My Boyfriend Hit Me: Should I Dump Him?

La Saria 2009/03/20 20:19:30
Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
Give him a second chance!
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Two days ago, my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument. Things got bad, I told him that he wasn't "man enough" and he punched me really hard on my chest. He apoligized for it but I am scared he might do it again. Should I dump him? I love him but don't know what to do. Help SodaHeads!!
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  • Linda Diane 2009/03/20 20:30:09
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Linda Diane
    Walk, no---RUN as fast as you can as far away as you can. There are no second chances for this.

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  • Lady Whitewolf 2009/03/22 22:08:21
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Susan 2009/03/22 22:07:47
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    The fact that you are even asking makes me very sad.
  • mel 2009/03/22 22:07:12
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    dump like yesterdays stinky trash!!!! you deserve way better than that!! If it happens once most likely it will happen again!!
  • buglekiller 2009/03/22 22:03:12
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    dump him and file charges he is a asshole
  • XXhellokittenXX 2009/03/22 21:54:41
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    um, one word.. DUH!
  • Lacie :) 2009/03/22 21:52:56
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Lacie :)
    i think you should dump him. he obviously doesnt respect you very well.
  • Tudie BN 2009/03/22 21:38:20
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Tudie BN
    the chest is no place to hit someone . there is a lot of danger there that could be cause from a hard hit ! So I say kick him to the curb & find better !
  • jayden 2009/03/22 21:37:02
    Give him a second chance!
    if u've gave him more then a second or third chance either dump him try 2 solve the problem if it doesn't work force of dump
  • ... 2009/03/22 21:36:42
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Unless you enjoy the thought of a granite cross in your future you need to ditch him ... there are no excuses and no 2nd chances for that kind of behavior
  • Dan 2009/03/22 21:27:31
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    you need to drop him like he's hot! and then tell me where he lives so i can straiten him out.
  • dinkiedow 2009/03/22 21:24:23
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    what a stupid question!!run don't walk,get help,report him.don't give him a second chance,you'll regret it. dump abusive boyfriend stupid questionrun walkget helpreport chanceyoull regret
  • Paperclips_Rule 2009/03/22 21:22:46
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Heck yeah! If he hits you once, then he sure will hit you again.
  • Sasssy 2009/03/22 21:19:31
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    It doen't get better, it gets worse.
    dump abusive boyfriend doent
  • Izzy 2009/03/22 21:17:51
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    he could do to you what chris brown did to rhianna. do you want your face to look like hers???? if not, dump him. it'll get worse (much more so) b4 it gets better.
  • Coralynn 2009/03/22 21:14:37
    Give him a second chance!
    if you plan on apending your whole life with him. you two need to sit down and talk things out. if does it again than dumb him!
    but give him the second chance and see what happens
  • 1twilightfan 2009/03/22 21:14:35
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
  • cassey 2009/03/22 21:14:15
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    believe me if he hits you once he will hit you again. Im sorry you had to deal with that.You should let him fall asleep take a frying pan and a sock full of rocks and hit him with the pan everytime he tries to get up nock him out them beat him with the sock of rocks.ha ha mfer.It will get better.
  • Methuseleh cassey 2009/03/23 19:46:19
    Or, of course, you could watch the movie "The Burning Bed" and get some good tips from that. Better yet, buy a gun, and when he comes at you again, blow his stupid ass away. Better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6. Believe it!
  • Kyra 2009/03/22 21:08:52
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    men suck, no matter what...dump him.
  • CABT 2009/03/22 21:03:35
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Hell yes! If he hit you once he will do it again.
  • BlueMax372 2009/03/22 21:02:49
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Dump the bastard, but only if you didn't hit him first. Equality, remember?
  • mu_linlin7 2009/03/22 20:46:40
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    "One time when he was angry" turns into "only when he's angry" turns into "when he's had a bad day" turns into abuse. Hitting your girlfriend is unacceptable. NEVER let a guy hit you and get away with it, no matter how much you love him.

    Physical abuse is just one form of abuse, and people who hit their significant others "just that once" often utilize the other forms more often because it can fly under the radar more easily. It may not even be a conscious act on his part, but it can happen. Now is a good time to examine his interactions with both you and his friends and family, and look for signs of emotional or mental abuse in any of his relationships. If you find any, you need to break up with him. I know it will hurt, but it will be better for both of you in the long run.
  • Sarah 2009/03/22 20:27:22
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    ... I think you should decide that for yourself and not put such personal things on here.
  • TATA 2009/03/22 20:20:50
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    leave him.If he was with God would he still would not hit you.
  • Live_for_music 2009/03/22 20:19:42
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Oh hell no! KILL HIM!!!!

    This kinda has nothing to do with it but ist hillarious!
  • cassey Live_fo... 2009/03/22 21:15:11
    That is one of my favorite shows I love it.One of the best.
  • y so se... Live_fo... 2009/03/22 21:35:16
    y so serious
  • kkat 2009/03/22 20:16:37 (edited)
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    I personally think staying in that relationship would be basically telling your boyfriend that you are willing to take whatever he dishes out and believe me it might get worse. You really want to consider the whole picture as well. If you marry this dude and end up having kids with him, now you are putting your kids at risk as well.
    I think that you should show yourself respect by not letting anyone else disrespect you by hurting you both physically and verbally. However you need to do the same. Saying what you said to him would be considered verbal abuse too. Best of luck.
  • Shady 2009/03/22 20:16:03
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    No man should ever hit a woman.
  • Bethany 2009/03/22 20:13:36
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Yes, there are plenty more fish in the sea. You should never put up with abuse! No one is worth it. NO ONE!
  • Fae 2009/03/22 20:12:17
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    You should only stay, IF... you enjoy getting your arse whooped & being walked on "like a rug"!!! LOL!
  • BillySteve 2009/03/22 20:10:36 (edited)
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Once you tolerate such disrespect it has a way of growing, like cancer.

    Deep six that boy and don't give him a chance to worm his way back into your life.
  • Sandie 2009/03/22 20:06:23
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Once they hit the first time - it will never be the last.
    Get as far away from him as possible - and never look back. Do NOT allow him to try to apologize - they never mean it.
  • The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA 2009/03/22 20:05:33
    Give him a second chance!
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    You both seem to be far to immature to handle a real relationship, you call him names, he reacts with base instincts, what are you both about 16-17 years old? You should rethink what you did to escalate the arguement to the point he felt the need to hit (which was wrong on his part) and start thinking like an adult. To call the Police on him for the hit is an extreme which will have far reaching effects on his life not to mention yours since you were a part of the arguement. Walk away from this incident with the knowledge that you and he are not compatible and keep looking for the right guy, but learn from this and curb your tounge, the things that come out of your mouth might get you in a worse position next time. You needed more than just the two choices for an answer, dump the abusive boyfriend dosen't cover the mouthy immature girlfriend, and love isn't a part of the equation, just loneliness. But as far as an answer to this question,

  • mu_linlin7 The Bir... 2009/03/22 20:51:19
    Okay, THAT'S just not true. Fights like this happen in relationships of all ages and levels of maturity. Words are said when we are angry that we would not normally even think--it has nothing to do with maturity.
  • The Bir... mu_linlin7 2009/03/22 21:14:55
    The Birdman ~ PWCM~JLA
    So as a mature adult you say you regularly find yourself involved in verbal abuse of your partner? You are the one who is wrong when you state that verbal abuse is common in all levels of maturity. A person who has been in a stable, loving relationship for a longer period of time is less likely to make a comment to the one they love that would hurt or drive someone to violence, due to the level of maturity. This kind of behavior is far more common in younger, less mature individuals, look at your kids, how they get into name calling amongst themselves, and when that tactic isn't to their satisfaction, the hitting starts. You may be confusing maturity with age, but maturity and age don't have to go together either! There are many examples of full grown adults with behavior patterns learned from less mature parents that cause these types of problems in society today. Behavior and maturity DO go hand in hand!
  • mu_linlin7 The Bir... 2009/03/22 21:25:25
    Did I make any reference to myself in that comment? No, I did not. No, I do not "regularly find myself involved in verbal abuse of my partner" because that's not how my partner and I fight on the few occasions that we have.

    I'm saying that even the most mature of adults find themselves making comments in anger than they normally would not even consider in a less emotional context. This is common among people of all ages and maturity levels.

    You're right, people of higher maturity levels are less likely to do so, but that does not preclude them from such action all together.

    To insinuate that La Saria brought the punch on herself with ANY kind of comment, immature or not, is ridiculous and chauvinistic.
  • Ryan 2009/03/22 20:00:27
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    not worth it, and of course consult Oprah and Ellen, love does not hurt
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2009/03/22 19:56:23
  • Joy 2009/03/22 19:52:32
    Dump your abusive boyfriend now!
    Yes because this will never end. You just insulted him with about the worst insult you could give a man. But with experience of saying that to my ex, and getting the same response. He didn't stop. When time's got tough again he took it out on me. Only it got worse. If you are living at home and he did this it'll get worse should you ever live with him.

    A good boyfriend would never dream of hurting you. A good boyfriend does not have anger management problems.


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