Monopoly Gamers Choose the Cat to Replace the Iron: Good Choice or God Awful?

AdriHead 2013/02/07 20:42:10
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Last month, the makers of Monopoly announced that they would be adding a new token to its board game and dropping an old one -- and that it would make the decision of which game piece gets to stay and go based on people's votes. Well, the votes are in. And the iron is out!

Most people voted that the iron token should be the one to go from the game. Interestingly enough,when we asked SodaHeads, you all voted the iron as your No. 2 pick for the game piece that should get the boot. What was your No. 1 choice? The thimble! Go figure...

In addition to the iron becoming extinct, Monopoly has also announced that a "cat" token will be added to the game. Was this vote the result of some serious internet trolling? Or are lots of people actually big fans of cats? Whatever the case, we want to know how you feel about this Monopoly update. Is the kitty cat addition a good choice -- or god awful?

Monopoly gamers have spoken, choosing the cat as a new token. Say good-bye to the iron.
abcnews reports monopoly gamers spoken choosing cat token good-bye iron

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/US/monopoly-gamers-choose-ca...

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  • Sean 2013/04/12 05:45:10
    God Awful
    Mostly because they didn't even try to make it look like it was part of the set. It's in a different style from the other pieces. Also, I'm nostalgic. How did the thimble beat the iron?
  • Blake Visentin 2013/02/26 20:52:07
    God Awful
    Blake Visentin
    hate the cat but the iron had to go
  • zsa zsa 50 2013/02/17 03:16:36 (edited)
    Good Choice
    zsa zsa 50
    people love cats, but give me the shoe everytime,,,,,,wait, i didn't read the entire article..... god awful, can't get rid of an old piece, that's bad. Thank god it wasn't the shoe!
  • Krevnav theTroll-Crusher 2013/02/16 14:21:43
    God Awful
    Krevnav theTroll-Crusher
    This is an outrage!! My childhood is DESTROYED!!!
  • neil.ingram.39 2013/02/15 03:46:50
    God Awful
    A cock would have been better than a pussy IMHO.
  • Timmy! 2013/02/14 19:57:10 (edited)
    God Awful
    Did this girl pick the new piece?

    i love cats harmony
  • THUNDER... Timmy! 2013/02/16 00:35:02
    LOL i know DAT!
  • Michael 2013/02/14 17:36:48 (edited)
    Good Choice
    Wow! I'm shocked that people still plays board games! :O
  • Heather Drake 2013/02/13 22:07:38
    God Awful
    Heather Drake
    meh TOP HAT FTW but cats and dogs? NO dogs THEN demon spawns of hell (SOME cats) + my mom liked the other one no meme
  • THUNDER... Heather... 2013/02/16 00:35:28
  • Heather... THUNDER... 2013/02/16 19:34:11
    Heather Drake
    O: grumpy cat D:
  • harley oldman 2013/02/12 19:49:38
    Good Choice
    harley oldman
    A little "kitty" has always been better than metal!
  • James Adams 2013/02/12 17:45:30
    God Awful
    James Adams
    Why change a classic and the best board game about money?!?!?!

    Monopoly Board Game

    British 5 Pound Notes
  • Michael 2013/02/12 16:02:21
    God Awful
    Dumb Internet
  • lol fakename 2013/02/12 13:58:53
  • dennis m 2013/02/12 04:54:14 (edited)
    Good Choice
    dennis m
    i love it! now i want that cat token!

    love cat token
  • rk 2013/02/12 04:40:43
    God Awful
    Can't stand cats
  • Hannie 2013/02/12 03:22:43
    God Awful
    I'd prefer origionality, but I don't play enough to care. It doesn't make a difference in my world either way.
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2013/02/12 02:05:34
    Good Choice
    Kitty! :D
  • Cal 2013/02/12 00:38:03
    God Awful
    A cat. Really. Wow. Just wow.

    cat wow wow
  • NothingLikeUs 2013/02/11 21:50:28
    God Awful
    Because I'm totally buying a whole new game just for the cat! -_- monopoly cat
  • Turboski 2013/02/11 20:19:43
    God Awful
    The monopoly game pieces were originally designed to be symbolic of multiple jobs. We already had a dog for pet grooming and the like, adding a cat defeats the original symbolism of the game pieces.
  • BigD_U.... Turboski 2013/02/12 00:00:48
    Aww Shucks!
  • Jim 2013/02/11 15:00:42
    Good Choice
    It's no big deal, either way. It's a nod to chicks who like to play Monopoly.

    When I was a kid, we had to throw dice to see who got the car. If I didn't get the car, I always took the Top Hat for my game piece.
  • BigD_U.... Jim 2013/02/12 00:01:22
    HeHe *Chuckle*
  • Flamingolady 2013/02/11 14:14:56
    Good Choice
    When we would play monopoly, that would be one of the pieces we would not use. A cat, well, my guess is that it won't be one of the last ones to be chosen.
  • mountainman 2013/02/11 03:17:34
    God Awful
    I always chose the iron because it is something that can be used to protect myself in real life in the absence of a gun. I have never really liked cats. I tried to keep a stray around once by feeding it and providing it a shelter out of the weather and it died anyway. Tells me cats are not something to have around. LOL
  • Transqu... mountai... 2013/02/11 07:20:20
    Gimme the battleship! Now THERE'S a show of power! :-)
  • BigD_U.... mountai... 2013/02/12 00:05:56
    I gotta disagree with ya on that point, neighbor.. With respect, social, freindly, "Lap-cats" are good to have about.. "Crazy Cat Clowns" make a body laugh.. Yup. Jus' sayin.
  • Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL 2013/02/11 01:55:00
    Good Choice
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    Better than the homosexual Boy Scout that they were considering........
  • mountai... Sal Mon... 2013/02/11 17:07:57
    are you serious?
  • Sal Mon... mountai... 2013/02/11 17:28:54
  • mountai... Sal Mon... 2013/02/12 07:18:39
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2013/02/11 01:53:49
    Good Choice
    The cat looks good. Very good.
  • seadog6608PWCM 2013/02/11 01:51:45
  • Transquesta 2013/02/10 22:52:22 (edited)
    God Awful
    In actual game play, it's gonna be a constant PIA to tell these two apart:

    monopoly dog
    monopoly cat

    I'd have gone for the Ring piece.
  • eXecuTech Transqu... 2013/02/11 04:41:53
    Hear, hear! I adore cats (have 4 rescues of my own), but folks, this is MONOPOLY we're talking about. Can't get a much better sign of what this game represents than a big ol' diamond ring!
  • Transqu... eXecuTech 2013/02/11 07:21:09 (edited)
    . . .Or a choo-choo train. :-) Monopoly railroad
  • Gabsters<3 2013/02/10 22:49:26
    Good Choice
    Yes kitty! ^^
  • 1philb 2013/02/10 22:00:14
    Good Choice
    "Here Kitty, Kitty" said the street taco vender in Juarez
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