My hair doesn't grow very much. What can i do to make it grow faster?

Chelsey 2012/06/12 06:05:56
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my hair is short (a little past my shoulders) it doesn't grow quickly i want to know any ways that i can make it grow quicker or how to get my hair to be healthier.
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  • MAZ142 2012/06/12 12:28:40
    Well what ever you do to your hair check it again and see if it has side affects. Also sleep right eat well obviously haha. Pretty soon you'll have a long flowing mane like me.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/06/12 09:46:24
    Lady Whitewolf
    know it sounds hokey, but take a multi-vitaman.
  • say what? 2012/06/12 08:16:10
    say what?
    Eat right.
  • Charmedtears♥ 2012/06/12 08:03:47
    Stop using Straighteners and Curlers.
  • Chukroast 2012/06/12 06:29:20
    Spend a couple of hours a day doing hand stands.
  • Sour Dime 2012/06/12 06:22:32
    Sour Dime
    little past your shoulders isnt short
  • strawberry 2012/06/12 06:13:22
    All I can say is hair grows fast in a humid climate. When living in Houston, TX my hair and nails grew fast, strong and healthy. Using too many chemicals on your hair will cause breakage and slow hair growth. Hair dyes and perms will do this.
  • JanHopkins 2012/06/12 06:12:41
    First of all, don't dye or bleach or perm. Don't use hairspray or other gunk. Don't use hair dryers. Just wash and let it dry naturally.
    Back in the sixties my brother had the same complaint. I told him to go to the mirror and will his hair to grow every day. That kid had hair growing down to his butt in no time.
  • User Deactivated 2012/06/12 06:11:25
    User Deactivated
    Hair in general doesn't grow that fast. About a half an inch a month if you're lucky. But hair is mostly proteins, so make sure you get enough and trim up the split ends when needed so they don't retard the growth of healthy hair.

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