My parents are about to kick me out of the house for no reason again and i don't have a place to go. does anyone know of any place i might be able to stay and find work?

Hughmaster3 2010/12/16 18:03:51
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  • jerrbear 2010/12/17 06:28:07
    You may have to go to your local shelter, If your out of school, either the military or job corps,
  • Michelle 2010/12/17 04:36:39
    you could ask your friend for help. If not, you can call the police since they kicked you out for no reason.
  • MaRiEL*LoVeS*cUpCaKeS 2010/12/16 21:20:12
    can't u get a job and just move out or something? :)
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/12/16 19:17:37
    Why would they kick you out for no reason? I'm sure there is a reason. I don't know where you can work since i don't know your requirement. What about the military?
  • Hughmas... Paranor... 2010/12/16 20:06:08
    there is no reason. i asked tehm multiple times.
  • Mz.KrissyMarie101 2010/12/16 18:51:36 (edited)
    yea were i live there are a lot of jobs opening because some of the workers that i know are moving and some are quiting but thats at a hotel but there are also a lot of other jobs that you can find. just throwing that out there and wut not.
  • lia 2010/12/16 18:32:49 (edited)
    Join the military, that is if your old enough!

    join military armed forces
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2010/12/16 18:12:55
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    For no reason?
  • leahboo! The Gov... 2010/12/16 18:14:13
    Exactly what I want to know!
  • The Gov... leahboo! 2010/12/16 18:24:48
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    I would ask.
  • leahboo! The Gov... 2010/12/16 18:28:19
    I already have. He just says they are kicking him out. It's sick.
  • The Gov... leahboo! 2010/12/16 18:33:01
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Well, I find that hard to believe. Unless his parents are seriously disturbed there is a reason.. It may be as simple as he is 18.. get out. But that is rare.
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 19:06:51
    i am 18 and my parents told me that they hated me and wanted me out of the house asap.
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 19:07:45
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    WHY in the world did they say they hate you?
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 19:10:01
    idk, but they kicked me out before with no money or my truck so i wandered and i wound up in iowa
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 19:11:26
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    That sucks.. see if you can volunteer somewhere or exchange work for housing and such. Maybe join the military.
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 19:15:02
    i do/did have plans to join the army, but i have to finish highschool first. and i'm not sure if i can stand to stay in MO anymore.
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 19:16:35
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Well, first thing is you need to get a job, or two if possible. Then find a hotel that has weekly rates. Then go from there.
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 20:02:26
    if any place will hire me. i still need to finish school.
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 20:05:04
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    You could work nights.. I went through the same thing but I was much younger, if you don't step up your game you will go down a much worse road.

    Right now the world is your oyster.. Seize it, control it before it gets out of control.. It is in your hand what the outcome will be.
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 20:08:11
    my only problem is that i'm shy when i get to new places.
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 20:10:21
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Fake it til it's real.. I am very shy and suffer from anxiety and I have been a bartender for 20 years.. You gotta do what ya gotta do. The world does not stop. You must run and jump on it.
  • Hughmas... The Gov... 2010/12/16 20:13:46
    i'll try but i have to pic a place to go first. i don't feel like wandering froom place to place this time.
  • The Gov... Hughmas... 2010/12/16 20:28:18
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    A game plan is the best, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • leahboo! The Gov... 2010/12/16 19:54:55
    I think they are just messed up. He is a wonderful person! He is one of the sweetest kindest person I know!
  • leahboo! The Gov... 2010/12/19 04:45:04
    They are probably messed up in the head!
  • Gun665 2010/12/16 18:10:02
  • leahboo! Gun665 2010/12/16 18:15:23
    No. He is just barely a grown man. He just turned 18. I always say that the army is never the answer!
  • Gun665 leahboo! 2010/12/16 18:39:37
  • leahboo! Gun665 2010/12/16 19:55:24
    Well it's different for everyone.
  • Gun665 leahboo! 2010/12/16 19:56:01
  • leahboo! Gun665 2010/12/16 19:58:20
    I'm not talking about that either. People can get hurt wether they're in the air on the ground or on the water!
  • Gun665 leahboo! 2010/12/17 03:57:22
  • Hughmas... Gun665 2010/12/17 18:00:27
    i have to walk across the highway every day
  • Gun665 Hughmas... 2010/12/17 20:00:23
  • Hughmas... Gun665 2010/12/17 20:03:49
    not really i embrace death.
  • Gun665 Hughmas... 2010/12/17 20:06:38
  • Hughmas... Gun665 2010/12/17 20:09:05
    i have to finish highschool first and i'll have to find a new school somewhere else.
  • Gun665 Hughmas... 2010/12/17 20:11:04
  • Hughmas... Gun665 2010/12/17 20:13:09
    i turned 18 Nov, 28

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