More Proof That Americans Do NOT Want Electric Cars.

zbacku 2012/01/23 22:27:46
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It's Time That Obama's Socialist Administration Let The Market Work.
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GM Dealers Say No To More Chevy Volts

With NHTSA's closure of the investigation into the Chevy Volt, General Motors is now trying to rebuild the plug-in hybrid's image. But a new stumbling block has appeared on the road to higher sales — dealers turning down Volts from GM.

General Motors sold only 7,671 Volts in the United States in 2011, well short of its 10,000-unit target for the first year. GM spokespeople have attributed weakness in demand to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigation into the risk of fires in the car's battery pack. But I'm not entirely certain that can all be blamed on that considering the weakness in sales existed well ahead of the NHTSA investigation.

Now we're hearing reports of dealers who don't want to buy the cars from GM because customers just aren't materializing for the Volt.

Automotive News gives an example this morning in the New York City market where last month, GM allocated 104 Volts to 14 dealerships in the area and dealers took just 31 of them, the lowest take rate for any Chevy model in that market last month. That group of dealers ordered more than 90% of the other vehicles they were eligible to take.

But the New York area — with its well-documented electric car infrastructure problems — isn't the only place dealers are saying no to GM.

In Clovis, Calif., Brett Hedrick, dealer principal at Hedrick's Chevrolet, sold ten Volts last year. But in December and January he turned down all six Volts allocated to him under GM's "turn-and-earn" system, which distributes vehicles based on past sales volumes and inventory levels. GM's "thinking we need six more Volts is just crazy," Hedrick said to Automotive News. "We've never sold more than two in a month." Hedrick says he usually takes just about every vehicle that GM allocates to him.

But, dealers so far admit that GM isn't trying to ram the Volts down their throats — instead they think there are likely other regions that will pick up the slack in demand. I don't know where those regions might be, but they've got to exist, right?

This comes a week after GM execs told us in the media that they would no longer be aiming to meet their initial Volt production target set for 2012 of 60,000 units globally and 45,000 units of which would be for U.S. sales. Instead they've vowed simply to build as many as customers want.

Well, if that's the case, maybe they might need to think about cutting some production — because the dealers seem to be saying that Americans just aren't ready for an electric saviorquite yet.

Research seems to indicate that too. Bloomberg tells us this morning that consumers, citing price and questions about unproven technology, are growing less likely to be interested in buying a plug-in vehicle, according to a survey released this month by market-research firm Pike Research of Boulder, Colorado.

In that 2009 survey, 48% of respondents said they would be "very" or "extremely" interested in buying a plug-in vehicle, Pike Research said. In 2010, 44% said they were in those categories, and at the end of December of last year that figure fell to 40%.

Hmm, I feel like I've read that somewhere already.

Read More: http://jalopnik.com/5878376/gm-dealers-say-no-to-m...

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  • Im jus%cornbred 2012/01/23 23:09:04
    It's Time That Obama's Socialist Administration Let The Market Work.
    Im jus%cornbred
    Their crap until some genius really makes one that can handle what tough hard working Americans do every day ......well those of us who work hard.. chevy 2500 hd

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  • Ace 2012/01/25 03:12:10
    What Do You Think?
    I wouldn't mind one as long as it's a subcompact.
  • Striker 2012/01/24 01:18:20
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    Actual review is not too bad -- MSRP from $39,145
    But never will I be a customer of Government Motors.
  • SourDiesel 2012/01/24 00:20:29
    Care To Comment?
    It's true. Nobody wants these pieces of crap. Over in Japan they have a Mazda that gets 70.5 mpg, and that's with a full on gas engine! I think it might be because they have better oil refineries than us but I'm not sure. Also Japan's cars are a lot more lighter than ours over here.
  • GirlGoingGreen 2012/01/23 23:14:41
    Care To Comment?
    The problem is converting over. There is not enough of those little electricity things that fuel up the cars. If we could make more of those accessible for the amount of people on the road, then all is left is convincing people to convert to electric cars.

    go green
  • zbacku GirlGoi... 2012/01/24 00:33:31
    Just how do you expect to keep all those batteries charged if Obama shuts down all the coal mines????

    Just how will you take a family of 4 on a trip farther than 30 miles???

    Just where are you going to dispose of all those batteries once they are DEAD????

    Hope you never plan on driving in 90 degree heat or freezing cold and expect to use the A/C or heat. The drive time will plummet to next to nothing.
  • GirlGoi... zbacku 2012/01/24 03:48:09 (edited)
    Whoa dude. Take a chill pill. This must be a touchy subject for you judging by all those question marks.

    Anyway, green jobs are on the RISE. Building electric cars = more jobs & less carbon pollution. Battery-powered electric cars, besides being cleaner, are more fuel-efficient, get better mileage and have less moving parts to wear out. Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells are emission-free, lightweight, compact, three times as efficient as gas engines, have excellent ranges, easy refueling and are totally safe. Batteries can be recycled and over time battery costs may decrease. The green energy field is only going up and up. Electric cars right now have a lot of potential and they are gradually bringing jobs to the US, not overseas. We are only yet starting with all these green jobs and ideas.

    I am going into sustainable business and I will eventually be helping businesses go green. It will be a journey, but you shouldn't have biases towards electric cars. They will get better. Electric cars > cars that make us depend on oil = chaos will ensue when that natural resource is depleted because we are not allowing it to "regrow". We need to be thinking more about our environment. We only have 1 Earth, after all. I hope someday everyone will walk, bike, and use electric cars.

    Hmmm, try to solve a problem because we are wearing out our Earth or just complain about it???????????????????????????...
  • zbacku GirlGoi... 2012/01/24 04:08:48
    Here's what makes me touchy.
    A government that GIVES $535 Million to a bankrupt Solyndra.
    And $1.2 BILLION to a company in Finland to build electric cars.
    A government that tells me I can't use a light bulb that costs me 30 cents, but I have to start buying bulbs that have Mercury, don't do the job, and costs upwards to $25.

    By the way, I use to work for a company that was trying to get an electric car into the market. The battery would blow up. Had to be kept at 600 degrees. And had a MSDS that told everyone that the battery was like a bomb if not treated correctly.

    I'll drive an electric car once I learn to golf. Which is NEVER.

    Let's hope your 'green' companies can be sustainable without sucking the country even further into debt.
  • GirlGoi... zbacku 2012/01/24 04:34:27 (edited)
    Money > sustaining the environment.

    Good morals there. ^^^ Sounds awfully selfish. As I said, people are working on making green options cheaper and last longer. We have to SACRIFICE first. It won't happen over night.

    There's no way we'll get out of debt anyway! Congress doesn't give a crap. So, let's use it to go greener.
  • REFUSEN... GirlGoi... 2012/01/24 20:55:37
  • REFUSEN... REFUSEN... 2012/01/24 20:56:31
  • Im jus%cornbred 2012/01/23 23:09:04
    It's Time That Obama's Socialist Administration Let The Market Work.
    Im jus%cornbred
    Their crap until some genius really makes one that can handle what tough hard working Americans do every day ......well those of us who work hard.. chevy 2500 hd
  • REFUSEN... Im jus%... 2012/01/24 20:53:18
  • Im jus%... REFUSEN... 2012/01/24 20:56:21
  • REFUSEN... Im jus%... 2012/01/24 20:58:21
  • Im jus%... REFUSEN... 2012/01/24 21:05:54 (edited)
  • REFUSEN... Im jus%... 2012/01/25 00:33:59
  • jams 2012/01/23 22:51:09
    What Do You Think?
    I'd love an electric can and believe that most people in urban areas would be fine with it. In the country, maybe it will take longer. But that was probably true for the big horse and buggy transition too!

  • zbacku jams 2012/01/24 00:34:47
    Most people will not spend the $100K plus for that piece of junk.
  • jams zbacku 2012/01/24 04:13:58
    Who cares what "most people" want? "Most people" are not what drive new markets.

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