My Rhode Island is the Ocean State and our Gov.doubles price to park,Is this not dumb?

Sister Jean 2011/05/27 21:49:38
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very dumb
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bad enufffffffff that gas is sky high...bite nose to spite face
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  • artso 2011/05/28 00:35:08
    very dumb
    Not smart! Parking is not easy in your state, and I know as I've had 3 parking tickets in New Port alone. It seems your Gov is just another money grabbing politician. Maybe he would feel more at home here in NY where that type of thing is just a way of life?
  • amazinggrace 2011/05/27 23:28:06
    going to scare away the customers :-)
  • RC..I stand for the TRUTH! 2011/05/27 22:02:12
    very dumb
    RC..I stand for the TRUTH!
    Apparently Lincoln Chafee says he is an independent.....but is behaving like an average democrat.
  • Sister ... RC..I s... 2011/05/27 22:06:15
    Sister Jean
    he's just plain dumb....rich boy who has no idea what it is to need $$$$$$$
  • RC..I s... Sister ... 2011/05/27 22:12:02
    RC..I stand for the TRUTH!
    LOL! You are probably right. That seems to be the case with politicians from both sides of the aisle.
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2011/05/27 21:54:52
    Super dumb.
  • Gloria 2011/05/27 21:53:42
    It's a lack of respect for RI taxpayers & tourism.
  • debadow 2011/05/27 21:51:37
    very dumb
    That is just plain stupid

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