My boyfriend called me fat and dumb and he's been mean to me for a couple of days wat should i do?

sierra 2010/02/24 02:26:57
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  • Punk Ro... sara 2010/02/24 18:10:33
    Punk Rocker
    oi meanie
  • sara Punk Ro... 2010/02/24 21:30:30
  • sinnersaint 2010/02/24 15:00:18
    kick his ass out the door and consider yourself lucky that you didn't waste another minute with him. Then go out and do something fun with your friends. (but really Sierra, this is on him, not on you, he may say ugly things because he thinks he can keep you by making you feel bad about yourself. Making you question whether you would ever be wanted by someone else, but it's better to be alone than with someone who puts you down to make themselves feel better, you deserve better). Trust me there plenty of men out there that will make you feel good about yourself.
  • Kaimeso 2010/02/24 14:56:31
    I think he is giving you a HINT that he is not interested in being your boyfriend,.. So DUMP him and remember there is no way you need to put up with his 3rd grader shit,...

    hint boyfriend dump remember 3rd grader shit
  • HEISENBERG 2010/02/24 14:39:19
    Alot of hate and anger, next will be physical abuse. Get out while you can before you get caught in all his buull S@%**
  • ♥MichelleKaulitz♥ 2010/02/24 14:26:42
  • L J 2010/02/24 14:12:55
    L J
    ""WOW"" A lot of hate going on in here...

    I would have to agree with "ME"
    I quote " Walk away - - - forever. People treat you the way YOU ALLOW them to treat you. If this is what you want to live with, stay. If not, go."

    But violence is not the way...
  • hatshepsut123 2010/02/24 13:53:24
    dump him, pathetic ass
  • Lil*Tezza 2010/02/24 13:32:15
    get rid of him the longer you let him do this the worse it will get because he knows he can get away with it. you can do so much better find someone respects, appreciates and deserves your love .
  • ME 2010/02/24 13:21:01
    Walk away - - - forever. People treat you the way YOU ALLOW them to treat you. If this is what you want to live with, stay. If not, go.
  • Reneetje ~ Just look at my ... 2010/02/24 10:19:04
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/02/24 10:11:54
    JCD aka "biz"
    Reading many comments "slap his sorry ass", "shoot him in the balls", "kick him to the curb", "slap him", "kick his butt", "drop a cinderblock on his balls", I understand that being a male in your country is hazardous to your health.
  • L J JCD aka... 2010/02/24 14:07:35
    L J
    ""Indeed"" American woman Rule......Just stay a foot or two out of kickin distance...LoL...
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/02/24 09:37:19
    Lady Whitewolf
    Slap his sorry ass....
  • Ruby 2010/02/24 09:34:47

    He's just a jerkface.. so don't waste your time on him but instead find someone that will really appreciate you!! but before you gotta do this..
  • aneed2know 2010/02/24 09:18:03
    Dump his sorry ASS
  • Caledonian 2010/02/24 09:12:31
    Piss in his soda.
    piss soda
  • ISLANDER 2010/02/24 08:37:17
    Girl go out and find a man that will treat you a whole lot better!!!! But before that do this!!!
    girl treat
  • kidkewlsgirl8888 2010/02/24 07:52:56
  • Not Einstein 2010/02/24 06:35:32
    Not Einstein
    Shoot him in the balls and call it self defense.
  • Riobhca 2010/02/24 06:31:04 (edited)
    Kick his butt out and find someone who respects you. You deserve better. If you let him get away with this, he will do something worse soon enough. If your self-esteem is so low that you are considering staying with him, then you still need to kick him out and then go to a counselor who can help you with your self-esteem issues. Do not put up with this abuse. And if he whines and says he loves you, do NOT believe him. Be strong, like a self-respecting woman should be and walk away from him and never look back. You will thank yourself later when you meet a man who truly loves you.
  • Elmo~WAWU~Bn-2~ 2010/02/24 06:18:50
    Dump him over the phone and makeout with his best mate.
  • Doreen 2010/02/24 06:02:24
    Leave him. That is only the start ,what comes later is much worse. He does not value you if he does that. Consider YOURSELF FIRST.
  • Ms Missy 2010/02/24 05:37:36
  • tewaz1 2010/02/24 05:36:02
    I could tell you to dump him, and to be mean about it, make him cry in front of his buddies. If you don't know for yourself that you don't deserve to be treated that way, though, you're not going to listen to me.
    So my advice to you is to strip down, and stare at yourself in the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and do so for hours if you have to, until you are comfortable with who you are looking at. Once you are comfortable with yourself, then you won't need to ask this question.
    I really hope you take my first bit of advice though. :)
  • Russ 2010/02/24 05:21:38
    Talk to him and ask him what is wrong. If he is still an ass, dump him. No use being in a relationship that is abusive (even verbal) or with someone that wont communicate.
  • Kathy 2010/02/24 05:05:48
    Kick him to the curb
  • PrettyMini 2010/02/24 05:04:59
    u know what to do i just hope u wont put up with that kind of insult
  • ~!?LiLsOcCeRpLaYeRaLeXiS!?~ 2010/02/24 05:01:33
    dump him!
  • danaslc 2010/02/24 04:59:54
    Do you really need to ask? Do you like abuse. That is what this is. Plain and simple, its abuse.
  • Grrr 2010/02/24 04:59:43
    bitch slap him and call him a jerk and dump him
  • Star 2010/02/24 04:51:56
    Go clubbing and find you another man. (that was easy)

  • horse 2010/02/24 04:50:03
    dump him
  • rj 2010/02/24 04:43:33 (edited)
    RUN as fast as you can get your little butt OUT OF THERE and as far away from that verbally abusive person as you can get & DONT LOOK BACK
    it will only get worse it NEVER gets better
  • madjack 2010/02/24 04:40:34
    Dump the loser !
  • Angel Among Us ♥†♥ American Patriot
    Kick him to the curb and don't let any guy talk to you like that, ever.
  • crotchrot 2010/02/24 04:28:59
  • janet 2010/02/24 04:21:28
    leave him because if he really liked or loved you he wouldn't be rude he would treat you with as much respect as you would deserve
  • Shawna 2010/02/24 04:15:56
    Very easy-dump him
  • paris 2010/02/24 04:15:44
    why are you asking ? He called you fat and dumb..if you take that now, he'll call you ugly, huge and tell you your ass stinks later..is that the kind of boyfriend you want? None of my boyfriends ever called me any names, except beautiful. You have no self respect..he'll apologize, and you'll buy it.

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