My dark side.

Eņģelis☩ 2012/04/20 20:06:47
This is a type of story/dialogue/monologue.
I dont know why i wrote it.
I am guessing because this would be the kind of conversation i would have if i was actually talking with myself.

"He walked into the room.Shadows were dancing on the wall as if mocking him for walking into an empty room.He looked around not really paying attention to his surroundings,trying to remember the reason he came to this room.Was it mom? "Mom are you here?" he said but got no reply.It isnt mom then..Was it because of the absence that haunts him?No,not this time.While rushing his hand through his hair he remembers.Himself.He and only he, was the reason he ended up in this room.This room that holds no specific meaning and yet is a big part of his life.He cried in here,he laughed in here,he made love to a girl for the first time in here,he dies every day a little more in here.He crossed the room just to end up in front of a big mirror.This huge body type mirror that he never really uses. It just belonged to someone important so he keeps it.
He sighs and looks at the man in the mirror.He has a sad look,empty from the madness of depression.In a minute the man in the mirror gets real and starting to move on his own,his voice holds no sings of sadness,just pure dissappointment.
"You look old,Cameron." the man says.
Cameron sits down on the floor and looks at the man. "And it feels like it."
"How old are we give it or take?"
Cam lets out a bitter laugh. "40?"
The man rolls his eyes. "Your old man would be really let down if he saw you that way."
"He is not here to see me."
"Why don't you let me help you for once?"
Cameron thinking,wanders off for a while.Then like electricity hit him replies. "No thanks.I dont need help from you,you are trouble.The root of all my troubles."
"But I am you."
"Myself is and all has been the root of all my troubles."
"Hanging on to the past never helped anyone,Cammy."
Cameron boiling up with anger stands up and clings his fists. "Dont EVER call me Cammy.Its so childish,so..cute.I am not a boy anymore,i am a man.I stopped being a boy years ago. Everyone has to see as the man i am."

The man in the mirror laughs. "Easy there,young..man." He laughs some more. "Dont shout so loud you might wake up the baby in you."
Cameron sits down again holding his face in his hands. "I dont know why i am sitting here talking to my dark side.You dont give good advices,you never did.You dont understand or protest.All you do is underestimate me,yourself.We both would be better if you went away."

Silence falls between them.The man looks at Cameron steadily without taking his eyes off him. "If i die,you die too." he says finally. "Isnt that what your nightmares have been telling you?You need me,you cant go any step away without me.I am your strength and your soul."

Cameron stands up slowly and looks outside the window.And speaks in a calm voice. "No,you are wrong.You are nothing.You are nothing more than what i create.You are the remains of the violence of my parents,the echo of the slices,the broken botles i used to step on,the ignorance and runaway of my lover,the pain i choose to go through.And i am tired.I am tired of knowing that somewhere inside me there is a dark Cameron that is taking over me slowly.So lets get you out.And if you die,lets end this together."

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