it.
  • HAlex1972 2012/08/08 11:25:55
    Not at all
  • Frannin 2012/08/02 17:43:10
    Overall, yes, or we would not have a black man in the Oval Office. Nevertheless, I believe
    the population has become more "aware" of racial differences and those factions which are negative speak in a louder voice than they used to. We still have a long way to go to
    achieve inter-racial harmony which must be our goal. We are all little spirits just trying to
    get by.
  • mwg0735 2012/08/02 11:43:19
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/08/02 09:10:49
  • studiobrat PWCM AFCL 2012/07/31 21:18:39
    studiobrat  PWCM AFCL
    Race relations are so much worse in Obama era. Since the current POTUS is so fond of the race card, he makes it easier for racists everywhere to openly voice their racism along with his buddies, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and his former pastor who presided at his wedding cereony. Racist card
  • Mungu studiob... 2012/08/02 16:46:42 (edited)
    Nice card, kinda funny. Just a few details -
    Emancipation was 147 years ago, not 200 (My great-great grandfather
    was American "property")
    Did the "bad treatment" stop then?
    The old folks use to say that before emancipation we would cry if our children were born female, afterwards we cried if the child was born male.

    Where can I get my "free ride". I would like one of those free multi-acre packages like many Swedes got then they came to Minnesota. Talk about your leg up. Those jive turkey suckas were starving in Europe came here and got free land. Didn't have to have their bodies, mind, sex and very life force totally exploited for generations for it.
  • overdog001 2012/07/31 16:25:31
    They are worse now than they were in the inner cities in the 60s. Our president is actively, knowingly, working to try to make it worse.
  • Deep007 2012/07/31 16:13:33
    Thats a joke...right son
  • sherdon2 2012/07/31 14:27:04
    One word...WORSE!!!
  • princess 2012/07/31 03:37:04
    OMG, he's been complicit in worsening it, and is the most racial devisive president EVER.
  • Scott C 2012/07/31 02:50:19
    Scott C
    Are you kidding??? Things have only gotten worse not better...unfortunately.
  • Elz 2012/07/31 01:42:18
    no and it will never be.
  • sick'n'tired PWCM 2012/07/31 01:18:22
    sick'n'tired PWCM
    Worse than ever.
  • Ira 2012/07/31 00:30:34
    The real race hatred has come out.
  • Deep007 Ira 2012/07/31 16:14:10
    yeah...black against white
  • Ira Deep007 2012/08/01 00:11:20
    No, different against similar. DIfferent just happens to be black. Similar happens to be white. Now, in this day and age, because blacks get more and more vocal about wanting acceptance and equality, they are met with more and more resistance because the whites in power do not really want blacks as equals let alone in command. Considering the ration of blacks to whites, the ration of people of color in positions of power is way off that mark. That isn't by fate, but by practice.
  • Christian 2012/07/31 00:27:06
    No not at all.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/07/30 23:58:21
  • Deep007 Vision ... 2012/07/31 16:15:10
    Heh heh heh...
    who knows better than us
  • 4dc 2012/07/30 22:49:54
    no...they have worsened...and they will continue to erode
  • twhiting9275 2012/07/30 21:08:42
    Obama is as racially motivated as it gets. He and his fans blatantly accuse individuals of being 'racist' simply because we didn't vote for the man, while, them voting for him specifically for his skin color is not racist (to them).

    Racism is dead. it's buried, and only carried on by a few individuals too out of touch to realize that it's gone. The problem is that the rules don't apply equally.... Case in point, the N word. Hey, we get it, don't use it, but if YOU can use it, then WE can use it just the same. Same with every other word.

    Racism is only carried out in accusation any more, that's all, and you can bet the individuals making the accusation are more racist than the one they're accusing
  • rand 2012/07/30 21:07:30
    It appears not since closet racists have just developed more profound rationalizations, but education and awareness will decrease bigotry in the young. Progress on these issues has been and will be slow.
  • Eric 2012/07/30 21:00:01
    Race is being used as a political football and has gotten worse as a result. However, in our normal, non-political, human lives, things are much better.

    Race Relations

    BTW, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is 2%. 95% of Repubs would vote for a Black versus 97% of Democrats.
    Can't wait to hear about the bigotry and prejudice about Mormons.
  • Always Right 2012/07/30 20:25:16
    Always Right
    Evidently not. I thought with 0bama's election it would be better, but it seems to be escalating.
    Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse.
  • none 2012/07/30 19:52:19
  • Hopscotch 2012/07/30 19:43:12
    The left are Lefter and the right are Righter (more extreme bigots). lefter righter extreme bigots
  • RobbyRhodes88 2012/07/30 19:14:17
    No. And to a extent, from my personal experiences in recent years, it would seem there are some people more divided than before. And that really is sad. I became a full grown adult in 2009 and was able to go out and listen to what more of the public is talking about. Sometimes I wish I'd stay home.
  • Mungu 2012/07/30 19:05:40
    Oppps, I meant to say no. This is the worst time of race relations in the history of the United States, perhaps the entire planet, hell, the entire Milky Way Galaxy. President Obama has subjected good God fearing white Americans to such hardship and pain un-precedented in the history of mankinds violent history. Such toil and hardship they must suffer. Having all their monies milked from them so undeserving folk can get welfare and free education. Surely there is only so much a good peace loving folk like Amercans can take. Mitt Romney must save America, yeah he is no Col. Ben Cameron, but we must support him to save our country. Alas, oh the pain oooohhhh the suffering. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a loooooooong way from home.


    Silas Lynch

    Bwah, ha ha, ha haaaaaaa!
  • Aurora 2012/07/30 17:52:55
    It's worse.
  • Frank 2012/07/30 17:52:33
    One word'''''''''''''''''''''''''...
  • Candy 2012/07/30 17:51:06
    MSNBC would have you thinking there's a lynching every day.
    Justice Department has no problem slaughtering Mexicans or blocking cases against the new black kkk.

    Personally I get along with every race pretty well, and have been hired by white people and live in a mostly white neighborhood. It's all good here. .
  • Deep007 Candy 2012/07/31 16:17:41
    I think you misread the question...
  • Maddog 2012/07/30 17:27:52
    Are you kidding? This is the most divisive president in U.S. history! He's an obvious racist, which became evident when he made that remark about his (white) grandmother being a "typical white person". Racial stereotyping is one of the defining qualities of a bigot.
  • Thunderwalker 2012/07/30 16:50:02
    Although I have never had a problem with any minority... except maybe atheists. I find them to be humorous albeit dangerous as well.
  • RogerRover 2012/07/30 16:37:19
    How could they improve when he and all of his stooges keep playing the race card? Irresponsble, deplorable, stupid and dangerous!!
  • KaelynnRose 2012/07/30 16:30:26
    I believe things have gotten worse, and in fact are nearing a boiling point.
  • Cain 2012/07/30 16:22:40
    What, Racial Relations improving? I think not & one only has to look as far as the computer screen to see...Black on White Violence runs rampant across this country & has been ever since the Idiot Obama has taken office. Just yesterday a group of Blacks attack & stab a White Man, 63 Y/O on a Subway in NY because he asked them to be Quiet...Too much to ask? I guess so......Let's ask this man & the countless other White people who have been victims of Black Violence if Relations have improved.....Many Black on White Beatings just in the name of Trayvon alone.....Come On, we all know the answer to this question.....Hell No & don't expect things to get better....EVER!
  • captain 2012/07/30 16:20:17
    seems that we are becoming more divided now. Everone was doing much better the last two decades. Now all this division is upon us
  • Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/07/30 16:19:51 (edited)
    but at the same time all the old problems of this era are being pushed up to the surface and we either deal with them now or have them torment us til we do. It's the ending of an era what did you expect?

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