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Henry A. Wirz was the officer in charge of the Confederate prison at Andersonville. Nearly 14,000 Union prisoners died during his relatively brief tenure, so he was tried as a war criminal and hanged in Washington, DC, in 1865.

Some people in the South felt that Wirz got a raw deal. In 1908 the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a monument honoring Wirz in the center of Andersonville, "to rescue his name from the stigma attached to it by embittered prejudice." The monument blames the Union deaths on "the harsh circumstances of the times and the policy of the foe," and claims that Wirz was "the victim of misdirected popular clamor," and that he "indignantly spurned a pardon, proffered on condition that he would incriminate President Davis." That's Jefferson Davis, ex-president of the treasonous Confederacy.


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  • Sew 2011/08/13 20:33:26
    Alot of what was said was true. The policy was 1 for 1 trade until the Union realized that those the traded went right back to the battle field so they stopped the trade in order to choke off the south's manpower as they already enjoyed a sizable population pool from which to conscript soldiers where as the south did not. Not only that but near the end of the war when most of the deaths and inhumane conditions occurred the Union adopted a Total War strategy that involved destorying the Souths infastructure as a means to stop their war machine. This naturally caused a massive strain on their supplies and the prison was merely not a priority so it got very little in the way of supplies. In other words the Union was just as much to blame for the death of its soldiers as were the Confederates. Had the Union keep the 1 for 1 trade perhaps the prison would not have become so overcrowded, had the Union not blockaded the South and destroyed their farms, railroads and manufacturing plants perhaps the prisoners would not have straved and lived in squalor. The fact is the Union was brutal but many won't recognize this. The North refused to compromise with the South and took the hardline so the consequences of that have to be awknowledged. Its not necessarily about who was right and who was wrong but about choices and consequences.
  • Dale 2011/08/13 19:55:54
    I have no problem with the monument. History is what history was. As was stated in the above, Henry A Wirz was a product of the time, no better nor no worse than any in a similar position on either side. It happened. The monument was erected in 1908, 103 years ago for your Deity's sake. Let's all study history(not the re-written kind), learn from it, and get over it.
  • NPC 2011/08/13 19:47:29
    The Civil War or War Between The States was the worst black eye in American History. The South would not back down and the North would not compromise either. This War killed 600,000 Americans and in my opinion Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant were just as guilty as Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis.

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