My mom makes me wear bras and panties and im a boy

bra and panty lover 2009/06/06 02:51:25
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  • bra and... charoni... 2009/07/02 02:37:30
    bra and panty lover
  • RipperJ 2009/06/25 12:48:15
    All of the above
  • ryan 2009/06/24 03:37:31 (edited)
    me too im boy who wears that stuff and my mom doesnt make me i just did i love it
  • Miss Thing ryan 2012/02/15 20:49:36
    Miss Thing
    I am with you Ryan. In fact my mother hates to see me wearing bra's and panties. Like just today she saw it under a shirt I was wearing. She went ballistic when she saw it on me. She said take that off right now. I said why don't you mind your own business. She said I am your business. I said no you are not. I will do whatever I want too. We left it at that!!!
  • Annie Miss Thing 2014/04/26 12:30:44 (edited)
    My name is Annie and I a little sister named Kate. But my dad died so my mom go married again. Now I have 3 older step sisters and I brother. Rachel, Hailey, and Megan are my tree step sisters. My brother is Cole. I am 11 years old and you don't how bad being a girl is. My mom is forcing me to wear a bra. WEARING A BRA IS REALLY PAINFULL. Kate is 9 and she is even wearing a bra. SO BOYS THINK TWICE ABOUT HOW YOU SAY BRAS AND PANTIES ARE NICE. WELL THEY AREN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • Keith 2009/06/16 08:43:48
    same here
  • jacktown kid 2009/06/10 20:21:41
    All of the above
    jacktown kid
    And plum silly too
  • kirby 2009/06/09 21:33:31
    haha thats fuckin funny, you enjoy them your mom didnt make you wear them she caught you with hers on so she bought you some.
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/02 02:38:02
    bra and panty lover
    no she really makes me
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/04 01:25:01
    jum i think you are full of shit, youir name says bra and panty lover, so obviously you like to wear them dont lie to yourself she still caught you with hers on so now shes buyen them for you hahahah
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/04 03:40:41
    bra and panty lover
    no she makes me b her girl
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 05:50:30
    look at your name queer, bra and panty lover? you cant lie to yourself, how old are you?
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 05:53:50
    bra and panty lover
    ok u caught me
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 05:57:42
    thats what i thought, im not dumb i know first hand
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:03:01
    bra and panty lover
    yea i wear bras panties tamponds
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:04:20
    tell me the truth, why do you? your ass odnt bleed so you dont need tampons thats for sure
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:05:32
    bra and panty lover
    i do i wear bras panties
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:07:12
    ok but why?
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:08:56
    bra and panty lover
    cuz thats what girls where
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:10:10
    and is anyone really making you wear them or do you just like them cuz they are girly?
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:11:41
    bra and panty lover
    i like them cuz there girly
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:13:14
    so nobody is making you wear them then i see. have you ever been laid?
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:14:02
    bra and panty lover
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:15:22
    and you arent going to get laid bein like that.
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/12 06:16:03
    honestly ill do thongs but thats it, i dont do the whole girly thing its wierd as hell
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/12 06:19:20
    bra and panty lover
    well i do
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/13 04:11:03
    k to be honest i wear thongs, but i dont make a deal out of it tho
  • bra and... kirby 2009/07/24 02:25:54
    bra and panty lover
    thats what im wearing now
  • kirby bra and... 2009/07/24 12:32:50
    k, thong i dont see a problem with but everything else i do.
  • ~XxXxMissaJeanxXxX~ 2009/06/08 18:07:17
  • bra and... ~XxXxMi... 2009/07/09 04:37:06
    bra and panty lover
    not funny
  • ~XxXxMi... bra and... 2009/07/09 21:39:11
    y is it not funny i think it is
  • bra and... ~XxXxMi... 2009/07/09 21:45:54
    bra and panty lover
    how is it funny
  • ~XxXxMi... bra and... 2009/07/09 21:49:33
    my sense of humor is different then other ppls
  • bra and... ~XxXxMi... 2009/07/09 21:52:05
    bra and panty lover
    ok whatever
  • bra and... bra and... 2009/07/09 22:21:31
    bra and panty lover
    tlk 2 me girlfriend
  • Kennedy1st 2009/06/07 18:09:06
    What grade are you in?
    Kennedy haha grade kennedy
  • bra and... Kennedy1st 2009/06/29 05:52:44
    bra and panty lover
  • hannah 2009/06/07 16:11:13
    Have fun with that.
  • bra and... hannah 2009/06/29 05:52:52
    bra and panty lover
    i do

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