My Parents are separating. What to do?

AnnieRae0311 2012/07/21 17:19:57
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Freaking the fuck out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • lagrenouille 2012/09/05 17:58:21
    None of the above
    honestly I'd talk to them later about it. ask them if they would be willing to explain to you what happened that caused them to separate, but also realize it's not your fault, I'd talk to your youth pastor about the situation, ask him what you can do to make life easier for your parents and any siblings you have, and do as much as you can to help them keep the peace, if they start talking to you about a problem they are having with the other, tell them it's none of your business and that they need to talk between themselves. otherwise I dont know what else to tell you
  • Papilio 2012/08/27 11:11:16
    Let them figure it out.
    I was abandoned by my father.DON'T ASK ME ~cries in emo corner~
    JK though.I don't give a F*** about him O_<
  • Nyxius 2012/08/23 07:03:34
    Let them figure it out.
    Let them figure it out, and you can ask your youth pastor for advice (I would) and maybe for a little support. But end the end its their decision, but I hope everything works out and that everyone will be happy in the end.
  • Iamfree 2012/08/22 21:11:27
    Ask my youth pastor for advise.
    I'm so sorry. I don't know the circumstances, but my heart sure goes out to you. I recommend talking to your youth pastor or regular or any other adult you respect and trust. Lean on your friends, too. I'm really terribly sorry. :(
  • BOTDF_LOVER 2012/08/22 13:18:09
    None of the above
    1. i am so soo sorry hun..
    2. u should talk to them and tell them that u cant live with one of them..and you will have to move out and never come back if they separate!!!
  • anamika 2012/08/22 11:18:57
    Ask them to work it out for my sake.
    i have no answer, but only once you ask them to think
  • Xxforever yoursXx 2012/08/22 11:10:35
    None of the above
    Xxforever yoursXx
    just keep calm, and think twice before making any drastic decisions,my parents were/are the same just keep your cool and no im here 4 u.
  • exsecrare 2012/08/22 04:01:47
    Ask them to work it out for my sake.
    I don't know. I'm sorry.

    A lot of parents just don't think about the fact that their kids are also going through the divorce.

    I've seen 5 while living with my mom or dad. They suck.
  • Brandon 2012/08/22 02:19:14
    Ask my youth pastor for advise.
    Honestly, I think prayer will work as well. And there is a movie out named "Fireproof" that may help.
  • Glitchie 2012/08/22 02:17:49
    Stay out of it (it isn't my business)
    Just remember its not about you, its about them.
  • BBCoach21 2012/08/21 21:07:24
    Ask them way.
    I am assuming you meant "ask them why?"

    You really deserve to know at least the most contributing factor, you are certainly going to be the third most affected person by all of this mess.
  • Jdogg 2012/08/21 19:49:15
    None of the above
    This is not your fault, Unfortunately things like this happen,I don't know your age but most states allow you to decide at 12 where you want to live, Don't let either parent sway you on where you want to live, And unfortunately your possibly going to hear bad mouthing of the other parent from the one your staying with, May peace be with you on this journey in your life.
  • dwight 2012/08/21 18:06:58
    None of the above
    love them both,weather together or apart,don't loose love for them if they are not together ,love them more if they work through life apart.it's not easy,but possible.
  • JQHiggins 2012/08/21 15:53:26
    Let them figure it out.
    Accept that it's not your fault, and that your parents will always love you, even if they no longer love each other.
  • Laura C 2012/08/21 15:53:22
    Stay out of it (it isn't my business)
    Laura C
    it will be easier for them if you stay out of it break ups are messy on there own with out you involved and if you do they think your taking sides so theyll only argue more i know its really hard to get though for you as well as them but as soon as they sort there head and make definite decisions things will only get easier
  • Heat Her 2012/08/21 14:01:27
    Let them figure it out.
    Heat Her
    I freaked out when my parents spit up years ago. Then I realized that they both became happier and my relationship with them grew. It's not about you, it's about them and in the long run, this is a good thing. It's only hard in the beginning.
  • Yoru Azenia 2012/08/21 13:07:26
    Let them figure it out.
    Yoru Azenia
    In all honesty there is nothing you can do, my parents seperated when I was 5 and it was heart breaking but eventually I grew to realize it was for the best and now I have a new dad (the one who left unfortunately never spoke to me again) and I love my new family even more than the old one. (Just remember that just like your letting them be they need to leave you be too and not pull you into any drama where they expect you to pick sides or bad mouth the other) change is a scary thing but just face it head on and don't let it beat you
  • sky blue pink - American 2012/08/21 12:36:12
    Stay out of it (it isn't my business)
    sky blue pink - American
    Mom and dads separate everyday, some even divorce.
    This has nothing to do with you, so don't pick sides. If your mom and dad need any input from you, they will ask. Just go about your business and let them deal with theirs.
    Have a nice day !
  • Swan Eshdeh 2012/08/21 12:26:29
    None of the above
    Swan Eshdeh
    just ..god help you amen
  • KingdomNow 2012/08/21 10:38:00
    None of the above
    Deal with it.

    Been there, done that so I know what you're going through. Life will suck for a while and the entire world will seem bleak no matter what others might say in consolation.

    Yeah, you're not happy. Your parents aren't happy either so this is their solution.

    The sun will still rise tomorrow and one day you'll get over it and be all the better for it.
  • Demoness 2012/08/21 10:33:00
    Let them figure it out.
    It is very upsetting when your parents split up..I was devastated when mine did but it can be far worse if they are very unhappy but stay together..and I am sure you want them both to be happy..they will both still love you as you do them..spend as much time as you can with both parents,,I wish you luck hun..hugs..xx
  • SICARIO 2012/08/21 08:08:07
    Ask my youth pastor for advise.
    Don't let it get you down..you'll be fine..
  • xxelement 2012/08/21 08:01:56
    Stay out of it (it isn't my business)
    Personally, i was glad when my parents divorced.
  • Michelle 2012/08/21 07:34:58
    Let them figure it out.
    And especially don't play the guilt card of, "Try to work it out for MY sake" because that's bratty and selfish, and if the guilt play works, you're essentially forcing your parents to stay in an unhappy and likely unhealthy situation because letting them move on with their lives would discomfort you. Your profile says you're seventeen: you should be more grown up than that.

    You can talk to them about it, but don't bug them or pressure them into explaining themselves to you. Talk to your youth pastor if you'd like. Get comfort in your friends and love your parents even if they don't love each other. Don't let them unconsciously turn you into a revenge game against the other, though. Their separation isn't your fault and it isn't a betrayal to you. It's between them.

    Life goes on.
  • mrdog 2012/08/21 07:29:26
    None of the above
    Rexlax.... just show your love for both of them....bark
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/08/21 07:20:00
    Ask them to work it out for my sake.
    Kids r victims of divorce
  • Drebi Faribor... 2012/08/21 07:24:06
    Sometimes separation is for the best. My parent's had a very toxic relationship before they finally made the fortunate decision to separate. My life would have been a lot worse if they had decided to stay together "for my sake".
  • Faribor... Drebi 2012/08/21 07:33:27
    agree with u,that is why GOD told us a solution known as DIVORCE
  • Drebi 2012/08/21 07:19:26 (edited)
    Let them figure it out.
    Just tell them not to use you as pawn for their games and leave it up to them. Life will go on and it'll take some adjusting but you'll come to enjoy your life, even w/ them separated.

    Trust me, I've been there. It will get better.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/08/21 07:19:11
    Ask my youth pastor for advise.
    At this time, and I know that it must be hard for you, you really must let them sort things out. By all means, let them know how you feel, but, would you truely be happy if they stayed together, but, were not happy?
    At this time, reach out. people have a way of surprising you.
  • irishguy87 2012/08/21 07:18:57
    Let them figure it out.
    i'm sorry, but there really isn't anything you can do, they are just probably not right for each other
  • Don Leuty 2012/08/21 07:17:16
    Let them figure it out.
    Don Leuty
    You are not the problem. They still love you...just not each other.
  • GoDucks5 2012/08/21 07:14:52
    None of the above
    It says you are 17 so I wouldn't say make it work for your sake. Everything happens for a reason though, it just wasn't meant to be.
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2012/08/21 07:13:31
    Ask them to work it out for my sake.
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    At least until your old enough. Fortunately this hasn't happened to me, but lots of people I know it has, so I don't really know what to say. Sorry
  • Saga 2012/08/21 07:00:56
    Let them figure it out.
    Hey, me too! <3
    In my situation, I've just stayed out of it. There's nothing you can do if they've chosen to get separated. I'd just try to focus on what else is stable in your life and let them sort it out themselves as best you can.
  • morris44 2012/08/20 18:00:02
    Let them figure it out.
    Parents are flawed individuals just like the rest of us. You need to know that it is not your fault. You really don't want to know why as it will just disappoint you about one if not both of your parents.

    Find someone to talk to outside the home.
  • Pocahontas 2012/08/20 16:43:02
    Let them figure it out.
    Keep in mind it's not your fault and that it's basically nothing to be afraid of: they love you just as much and they'd be the same good parents they have been... you'd only have two homes =]
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2012/08/20 16:06:49
    Let them figure it out.
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    You had nothing to do with your folks getting together, and you have nothing to do with them separating. They'll love you as much a they ever did. I know it hurts, and it's scary to face, but you'll live through it and you might even find that apart, each of your parents could be happier, and that's a good thing for you.
  • poet4justice 2012/08/20 15:58:06
    Ask my youth pastor for advise.
    i am sorry that this is happenning to you but sometime divorce is better than nasty fighting while you are eating food. I hope that your parent find a reasonable solution of staying together. good luck
  • Keith 2012/07/23 15:13:42
    Let them figure it out.
    Try to stay out of the way. Its very rough on children.

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